Wednesday, November 20, 2013



I'm getting so lazy these days, snapping away with my iPhone which takes amazingly great photos (better than my little point and shoot I think). I think I'm doing my dSLR such a disservice, but then I snap a photo like this with my phone, and think NAH. Better to have that snap shot than none at all :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lists and letters

IMG_5951IMG_5912Mum would very much like to see a copy of the other letter, hoping that it might contain less expensive electronic gadgets***. And the second child has been told that under no circumstances will Santa be bringing her a sewing machine at the age of 9.

Boy child seems to be letter-less, taking advantage of the fact that he "carnt write mum" (lets say its more of the fact that he is far to lazy to write? and it makes his little brain work very hard, dealing with those pesky letters and sounds that we are so struggling with this year. He'd much rather dictate, and to be honest I think he does that a fair bit, in both letter writing AND life!)

Last year I struggled to get into the Christmas Spirit, this year I am contemplating putting up the tree this weekend as well as the lights. Maybe if nothing else, to give us some cheer.

Like the kids over at Fiona's place , our eyes are firmly on the horizon and fingers tapping on the radar and weather apps on our phones with frequent regularity. When the ants start moving into the kitchen (its a sign, its going to rain!) and the storm bird arrives (its a sign! its going to rain!)...we live in hope.

There's always hope. Especially for those kids with iPods on their Christmas lists.


*** tell me, do other 11 year olds have ipods? what version? I am aware of boarding school looming on the horizons, and half of me thinks one should get one to last the distance, and the other thinks geez that's an expensive gadget, what if she breaks/looses it? Go outside and play?! and then another thinks, maybe its time she learnt about looking after ones things (even if it is the hard one, and pains her parents pocket should the worst happen?) Discuss.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday afternoon viewing

We, along with the greater part of the  north west of the state apparently, had a joyous little breeze spring up this afternoon. Given the velocity of the winds, and the dryness that surrounds us, it was inevitable that a great deal of dust would also come with the wind.

Unfortunately, a corresponding amount of rain did not follow however we did have fun flying a kite in the stiff breeze once the dust settled. (see IG feed tab at the top for the video itself)

That wretched leceana (spelling) sapling there that needs chopping down, causing more than one little bit of grief with our kite flying adventures, but being of a very bendy nature, was easily bent down to enable kite untangling from its very top.

Now I just have to clean up the aftermath - a great pile of pink and white papery bougainvillea leaves that have blown in (quietly hoping for another wind storm that might blow them out the other side). I might leave that until the morning ;-)

It is heartening to hear of rainfall in other parts to our south, the need for rain is great in all parts. Although our hearts sink and spirits falter when weather influences continue to slide past us. Some days its harder than others to keep faith that the season will break. We just need a little sign, just a little bit of "our turn",  to let us draw breath and keep on keeping on.

The day is not over yet. I detect a faint rumbling in the heavens. Onwards we shall go.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Knee Deep

I've got something a bit special to share with you.

Created by a wonderfully talented friend (and featuring a couple of kids you might be familiar with). A little initiative a group of us have started - to share our stories. To bring them closer to those that aren't familiar with where we live, what we do. Lookout for more coming soon.

I hope you like it. We would love some feedback too.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Still waiting for the wet

My creative thoughts and activity have never been at a lower ebb I am finding, even the desire to pick up my camera is at a low point, although if course its easy to whip out the i-phone for quick snaps from time to time.I would probably feel a lot better mentally if I did do something creative of some sort at all! but sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

The Husband had a rare day at home recently and with the tractor at home, offered to cart some manure from the yards. I also took advantage of this willingness to help, to remove a falling down fence that has been bugging me for quite some time. Now of course we are totally fenceless along one side of the yard, but considering the old one could barely contain a bunny, its no loss.

 IMG_5636 IMG_5639 It wasn't an endeavour without dust, however there isn't much that is dust free at this point in time. The trick is to remain upwind or move very fast away from the line of fire if husbands are dumping dirt with wicked grins on their faces.

These three clowns below took their thongs off, stuck them half way up the pile of dirt, and walked away to climb on stuff. As they walked away Dad busily pushed up more dirt and hay....and their thongs were lost forever more. Or until someone finds them in a garden bed somewhere one day!

IMG_5644 IMG_5646

Two loads of dirt - one for a proposed Dad-and-kid watermelon patch (yet to be planted, so I can see its not going to happen) and the other dirt, hastily dumped along a fence where I've planned a garden for the longest time. I don't plan to do anything with this until after the blessed wet season arrives (apart from round up the couch grass that will no doubt pop up overnight). This bed will be simple screening - mock oranges and golden canes alternately. Of course I am not sure how things will grow in such close proximity to those two big mango trees however it will be better than nothing. I also have to take out that awkward corner there in the bottom corner, so I can mow without using unladylike language.

Roll on the wet.

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