Bush Dictionary

Ever evolving, a few of the terms and words you may come across and wonder JUST what I am talking about.

Please feel free to let me know if you feel this list needs to be added to!

SMOKO: morning tea, afternoon tea - any meal that isn't breakfast, lunch or dinner. Can be taken numerously throughout the day, always involves tea or coffee, and any number of baked goodies. Very seldom involves cigarettes.

MUSTERING: rounding up cattle in order to carry out husbandry or to be sold

DRAFTING: sorting out the cattle (between types ie cows and calves) in the cattle yards

FOUR WHEELER: quad bike

BOTTLE TITTED : a cow with teats that are very large, especially at the bottom, which are very hard for baby calves to suck from. Not an ideal trait, and sometimes genetic, these sort of cows are normally removed from the breeding herd.

FORCE/POUND: small yards within the cattle yard where drafting takes place.

PREG TESTING: manual process where cows are checked for pregnancy

SPAYING: removal of ovaries in quick manual process to stop cow from getting pregnant

BRANDING: marking calf with identification by ear mark and hide brand, and castration for the male calves.

PODDY: orphaned calf. Can also be used to denote a mob of small calves (not orphaned) ie kids can you move the poddies from that yard.

WEANERS: "teenaged" calves (approx. 5 mths old?) removed from their mother to be educated and allow mother to stop producing milk, regain some body weight and become pregnant again. When its very dry, calves can be weaned at a young age to save mother any further weight loss, and weaners will be given special supplementary feed.

TOWN: any township where one can purchase food and other items.

CITY: bigger town where much more shopping can be done.

GROCERY ORDER: many trollies of groceries.


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