Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miranda's christening

Spent a ridiculously long time mucking about doing this little summary of Miranda's christening. See the little cakes I mentioned before?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Because I am On A Roll!

I just quickly wanted to share, because I am in the sharing mood, these photos that my brother's girlfriend Chelsea took when she got to play with my new-ish camera recently. I was occupied trying not to fall off my so-called quiet horse whilst also leading daughter #1 on her pony. Anyhow, I had some fun editing the photos Chelsea took in PSE, even though my skills are far from great or expert.
This is a before and after of Georgie and Bruce, granma's poddy. Bruce started out in life with a far different and far less "delicate" name, courtesy of my aforementioned brother. The poddy's name was hastily changed to Bruce when he had a little holiday with us; his previous name was NOT one that should be repeated at volume by little girls!!

And here's another one, taken on the same day. Not sure WHAT was going on with Kate, but anyhow, the photo didn't start out looking old and westerny. Ran a cool little action on it, which I think would work great on most brightly lit photos, especially outdoorsy working-in-yards type.

Anyhow, I have a heap of photos to download and sort from our neice's recent christening, so best be getting started. Gotta love my sister in law's attention to detail - the balloons, the napkins, the plates, cups and even the plastic cutlery, all matched. And the little cupcakes, celebrating the same neice's birthday at the same time, perfect. Sigh. Stay tuned, I'll share some of the details.

Haven't Been Here For Awhile

Yes, I know I have been absent without leave for quite awhile, but really have had nothing to share or waste your time with! Just the same old round of dirty dishes, dirty washing, dirty bottoms and snotty noses. Well, not ALL of the time, but you get my drift. Bit of gardening, an odd day of mustering or three, a school sports day, and QUITE a bit of bookwork. And not enough sleep!
This post will be heavy on photos. Recently took the photos at my cousins wedding, which was a daunting experience, as well as my first visit to Airlie Beach (I know, I've never been anywhere!). Hope you like this little sample of Selesti and Gordon's big day.

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