Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking back

I’m the first to admit, I’m pretty slack. I LOVE my digital photography. But with it, comes oh so many photos. And there they sit on my hard drive. A few super, special ones make it to a canvas or a frame (on the rare occasion that I get my act together) but the rest, there they languish, only seen by my eyes.

2010. That’s how long since I printed photos, you know the little 4x6 sort that you slip into an album. That is FOUR years ago! Well, I take a lot of photos, and even with some serious picking and choosing, that adds up to a  whole big fat photo album or two that needs to have space on a shelf.

You may recall me talking about making a yearly photo book a while back. I stalled on it. Yes, that slackness. But I have picked up where I left off, and have started again. I’ve done the drafting of the photos I want to use – the whole year – and its been the most wonderful trip down memory lane. I’ve gone all mushy at the sight of a little blonde eyed chubby cheeked boy, marvelled at how small my now long and lanky girls were. Been amazed at the changes in our surrounds in four years. Recalled what it was like to have a wet season! 

FEB 1march 2APRIL 1

A 3

Its also notable that some of us have slightly less hair these days…and some possibly, just possibly, a slightly wider bum. But because mum is rarely in front of the camera, and when she is, she’s a bit crafty about it, it may not be noticeable. (you’ll have to take my word for it, have yet to find one within the annuls of 2010 that I am willing to share!) I have made a mental note to include ME more, even if it is in the form of the insufferable selfie.

Technically, I am using a slightly modified Project Life Template (thanks to Amy)  and PSE, with the end result being a lovely slim line but chockers full of family memories photo book. I’m slowly getting there, the hard part of choosing photos was done one evening whilst listening to Downton Abbey (having seen the current series on DVD).

One half way done… only three to go to be “up to date”. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist sharing more as I click my way through memory lane.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A different shade

A few weeks and days on since it rained back in February, and ever so subtly that lush greeness is fading into a more golden shade of green.  In perfect timing, and feeling rather early this year, the evenings have turned golden too. Just for short window of time, usually as we are out watering the horses or bringing the calves home to bed. With the grass going to seed, and swaying in the breeze and softer light, it really is most lovely time of day.


Most pleasingly, and only noticeable to me right now as I flick back through my photos, is that the grass still appears to be growing. The calves certainly are, and the horses barely lift their heads from the grass in their paddock (having shuffled around livestock, the youngest girl being quite bereft as she no longer gets to ride her beloved old horse to bring home the calves each evening).



These three images – now featuring on my new header (fancy, two new headers in such a short space of time) were simply shot on my iPhone and are my new favourites. They seem serene and restful in their golden goodness. I guess I am trying to capture that, to drew breath and steady myself for the coming months which will, in all likelihood, be neither serene nor restful.

Although I am told, most assuredly by Fiona, that the rain is coming Monday.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Since it rained, we’ve been enjoying the short lived burst of colour around here. Green of course is the new black and aren’t we enjoying it.


The view home from town one quite removed from just a few weeks ago (one I could not bring myself to photograph)

Poddy numbers have been reduced, with six drafted off and sent to the big paddock with their slightly bigger mates. Stress levels greatly reduced in both mum and kids during the daily trek home to the house paddock, as the naughty ones are thankfully gone. We went back to six in the mob for a few days; until Heather and Harley arrived on the scene. Heather is a tiny little black thing with all sorts of neurosis's, and our first on milk for the year. Harley has seen some rough days and has issues of his own but has settled in well.  The remaining gang are getting rounder by the day (having stopped their nightly ration of feed with the arrival of good green grass, although I suspect they think they would have liked it to continue very much!)



The old horse seems to be getting fatter by the day as well  although no amount of feed and grass will get rid of that high old wither that made certain little boys wish for some extra layers between him and the horse.


Dainty little flowers have been seen nestled amongst the grass and herbages. The land really does come to life with so little rain.



Sadly this gorgeous specimen might have to come out, while its a native legume it can cause a nasty disease in horses. Found it had popped up down the paddock.


Yes, we are enjoying the colour green while it lasts, as so far the rain has been short lived as well. So while the evenings are suddenly golden with the flipping of the calendar to March, the grass is going to seed and the green is slowly fading as well.

Enjoying it while its there as sure as anything like the colour the memory of its lushness will fade just as quickly in our minds.

Monday, March 3, 2014

down by the riverside

The river reasonably nearby to us ran for the first time in ages with the recent rain, and we had to go and check it out one lazy weekend afternoon.

This also coincided with the return of my camera from the camera dr. So I took it along for a bit of a refresher in using something other than my iphone for photos.



Its nice to have it back…if not quite as portable


The Husband even stood still and smiled. Amazing how a little bit of water improves their stress levels and temperament.




Even weeds look lovely with a bit of rain.


A lovely short outing for the afternoon enjoying the water.  Enjoy it while it lasts, always in the back of our minds we are thinking that we may have received all of the rain that we are going to, which for most of us is far short of a normal wet season.

But for now, we are enjoying the colour green once again.

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