Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

The same photo, repeated on a Christmas greeting I emailled around...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, and that the kids don't get you all up at some unreasonable hour to see what Santa brought!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lots of good things today...

I came across this yummy colour scheme in the latest Pillow Talk catalogue (one of my favourite shops to visit on my infrequent trips to the city!)... the bottom half of the page is where I am looking at! I've long been a fan of the green, and in fact one day, whenever that wall in our bedroom gets sheeted, plan to paint it green. Perhaps not quite THAT green, but cetainly a paler version of it...
I had in my head to pair the green with brown, but now I have been introduced to orange and white with fresh and bright! Yum yum!

only four more sleeps

The couting of the days til Christmas has been a hot topic around here, especially now that Kate has some grasp of numbers. The girls have been making grand announcements several times a day, as well as first thing in the morning. I have made it a little trickier for them though, as my birthday falls on the 27th, they have also had to work out how many days til Mum's birthday (another 30th! Fancy that!) :)

Here's something that I wanted to share...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

changing tack

This is the cover of a little album I started this year, and remarkably, have kept going (I think I may have mentioned the concept in a post in January). I've been a bit slack on the journalling side, well I do keep a diary, so have to go back and refer to that, and the business diary, and the kitchen calendar, to put it all together!

Its A5 in size, and the photos are printed at 6x8 (its so fun to see the photos blown up larger than normal!) and you know what else is great? That I have made a year-in-review as the year has gone along, and its nearly finished already. Unlike the 2007 review album I decided to make, and I haven't finished yet!

Here's one more thing I discovered on my daily foray into the internet...

It's actually a scrapbooking stamp, I wish I could have it automatically filled and put on the back of each photo as its printed. I got a HEAP of photos back from the printers (Mar - June! how far behind am I?!) and they never put them in the packets in order, or anything remotely sensible like that.... saving sorting and filing them away for the next rainy day!

As another footnote, I have decided to file any the the excess photos away in photo boxes for giving away or scrapbooking, in an attempt to get my everyday photo albums a little more "streamlined"! So that's on my shopping list, some photo boxes from Crazy Clarkes or some similar cheap shop!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bush Kids

I love this photo...its a few months old (taken when it was a wee bit cooler, as evidenced by the coats they are wearing!). We were branding a few head of calves and the kids (and Granma, who was in charge of them while I was occupied branding calves and getting stinky calf poo all over me) came down the yards to "help".

I use the term "help" loosely, because 1. they can't reach over the rails to poke the calves and 2. they get bored quickly and go and find more interesting things to do, like climbing to the top of the rails and then finding that they can't go any higher, but then can't possibly get down by themselves. (insert adjectives, as I have to leave the branding cradle to rescue aforementioned BOY climber)... But its still fun for them, and great for us, because they are finally getting old enough that they can join in and learn how to help us!!
We've also got a new horse, "Ben", for the kids, so I'm looking forward to being able to take them for short stints bring cattle down the lane or turning them out. Kate's been once on her old horse, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Here's to more of that!

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