Friday, May 25, 2012

teaching him to write good

last Sunday, Georgie, after driving both me and her brother batty with her constant bickering and fighting, suddenly decided that she would teach her brother to "write good". Master manipulator, she made this sound such an exciting prospect to her little borther, that he sat down with her at the table and spent the next hour in harmony and mutual admiration for each others writing skills. She wrote the alphabet letters one by one, and he copied. They shared opposite sides of a large exercise book and chattered and wrote for ages. No fighting. If only it happened more often (and if she only realised how much he adores her, but then again, she is not one to shy away from taking advantage either!).

IMG_3739And below is the resulting page, shared over at Simple Aussie Girl's green week this week.

write good web Big sister, while this was happening, was quietly making her own little mess beside them, pleased that Georgie was keeping out of HER stuff for once.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

don't look too close

I've been sewing. My mum professed a need for a new table runner, as the one currently on her very large silky oak dining table was covered in a lovely Christmas tree pattern. So I went home and whipped one up.

The top came together so easily, I started to get an idea that I wouldn't mind making one of these for myself.

Then came the binding, and whether it be my sewing machine or more likely, my dodgy sewing skills, I suddenly changed my mind. Anyhow, it is done and will look lovely on that big table, as long as one doesn't get too up close and personal with the wretched binding.

IMG_3783It certainly is bright, but its a big table and so the "white space" all around will quieten it down. (I hope!)

IMG_3785  And I think I am SO clever. Mitred corners are not something that I have ever been able to understand (I know what they are just struggle with the HOW they happen part) and rather than waiting for someone to come along and show me, I came up with a solution. Rounded corners. They work just as well in sewing as scrapbooking ;-)

If I did it again, I think I would have three wider strips instead of just two, but that's just me being nit picky.

IMG_3782Hope she likes it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

misleading statements

in the last post may have lead you to believe that I was going to photograph, in terrifying detail, the mustering, drafting and trucking of sale cattle.

Guess what? This is about as much detail as you are going to get out of that misadventure.

IMG_3775The cattle yards, from afar. Please look carefully within to see 1. blue shirted husband and 2. cattle. (horses at the front are purely for decorative purposes in this instance).

On Tuesday afternoon I hurriedly collected the children from school, pushed them out the door at their cousins place for the afternoon, and rushed on my way to the paddock to assist in the round up of the rascally bovines. Clad in drizabone against the drizzly rain and freezing breeze when travelling at speed on my motorbike, I arrived to find the steers poking along like Browns Cows, with nary a twinkle in their eyes. Removed from their home turf, their manners had returned and one man could have brought them home, dawdling at the rear.

Needless to say, I had time to reflect on the rush of the preceding hour, and was quietly pleased when husband said, most thoughtfully, he probably wouldn't need my help the next day.

I could have trusted him with my camera, but I trust him even less than our helicopter pilot mate (who still has my other camera) when it comes to my most treasured possessions!

Reports are they loaded like little lambs and have since arrived and been weighed at their destination (Condamine, a looooong way from home) and are likely, as I type, chowing down on some grain and getting ready to arrive on the supermarket shelf in around 90 days.

With that, let me end by sharing a snippet of my soon to be sister in law's garden. The kids are excited. In under four weeks time they become part of the wedding party.

IMG_3778I'd forgotten how darned lovely the not so humble chrysanthemum are at this time of year, planted en mass. Must get me some.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

it looks like a painting, doesn't it?

when it is in fact a photo taken on my camera one evening recently - I think the zoom in function pixelated it a bit but when a little instragram action was applied, look what happened! I LOVE IT!

Can you see the little birdy sitting on the fence post. I just wish it was a little clearer.

Monday, May 21, 2012

well then

I have no excuses other than a troublesome few days of working livestock, washing and kids (the last two prone to troublesome as well). I even wrote some brilliant blog posts in my head, whilst following the aforementioned livestock. Took my camera, gave it to the chopper pilot (employed to help muster the cattle) hoping for some brilliant mustering photos. Guess where the camera is? Still in his pocket. I don't think he got a chance to take any photos but who knows what will be on it by the time I get it back from him!

So, you will have to make do with this, from the weekend before. I was surprised to see myself smiling out the pages of the paper, but really its becoming so commonplace these days :-) although I feel this is a bit more glamorous and flattering than the last time I was in print (and please do not be mistaken, like my charming husband, that I am wearing a galah's nest on my head)

koor - registerAlthough look at that tan line. Guess who spent too many years with shirt neck open, no matter how much one applies sunscreen and scarf these days, it's still there. I'm paying for the folly of my youth now though. Didn't I feel it the other day when I lost my hat in the bushes, when dealing with those troublesome cows, couldn't find it again so had to ride home hatless. In good news though, I went back the next day and with a firmer eye to the landmarks I had marked in my head, found it again easy peasy.

I have now sacrificed all dignity and elegance, took an old felt hat of my brothers, and armed with bootlace, made a chin strap. I am now at more risk of strangling myself should I run into a stray tree branch than of loosing my hat when mustering.

Photographic proof if this sartorial display of hat wearing will not be forthcoming, if I have anything to do with it.

Anyhoo, we are off dealing with the troublesome bovine delinquents again today with the aim of putting them on a truck tomorrow to be sold. I will not be entrusting camera (this time the dSLR) to anyone but myself and will endeavour to capture the action for your viewing pleasure! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

in stark contrast

(alternately titled "is it really worth the pain of the over-tired and over-flowing with attitude oldest girl the next day?")

In stark contrast the activities of last weekend, in which old clothes and rock climbing boots were the go, on Saturday we got out the glad rags and attended the local picnic race meeting (this link HERE) talks about the same race meeting back in the good ole' days. This is bush racing - grass fed horses from properties around the region.

Anyone who thinks that bush gatherings are just one for jeans and wide brimmed hats is sadly mistaken....(although on little boys, entirely appropriate, given that he stayed out of the dirt for around 3.5 seconds on arrival)

IMG_0819Another stunner of a sibling photo for the album. Hilariously good.

Kate has managed to loose* her only good pair of closed in shoes, so we chose an alternative look, which I call Boho Chic :-) aren't cowboy boots in right now? Bad, bad, frustratingly bad photo of me and the kids, despite instructions to please include my rather smokin' black patent wedge heels.

IMG_0829Miss Mac, despite having the giggles up in this photo and having spent some time at the bar with some like minded mates, did not go leg up in her spindly heels (years of practise she tells me) and took out the title of Mare of the Field (and is a little aggrieved she has been promoted from Filly!) Her teal ensemble was gorgeous. This dress also was declared "a dress" by yours truly as opposed to the "Long Tops" she sometimes wears as a dress, hee hee. (yes, I'm just jealous I don't have the legs to do so)



A taste of the other well dressed ladies showing some nice pins and fascinating headwear. The one in blue who has taken it upon myself to be my personal trainer and vowed to quit smoking, well, for every cigarette smoked I get 10 minutes off training sessions. I don't think I'll be in training for MONTHS! :-)

To cap off the day of fun, and of course not doing anything by halves, they had a lolly drop for the kids.....

IMG_1394by plane of course (how else?!)

IMG_1391run kids run! hats and pockets full, the kids sugared up some more, and despite declaring we were going home before dark...

IMG_1431it was well after nine before these tired and teary little monkies were put to bed, with face and feet washed and baths to wait until the morning.  

All over til next year, or rather til the other race meeting that is a little less leisurely and a tad closer to home, in August.

** mothers blood pressure sky rocketed, children cleaned room, all nooks and crannies of house overturned, and still no sign of the shoes last worn at the Easter wedding, despite the fact that I and she are sure that they were in the car.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

day two

I'd never get a job at a newspaper writing headlines that is for sure.

We all slept soundly by the river, lulled by the breeze and the sound of rippling water, and the calls of night birds. No one got out of bed at a ridiculous hour, it was a bit crispy, but oh so clear, when we did emerge tousle haired from our swags.

IMG_0809IMG_0810first order of the day was to stoke the fire and have a coffee.  Then we decided that a morning stroll before breakfast was in order, the boys keen to see the waterfalls and rock  holes we'd found the day before.IMG_3663

  I don't get tired of seeing that silky water....

IMG_3673the kids and I did some geology - hands on - as we explored. The fisher people again tried in vain to tempt the fishies to take a bite, with little success....

IMG_3687until I happened to notice two of these swimming in a sandy bit, told the young fella here to through in his line and we were all very surprised when the fish took the bait nearly instantly. It was a one off I have to say (the Experts reckon this is a different fish to the usual sort that haunt these parts)

IMG_3693The terrain changed again, the rock giving way to gravelly sweeps and shady, open (and shallower) holes. I didn't walk around that tempting bend, breakfast was calling my name by this point. We quickly scampered back over some rocks where shags obviously habitate (the smell of shag/bird excrement - UNDESCRIBABLY BAD) and back upstream for bacon and eggs for breakfast.

IMG_3695apparently she was excited about breakfast too. And not about brushing her hair.

IMG_3728The fish continued not to bite after we went for an upstream walk after breakfast (more like brunch) so the kids decided to have a swim in water best described as frigid. Disheartened by the lack of fish, packing up commence and under twenty four hours after we left home we were back there again. Short and Sweet. I don't care so much about the fish though, I want to go back and just sit there, in my chair, feet up, look at the view, book at hand, listen to the sound of the river, breeze in my face, and where phones don't work.  Its good for the soul!

Although doesn't do much for the washing pile!

Friday, May 11, 2012

skinny dipping optional

last weekend we made a quick trip up to the Secret Special Fishing Hole, to see if the fish were biting. We took the camper trailer, and some mates. We found a new (to us) campsite. The best by far.

IMG_0732need I say more?!

IMG_0746let us just say this about the fish: Georgie got as close to them here as anyone else did with a hook and line (that said, they caught enough for lunch the next day. Lucky there wasn't many of us to feed).

IMG_0743Hard to believe this is the same river as where we were last time, just two or three kilometres down stream. The terrain changes so quickly.

IMG_0749a shallow rock bar that allowed one to cross without getting wet, that is if you don't walk carefully on the mossy rock. Gus got a wet bum :-)

IMG_0753We could hear this long before we saw it, another set of water falls!

IMG_0769hard to photograph, the falls covered three levels. The kids decided just below this spot was good for a swim.

IMG_0775which transitioned to a bath back up above the first fall in shallower (and in theory less arctic like water). My kids don't need any asking twice to ditch their daks and were quite happy to have a soap-less bath. No need for photos :-)

IMG_0795We cooked snags and chops on the bbq plate on the fire, and alfoil wrapped spuds in the coals. And made curly wurlies as well, filled with butter and syrup.

IMG_0800and we chatted around the campfire as the super moon rose (fire not as bush fire like as photo suggests!) and then retired to our beds, tired from the walking and scrambling over rocks and the not catching any fish (the men)

Do you want to see more, Day two?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

the face behind cattle - kids - chaos

one of the great added, unexpected bonuses about blogging is the friendships formed. Slightly unconventional, but still, its wonderful becoming friends with people, while like minded, one would ordinarily never ever meet.  Like my mates over at Simple Aussie Girls. :-)

Another one, not living quite so far away, while I have never met face to face, our worlds aren't so far apart, having several mutual acquaintances, and in the same industry. Like all bloggers I guess, her face isn't seen much around her blog, being behind the camera most times. So imagine my delight when I finally caught up on some essential bush reading, The Queensland Country Life, and found this lovely person photographed not once but TWICE in her role as show president (and Champion Photographer) of her area.

For Old Nev, who wasn't able to buy a paper (must have been sold out to the rest of her adoring fans :-) and anyone else who wanted to see a shirt and necklace previously mentioned on Fiona's blog. Because we care about the important things in life obviously (snickery-snort!)

fiona 1and againfiona 2Old Nev, if you want the originals to paste into your scrapbook :-) please email me your postal address to thequietlifeqld (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au. You know the drill, put the @ and . where applicable.  

And folks, please do pop by Fiona's blog and say hi. And tell her how you like her shirt. :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

complete with typos

a recent page.

instagram love Featured at Simple Aussie Girls today, if you haven't already seen it. I assume some of you reading really don't give a brass whazoo about scrapbooking :)

Can I tell you again how much I love instagram? A little online album of your captures, truly a tiny slice of life. I seem to be taking different sorts of photos with my phone than I would with my camera. Although my camera has been neglected I did pick up on the weekend again when we were camping. Downloading it though is a different story, but rest assured you lovers of camping and fishing, it will happen soon I promise.

Nothing more to say. Except I do like yellow.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

my kind of kitty

maybe it shows something of my mental state that this made me laugh for ages.

562021_327698900633362_212147665521820_780279_1942557935_nIts a long weekend here in Queensland, and we are going camping/fishing at some point today, when The Husband gets himself home. One of the green shirted mates is joining us - he and his boys will be here soon - and with luck the stars will align and The Husband will too. All I have yet to do is pack the eskies. I've put in an extra blanket, as of course overnight the temperature has dropped 5 degrees :-) but this might mean the fish will be biting.

The boy tells me this morning that he wants to catch a BIG fish.  I bought two hand nets the other day, the sort one scoops the water with, so his chances of catching ANY fish are now a bit higher. I really should have bought three, not sure WHAT I was thinking! Oh well, sharing is good.

See you when we return.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

it followed me home

A little bit of very inexpensive lovely that came home from the Towers with me yesterday as I did a trip to restock the fridge and pantry.  Photo taken on the only window sill in the house that has not been professionally painted (seriously, as in a painter, not this dodgy slapper-onerer of paint), which happens to be where it is seen every single day, in front of the kitchen sink. Smart move that was, wasn't it. Oh well, at least it matches the non-existent splash back in my kitchen. Hello cleaning tongue and groove walls behind the stove. Fun times. Don't get me started.

I've not been here much lately, but really, I have not much to tell. Also I think I've had a bit of camera overload, not having hardly picked the thing up since Easter and the camping trip.  I have though, been snapping and playing with instagram which really is very instant and gratifying (see my page up the top of this one) But rest assured programming will return to normal soon enough, although given that I don't often have anything earth shattering to share, is probably not all that exciting!

We had a spot of rain and Melbourne like weather here last week which had us scurrying for warm clothing and wondering where we had put it away since last winter. Also much realising how much the kids have grown and if 3/4 track suit pants on a little boy was a look that he could get away with. Biggest girl apparently has only 1 pair of tracksuit pants that fit (at least this means the second child has oodles) which means less washing I guess :-)

Oh, and guess what?! That fire place that we Had To Get last winter? still in the corner, UN-INSTALLED. Luckily the weather has reverted back to standard for this time of year (ie nice) but the short cold snap did see The Husband scratching his chin and waving a tape measure around at one point, whilst also looking at the ceiling with a thoughtful expression. There is hope yet.

Hmm, for someone with not much to say, I seem to have covered a lot of ground.


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