Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh No! Who let THEM out!

I just received this photo and had to share. You might remember that just after Easter I was involved in our local campdraft as secretary, which was a very taxing and busy job, and involved four very full days away from home.

I like being at home. Mostly.
Anyhow, on the Friday afternoon we finished up campdrafting and our paperwork early enough to be able to go for a ride, and get the cobwebs from our brains. All of the women here, including myself, have competed at some time or other ('cept for Rachel on the far right, actually. She had more sense) but for one reason or another (mostly KIDS), we don't anymore.
So we scrounged some horses, and off we went. It was great.

L-R: Mel, Jody, Me, Yvonne & Rachel. Guess who needs a new "going out" hat. And guess who SHOULD be wearing a hat. Ahem, Yvonne.

The President, aka Captain Cupcake (Rachel's husband) had the foresight to grab a photo before we went. I am not sure how, but I have a feeling that he may use this against us one day.

I must thank these wonderful girls -without their help over the campdraft things would have not run as smoothly, and for their assistance I am truly grateful. What great friends I have!
None of 'em, apart from me, have blogs, or else I would link them up. Come on girls, get with it! Get a blog!
Otherwise, just leave a comment, OK? And the rest of the world - you can leave one too - tell them how great they are!

I need to start sewing again

to justify the collection of {free} patterns I am growing, along with the obsession I am also nuturing for the glorious ranges of patterned materials out there.

Bit like the patterned paper collection I have going. I seeing how little I actually use of the stuff, I really shouldn't buy anymore, but its so yummy, so darned irrestable!
I've been working in the office today, doing real work, as opposed to playing with photoshop and blogging and surfing the net. REAL work, like paying the bills, and BASing and that sort of stuff.
So I thought I'd take a break and let my brain unjumble itself, and share with you the yummy-ness that's been abounding this week. My brain is probably jumbled because of too much sugar - I've managed to work my way through (count 'em!) SIXTEEN mini cadbury eggs that were "hidden" in the freezer (someone overcatered for Easter!), but I'm childless for a few hours, so I'm revelling in the opportunity to eat chocolate and other contraband without someone asking me "What are you eating"and "Can I have some?" and "Why can't I have some?!" followed by wailing and crying ( and the latter is just from me!)
Anyhow, I digress. As usual.

Another bag - this one looks so easy! Can't remember where I found it (sorry!) but added the pattern to my collection.
Nothing to do with sewing, but I love this gallery, and in fact have a collection of frames very similar to these, that I bought on sale at Spotlight recently. Don't get excited, I haven't been anywhere - good old mail order. I'll share when I actually get them ON a wall.

This woman's designs and clever combination of fabrics have a fair bit to do with my new obsession. (Janelle Wind). I'm not sure I'd ever use a fabric journal cover, but they look so nice!

Look! Another bag! No pattern, this one just for the idea...the shape, the bow. Not sure on the pick of fabric combinations here, but its all subjective isnt it?!

Have never been an apron wearer, and probably won't ever be (basically I'm a grot!) but there's something about these...I think it might be the colour? Have you noticed that I'm a sucker for green?

Oh my, this cute beanie with its yo-yo. Have you noticed yo-yo's and crocheted flowers are HOT right now? I'm going to get myself a yo-yo maker (cheap as chips) and whip some up for the beanies the girls already have - not as cute as this hand knitted one, but they will be close once they have their co-ordinating yo-yo! (btw - you can get a beanie like this from

{This means I might have to give and and buy some new fabric! Oh joy!}

And while I'm at that, I could make some to add to hair clips. Haven't even done the covered button version yet!

And finally, this colour and pattern combo, while not green, makes my heart pitter pat.

Well, not really, but isn't this nice! Actually, I may have to change my favourite colour combo, just because of this.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back on the subject

Here ya go Jo.

I have another little gem of wisdom to share with you later, if I get time after I pay some bills and....pick up more poop off the floor.
Lucky we didn't have mince and spaghetti for tea last night. That doesn't argue well for poop picking up easability.{I think I just made a new word?!}
Oh, I am so keeping it real for you these days aren't I? You probably didn't want it THIS real! ;-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Incredibly Generous

This morning I had a visit from the lady that lives on the property next door to my parents. They have kids older than mine, her youngest daughter (of 4 kids) is in Grade 6 at another local small rural school. We aren't close friends, but are more than casual aquaintances, if you can understand?

This lady rang me the other day to ask if I were interested in any hand-me-down clothes for Kate, as she was cleaning out her daughters closet. I accepted with pleasure - I don't like having to buy new stuff for kids for play clothes {considering what state they end up in!} and Kate was rapidly running short of acceptable and fitting play clothes.

Well now. What we got this morning was the most amazing collection of hand-me-downs...this lady and her kids are always well dressed, so in the three huge bags was a heap of tops, shorts, skirts and jeans in Pumpkin Patch & Esprit, along with everyone's favourite Target etc.

There are at least 10 T shirts plus a few shorts and skirts, to go into the play draw, but the the rest are simply too good for "play" - in sizes that will fit her now, and next year, and the year after! Kate will have quite a diverse and quality wardrobe for the next few years - there will be little that I will have to buy, other than undewear and shoes, and odd bit to match in with this gear.

I am very thankful to have them think of Kate to pass these things onto. I have already written a little thank you note, and will have Kate do one of her own, and we might even make a bookmark or something cute as a small token of thanks.

Now I just have to make room for all of this new stuff! Kate will be itching to "go somewhere" now to get into some of her new clothes!

Speaking of kids rooms - wouldn't this be brilliant? Love the cupboard/book storage. Would also be awesome for girls shoes, would it not? (in the book section)

I am preoccupied with storage today. Just look at this office. Sigh. The green, the white, the natural light, those gorgeous windows. I tell ya', if I ever build a house (unlikley) its going to be awesome. And Pottery Barn homes will feature heavily in its inspiration.

This craft room below....not sure that I LOVE it, but I do admire that island.

Found a some stunning colours schemes to inspire you with - I'll share later. Back to the real world and paying bills.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Toilet Training Sucks

I so cannot wait for the day that I no longer have to clean up poop from the floor, from the toilet seat (NOT from where he was sitting, but rather trying to dispose of the evidence), from his bottom, legs, feet and hands. And the bit that was ground into the grout of the tiles as well.
Like I said, I can hardly stand to wait for that day to happen.
Can you feel that there will be no more babies coming to this household?
There will be no accompanying photograph to this post, sorry. I really don't think you'd want me to share this very real experience!
oooh. Need to wash hands again. Sorry. Just keeping it real.
Any advice on toilet training boys? So far the tried and true bribery method is proving unsuccesful.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anzac Day

Every year our tiny community holds an Anzac Day service, which is preceded by a "march" from the school to the memorial stone at our town hall. Usually we are led by horsemen and women, one of whom carries the flag. I have ridden in past years, but this year elected to walk.

The school kids pretty much do the service, reading the Ode and poems etc. A retired serviceman who has been a resident of our town his whole life (excluding his time in the armed forces) gives a small speech.

After the service we move to the front verandah of the pub, where this year we enjoyed morning tea - anzac biscuits, piklets, sandwhiches and the like, provided by the P & C.
These words never fail to evoke a reaction in me.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest we Forget.

Kate has been quite excited about Anzac Day, the kids have been practising their little service at school. We've asked her what it was all about - " we have to remember all of the soldiers". When the kids are a little older I will show them the mini series "The Anzacs" that I saw in my teens. If you haven't seen it, you should.

On a more practical note, I put the photos on a 6x8 "canvas" for printing later, and plan on mounting it on 8.5 x 11 or A4 cardstock. I think this digital version is a little plain and might add a flower or a couple of brads in real life. I don't have any "real looking" digital ones, and I only have freebie stuff from the likes of designer digitals (I like to save my money for REAL touchy feely stuff!)

Speaking of, I'm waiting for some scrumptious paper I found on sale at Scrapboxx to arrive, along with some swiss dotted bazzill from Remember When...and I couldn't resist some new AC letter stickers from there as well.

I wonder if there was any way that I could put scrapbooking supplies down as Office Supplies?

{wink wink}

keeping it real...with frogs

I was going to post Internet Goodness, but all in good time. With the bumper and extended wet season we had in these parts, came the influx of green frogs. We've always had green frogs, but this year there have been LOTS and LOTS of them - and lots of tiny baby ones too.

I like green frogs, but not to the extent of touching them in anyway or form.Georgie loves them, loves to catch them, which is great when I find one in an undesirable location and need it removing. Georgie catches them, names them (eg yesterdays catch was "Bill") and carts them off to a new home somewhere in the garden.

So far I haven't had too many where they shouldn't be - there is one very,very large one that visits the kitchen late each night, and his offspring on the front verandah, but I can handle that. What I couldn't handle was not one, but TWO having a party in the toilet one night this week. (I would have taken a photo, but our toilet is unfortunatley stained by the hard water here, so its not lovely and gleaming white, and not at all photogenic!)

This discovery meant I had to lever my snoring and protesting husband from the couch, where he removed the smaller of the two frogs and threw it outside (literally!) The bigger one decided to disappear into the S-bend, which had me disparing...what if he was to reappear during a midnight toilet visit...and heaven forbid - touched his cold, green foot to my bottom?!!!

My husband is very practical, and not very romantic. Nor terribly sympathetic to any greenie type of person who makes our livihood difficult. He pressed the flush button long and hard, and dispatched the hiding frog to a far less desirable location.

Just as a note - we are on a septic toilet system. So for the past day or so, when I've wandered past the septic tank, I've wondered how that big green frog was getting on down there...but I don't particulary care enough to find out!

Just so long as I don't get a cold green frog hand on my bum in the dark, wee hours of the morning.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I was going to bed early tonight

and then I started playing with this. It didn't turn out anything like I planned...again another digital page, however when I get my next lot of photos printed, I will just print the collage and title section, and then adhere to cardstock (as well as copy the journalling).

I made the rest of the page digitally so as to share here..who knows, I might just print out the whole thing, but it seems more economical to just print the smaller bit. I normally print a good portion of all of my photos (4x6), but seeing as I have turned these five here into layouts for the "family" book, I will save myself some space and money and not bother.

Can anyone else click on the image above and get it to come out bigger? I am not sure how to get that to happen, or is it just my computer and blogging incompetence that is the problem? (seems silly that you can't READ the thing doesn't it!)

I plan to try and continue the collage type pages for our family book - quite often I take a series of photos, and really I don't ever do anything with them other than put into a normal photo album!

Stay tuned - I've come across some lovely things on the 'net lately that I have been saving to share with you so will be bringing you (yet another!) internet goodness post soon.

I really must make myself sit down and do some sewing (other than patching - ye gads! I patched a pair of my round-the-house shorts yesterday, that got caught on wire...lets just say I reminded myself why I hate that job so much, and is the reason why I refuse to patch my husband's shorts and jeans! a job for the m-i-l!) ..where was I? oh - sewing - and wanting a yummy camera strap cover. On my ever growing To Do List (the When I Make Time list, as opposed to the Must Be Done RIGHT NOW list!)

Thanks for calling by, leave a comment to say you;ve been!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Advice Needed!

Hello, you few readers of mine!

As you may know, I live way out in the sticks so any photo processing I do is normally online or by mail order.

I am totally loving the idea of Nicoles a few posts back of collaging photos into 8x10, printing and then adding to cardstock. However my biggest problem is cheap printing. Nicole has hers printed at Harvey Norman for $2.00 for an 8x10 (over the counter).

The cheapest online that I have found is extra film for $3.00 for an 8x10. I know its only one dollar more, but postage also has to go onto that - so it starts to add up!

Has anyone a good online service with great prices? I would appreciate it if you could leave information in the comments (australian folks!) I could print them myself I guess, but I don't think the quality compares (my printer is only an el-cheapo!)

Stay tuned - remember way back at Easter time we loaded hay? Of course you've all been waiting on the edges of your seats for some action shots of this - and for some shots of the quite overloaded truck that I drove home and terrorised fellow motorists with. It will be quite a thrilling post, I can tell you! ;-)

I also haven't forgotten about the branding I promised you ages ago - I finally retrieved my little camera from my husbands possession, but now its as flat as a toad on the road.

Here's another colour challenge o for you - I love the craft and red combination - with perhaps some vanilla thrown in. With the cooler weather coming in, it feels so very warm and cosy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back

Weary, worn out.

I've been busy as secretary of our local campdraft this past weekend - but in saying that, it hasn't JUST been the weekend. Its taken weeks and weeks of preparation and countless phone calls to a president who probably doesn't want to speak to me for weeks (I know his vice presidents don't want to speak to HIM for ages!)

I went to town on Thursday, and prepared the office and organised things, didn't get home til 9pm. Friday I was back in town at 6am, went home at 9:30pm. Repeat for Saturday, but not home til midnight. Repeat again Sunday, home 9pm. All of the action finished on Sunday, but I had to go back on Monday to do the banking etc.

I should have camped in there so I didn't have the 30 minute drive there every morning. But the kids were at home with our wonderful helper Claire, so I thought I should make some sort of appearance there!

So you can see a pattern of early mornings, late nights and extremely busy days. The president chain smoked his way through the weekend but I don't partake of that bad habit so had to rely on caffeine!

I think, all in all it was quite a successful weekend, and judging from the bar takings the crowd had a great time as well!

I hope to get into some scrapping now that I have that behind me, just have some final administration things to tidy up tomorrow, and then I can put it all away!

Here's one happy winner, who happens to be a great little mate of mine, she's the daughter of long time friends. Its wonderful to see what a lovely young adult she is growing into - and her parents were so proud of her on the weekend. (photo courtesy of MD photographics - I didn't pick up my camera at all)

Hope to catch up on everyone's blogs and hear from you soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where I Grew Up

{Edited: you can click on the image above to make it bigger, but I can't get the ones below to do the same thing...can anyone help me with that? I upload my images directly from my computer...any advice with this would be great, thanks!}

Completely motivated by Nicole's last post, I resolved to do some collagey pages up ready for when I do print. I have done this before, but not for any real purpose apart from playing. I intend to get the collage part printed 8x10, and would have done this on my home printer, but it's bailed up so did the whole thing digitally for the purposes of sharing. When I do print the photos, I will reassemble with paper very close to what I have done here.

I will probably use different colours to match the green in the text boxes, whatever I can find in "real" paper, and may shift the text so its justified... I have to say that this took an entire evening (after the kids went to bed) but I guess as I do more the process will simplify itself I will work out what size cropping works best so as to minimize the mucking around moving and resizing the images on the canvas. I have some Easter shots to do for my s-i-l, so a perfect opportunity to practise!

Incidentally, this is about where I grew up, on my family's cattle property. We were down there on Good Friday loading hay (JUST what I had planned :) for Easter) and my assistance wasn't required, so I wandered about the yard (which is huge) and house and took these photos, which is something I've wanted to do for ages. I will share more about where I grew up, if you like.

By the way, I am now a Truck Driver. Well, not really, but I got sent home with a full load of hay in our quite large truck (ie its big enough to tow trailers and has - get this - a 13 speed road ranger gear box - do I sound like I know what I am talking about? peals of hysterical laughter - ho ho hee hee haa haa! actually, all I know is that its got this tricky little hi/low switch so when you run out of gears, you can drive faster than 30kms per hour)

My truck driving experience in the past has been confined to the smaller, more user friendly and light weight variety of vehicle.

Anyhow I drove the 60 odd kilometres home with my boy asleep in the corner, and learned a few things about gear changes and making other motorists get out my way, thank you very much. Just kidding. Not.

My husband is very reassuring. Apart from telling me to "try not and leave the gearbox in peices" he also said, in passing as I departed, "Oh, keep an eye on the hay and make sure it doesn't catch alight from the exhaust!"

He didn't have an answer to my question as to what I would actually DO if the load caught alight.

I spent the trip home, in amongst softening up the gear box, with my head out the window hoping not to smell smoke.

Good news. No smoke. Gear box intact (well, it didn't fall out, though a few cogs might have a few rounded edges!!) and horn well used from judicious use.

Its no wonder I've needed copious amounts of chocolate today. I've only just realised what stress I was under!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool Camera Strap

Just before I get back to some REAL work, I thought I would also share this with you:

A simple tutorial on how to make your very own camera strap slip cover (that goes over your existing strap). I've been looking at the gorgeous ones on etsy and madie it, but really can't justify buying when when I have a sewing machine, and the basic skills needed to make my very own. (image from Etsy)

The only thing I DON'T have, is some yummy fabric to make the cover with. But that can be easily fixed, can't it?! (wink, wink!)

Just think, I could even have a strap to match my new (and non existent, but oft-dreamed of) camera bag. Actually, I don't think I have the skills to make a camera bag, but when I do get a new and glorious one, I can whip up a strap cover to match. But until then, hopefully I will get a chance to grab a small bit of divine material and make one to start me off.

Just think of the possibilities!
I won't be around much after easter, as we lead up to our campdraft the following weekend; I might get a chance to post some pics from an impromptu photo shoot I did one afternoon this week; I need to do a little editing.
I've been thinking about the video that Jo did, and really want to try my own, but need to get some practise and gather some other still images first. And get some sugar into the kids prior so they're all happy and not laying around the flat whinging and whining!

Adding to the last post

After you whip up that little business card holder from the free Amy Butler Pattern, you can then print out these gorgeous calling/contact cards from HERE

Noice, arent' they? :-)

A Must Check Site

While I've been working at my desk the past few days, I came across a post it note I'd scribbled on awhile ago, and then lost (where do those bloody post-its end up - I'm forever loosing the little pile of them!), which said Amy Butler Free Patterns. I thought I would check it out today...oh m-y-y-y goodness. Talk about a visual feast.

But first - I found some wonderful free patterns there:

There are some cloth, some paper. I haven't looked to see how easy or not they may be...but they are worth checking out.

Here is the link HERE - go to the free patterns down the bottom. And be sure to check out the Inspiration tab, for glorious photography and beautiful images. Not to mention her yummy, yummy fabric designs.

Hope that you might get some use out of these - gotta love a freebie. If nothing else, you are sure to enjoy the wonderful images or get some photography ideas!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Pattern

Thanks to the goodness of the internet, I stumbled upon this wonderful free bag pattern, at this blog HERE
Go to the site linked above to download your free pattern to this cute little bag, which only uses one fat quarter of fabric for the outer, and a small bit of whatever you have laying around for the inner...and those cute covered buttons that are all the rage at the moment? Wouldn't they look great on this little bag? Perhaps, for a young and hip chick, some crocheted flowers.

Here's another couple of versions from Made By Rae's Flickr group.

I've been gathering bag patterns for awhile now, from here and there, not because I like to make bags, but because I WOULD like to make them, whenever I get that spare hour or two (laughing hysterically!).

And I just can't turn down a cute, free pattern when I come across one. I might share some more with you one day, if you like.

Its also occured to me that fabric scraps from this projects might also look mighty nice used on a scrapbook page...somehow in a nice and simple way!

Because I have little else to share

apart from mounds of paperwork and pulled out hair as I deal with not only our businesses, but also organising what is going to be a humungous campdraft next week.

I've been looking for a new floor mat, to go with the new lounge that we are hoping to get sometime this decade. Its that busy here at the moment it feels like that's how long it will be before we get to the city...but tentative plans have been made, very very tentative and delicate ones. I am SO looking forward to having a comfortable place to, well, LOUNGE!

This is a mat I found on ebay. Love the colours....but then I remembered my grotty, grubby, uncivilised children. It might be too pale, but oh, I love the colours! Finally some green to lighten up my house!
And speaking of lounges, and rugs - wouldn't these cushions look lovely on my new chocolate lounge with its green and chocolate rug - or perhaps too matchy matchy?
Nice colour challenge for a page - I'm not so keen on the teal, but adore brown, white and celery!
Maybe I need cushions in thecolour ways below- see that green and orange floral one down in the corner, with some plain green and plain orange or even plain brown thrown in?

I always get carried away with trying to match and co-ordinate things. Then it gives me a headache so I give up and go have a nice lie down.

Pottery Barn deliciousness again: I want a camera bag that looks like one of these. Maybe a little smaller - and without the monogram. But you get the drift!

Anyhow, enough procrastination, I've mounds of work to do today, not to mention that I totally missed an appointment with our accountant this morning - which I thought was TOMORROW. The first time EVER in my life that I have missed an appointment because I was a total air head and got my days mixed up.

I need a holiday :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I may have a warped sense of humour

or haven't had enough sleep in the past 48 hours (that naughty little boy turned out to be a sick little boy), but this made me laugh so much it brought tears to my eyes.

"I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to ride our bikes to school. Hayden does most of the actual bike riding. I, on the other hand, am the struggling, sweaty mass of screaming leg muscles trailing behind him by 25 yards, trying to figure out how to change the damn gear on my bike. And cussing loudly. Did I mention the route to school is uphill? Both ways?

So I'm logging a whopping four miles on my bike each day by taking him to and from school. You may think four miles doesn't sound like much, especially on a bike. But my pelvic area would beg to differ. I actually spent 30 minutes yesterday trying to figure out an efficient way to duct tape a pillow to my bike seat. I was unsuccessful. But I just may have come up with a whole new use for Super Maxi Pads with Wings. Just kidding. Except that I'm not."

Today's hilarity brought to you by scrapbooker Lisa Dickinson.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One More Thing

Girls, I replied to your questions in the comments section of the last post - and thanks again so much for the comments on the hair do. Notice there isn't a AFTER shot of that one ;-) hee hee!

I have a dilemma - I have not one idea of how to scrap that photo that I love of the kids from the last post! I was thinking about what to say, and then I thought I'd use just what I wrote here:

"Photos like this, capturing your affection for each other and your joy for life, make me forget: the brawl you had just minutes before, and the fact that one of you RIGHT NOW is creating a rather intricate project involving string and a walkway that is sure to end with some sort of injury on my part later today, when I forget and walk there; the fact that the other one of you, RIGHT now, is showing the new kitties the budgies....and reminds me how much I love you all."

Not exactly prose, but it IS real, and it reflects EXACTLY what was happening today!

Any ideas, oh scrapping queens?

And, just to end the day with, look at the lovely things that came on the email...I LOVE newletters! ;) I tell you, all birthday gifts this year will be coming from this place (I know I won't ever get to making the things I see here!)

Are you seeing a theme here? :)

I'm into flowers today....and I'm thinking I need to find me a flower die that will go through my little used Cuttlebug (one of those "had to have" buys!) so I can make cute felt flowers like that...and how cute are those pin cushions?! I can blanket stitch, and I do have some felt...I don't have the time or motivation right now...and I wish I could crochet, seeing as that crocheted flowers are so hot right now!

Off to wrassle with more campdraft nominations right now...sigh.

Community volunteering is highly over-rated.

PS - If you are crafty, love gorgeous patterned fabrics and other bits and peices, you HAVE to bookmark this site. Just the place for all of those things I have been looking for - and reasonable prices too. Its going over there on my blogroll as soon as I get to it. Check it out!

An All time Favourite

This photo will hit the list of one of my favourite fact, seeing as I just bought myself some new frames to house some of my favourite family, this will find a home in one.

Just for interests sake, this is what it looked like, straight out of the camera. The action I ran on it really boosted the colour, and while it might be a little too much, I'm really liking the bright colour in comparison to this slightly dull version. I only have Elements, but since I've found actions that work with it, as well as LEVELS for both colour and light, I have no desire to get anything fancier.

Photos like this, capturing their affection for each other and their joy for life, makes me forget: the brawl they had just minutes before, and the fact that one of them RIGHT NOW is creating a rather intricate project involving string and a walkway that is sure to end with some sort of injury on my part later today, when I forget and walk there; the fact that the other one, RIGHT now, is showing the new kitties the budgies. (not a safe move for the budgies!)

Guess which one is doing which? I'll even help - the big one is at school, so you've a 50% chance of getting it right!

This one below: NOT ever will it be on my favourite's list, but it does show you my new STRAIGHT hair do - well it was straight until I washed it that night. Now...I think it's waaay more lived in, and certainly hasn't seen any product since that day. I'm a wash and wear kinda gal!

Trevor took the photo, and seeing as it was way too much effort for the poor old dear to get out of his armchair, I had to sit on the floor in front of his chair so as to try and reduce the double chin... not sure that it was successful!

Now there's many other things that I should be doing other than blogging (procrastination be thy name!) so I had better go and make lunch for the two ratbags, and think about some of those chores...I can't wait for the day that they make a washing machine that dries AND folds the clothes!

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