Thursday, June 30, 2011

done skipping

Last week - which seems just like yesterday, this week being so hectic, we went to another small local school to have a little jump off.

Skipping jump off.

The kids have been practising for ages and were happy to show off their skills.

_MG_7083Georgie is all about speed, and runs out of puff pretty quickly. She IS getting very good though.

_MG_7084This one is starting to get more co-ordinated and goes a bit steadier, and there fore has more stamina.  She ended up being the girl that skipped the longest. And won a rather cool prize. But more on that later...

_MG_7099We tried to squeeze all 17 odd kids into the one jump rope. They did manage to get a couple of jumps in all at the same time. It was hilarious.

And remember that cool prize?

_MG_7145An MP3 player. One eight year old girl is now too cool for school, and of course we must cart the bloody thing everywhere and have it stuck in one's ears when mum is issuing orders. She had to be restrained from taking it to the cattle yards - not an ideal place to a lack of ability to hear yells of "watch out" coming your way! ;-)

And apparently we need better music. She has plans of taking her new toy to our very cool and hip neighbour across the road (also our teacher aide) to get more hip and happenin' music.

Feeling old and ungroovy once again.....   

yard work

We had a some cows to deal with on the weekend just past (I do realise that its nearly the weekend again, but its been THAT sort of week) So much for some relaxing school holidays.

The kids + that pesky spare kid came along to help. They were very useful.

_MG_7119Looking guilty in the branding pen.

_MG_7122Burying some poor unsuspecting beetle they found, in a huge pile of sand outside the yards. Hands on science experiments. ;-)

_MG_7127Going on walks "exploring" and looking for cockatoo feathers.

Yes, they were terribly useful.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bad blogger

or LiveWriter, one or the other.

I've a series of posts all ready to go, polished and shined...and not one of them - all with photos - will upload. I'll be away from the computer again for a couple of days, so I will do my best to upload them when I get back in front of this screen.

Enjoy the school holidays, Australian readers!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

story of my life


Not sure if I will have the time (or possibly energy) to pop in here over the next few days - we have cattle in the yard to be sorted, more preg testing to be done (of the cows, of course you realise! ;-) and kids to be wrangled. That pesky spare kid has popped in for a sleepover and a day playing in cowshi the yards as well, but one hardly notices a 4th child when my own three make more than enough noise for ten kids.

See you when I wash off the dust and scrape the poop from my boots!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Majesty!

One of the benefits of having kids, when they get mobile and old enough to follow directions, is have them fetch stuff for you. As in, sitting in the armchair, reading the bible (as in the Bible of The Bush, The Queensland Country Life, not the THE bible!) and realising that one's delicate tootsies are cold.

Send the boy to fetch my slippers from the bathroom. He does so, clomping back with them on his own feet, and then proceeds to then shove them onto my feet in a most obliging manner (he is getting most well trained, the wee lad!) He steps back, looking most pleased as he surveys his handiwork.

"There you go, Your Majesty!" and with a twinkle, he departs to build an engineering monstrosity from his lego.

Tis a true pity The Husband (aka The Grumpy One from time to time) has not caught on to this new title. I do rather feel that the whole family should be addressing me as such.

Oh well, I'll console myself with the fact that the boy has realised and has respect for my true status.

As I wipe his bum. Again.


_MG_6992I think the truth in the matter is that I am rearing a ratbag. It's a good thing he is the last one!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

baby its cold outside

and inside too, truth be told. Our old, roomy, breezy house with its 12 ft ceilings isn't the warmest of buildings in winter, especially this cold and CHILLY one!

I've even gone and ordered a wood fired heater/stove thingy. I shudder to think of the power bill will be like running the electric heater, and with timber being in plentiful (free) supply we have decided to go for what will be kinder on the pocket in the long term (fully expecting the power bill to be the same price as the heater!).  It hasn't arrived yet (of course as soon as it does we'll get a wonderful warm spell!) and despite the fact that I will have to re-arrange the whole house to make space for the darned thing, I am looking forward to having a warmer living area with that lovely wood fire smell wafting about.


One thing I have been enjoying are these little babies. They have been keeping my toes toasty (and allowing me to get a decent sleep!) at night. Perhaps not so attractive, but so so cosy. And no where near as silly as a snuggi.


They don't look much, but are the cleverest little bed sock ever  - they stay ON! and have little non slippy things on the sole like baby's socks, so those middle of the night wanders to the loo or a kids room are done without going leg up.

I'm even contemplating another pair - so when the first one is in the wash I can slip on the second pair and still slumber in peace!

Does anyone else find if they have cold feet they just don't sleep well?

If I could follow a crochet pattern I'd even contemplate making some:

AAAACzwWPnYAAAAAAM1kBg But for about ten bucks I think at Woolies, I think my sanity would be preserved by just grabbing them off the shelf and throwing them in the trolley.

School holidays start tomorrow afternoon. Hoping that I will be able to gather my thoughts and all of the stray tissues from around the house, and breathe freely again. (and I mean literally!) We are all recovering from our little virus cold thing, which hasn't been all that bad at all actually. Here's hoping we manage to avoid anything flu like, but with a trip to the city scheduled next week, I am not holding my breath.....

Posting with more substance, sense and interestingness will resume soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

One of those days...

when the stuffy headed snot-fest the kids have been battling came my way. I should have just parked up on the couch. Bloody kids germs!

Instead I:

half heartedly packed the dishwasher and tidied the kitchen

half heartedly perused my blog reader and pinterest

half heartedly put the washing on the line (the other half threw all undies and socks in the dryer) and pretended that the washing that was still on the line was damp from the heavy dew from last night.

realised that there was pretty much no kid liking food in the cupboard. Amy and Fiona I know will be absolutely aghast at the horror of it, but the boy and I made a packet mix chocolate cake. And instead of icing it, I dumped a heap of hundreds and thousands on the top before I put it in the oven. It came out just as the girls came home from school, and after 10 minutes I sliced it and they ate the best part of it. Nice and warm. A packet mix is still a cake!

half heartedly flicked through a catalogue and magazine that came in the mail (normally my favourite mail day activity!)

blew my nose countless times and cursed the two girls for leaving tissues on the floor every bloody where.

wiped boy child's nose numerous times and bum once. (yes. still being conned)

decided that I might try and do something sort of constructive and made this scrap page, which really was also a half hearted attempt too:

_MG_7069_MG_7071The completion of this page pretty much wraps up 2009 for this girl (apart from two almost done pages that are in the book but unfinished due to printer tantrums)  - I didn't want to skip over a whole year in an attempt to only scrap the "here and now " (I do keep a notebook in which I scrawl notes and observations, as well as take more than enough photos to capture any moment. so I can do the here and now - retrospectively! ) so I decided to do some quick and abbreviated pages instead. Not a whole lot of deep and meaningful but a dip into the child's life during that year.

Anyhow folks, I need to replenish my supply of tissues, that will no doubt go through the wash when I do the next load, and might pretend I am a cat and go sit in the sun and do nothing for awhile.

Challenge day at Simple Aussie Girls

Over at Simple Aussie Girls today, Di has issued a sketch/template challenge for you all. Here is my version of the challenge - for full details, head on over (and get yourself a tag for your blog whilst you are there!)


And if you think this page might look similar to other pages you might have seen from my desk - even using the template - you might be right. Bit of a hybrid collage page - print the journaling and the photos, a strip of pretty paper, title and done (plus a cute sticker I found I had that seemed to match!)

_MG_6945(a closer look at the journaling, although you might have to squint! the beauty of blogging, I was able to take the text from my blog and edit slightly to suit my page)

I had another page ready to go...but it just didn't float my boat. I'm not one to redo pages, and this one tells what I want it to, but, you know? some days you make something that makes you go blah.

_MG_6939 Follows the same basic template and premise that Di set but when all put together, it just didn't make me go ahh.

Sometimes that happens! Still, its done, put away and ready to prompt memories for said child at some other time. Which is the whole point, isn't it!

And if you think I seem to be featuring the same child a lot lately, you would be right. I have a little stack of photos of her on my desk that I am working through. At the moment I seem to work best focusing on one child at time.

See more great layouts from the Simple Aussie Girls over at the blog.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Friday

we took a day off school and went to a local field day (the term being relative, as its a 300km round trip!) where we had a trade exhibit for our business.

The kids, of course, posed for some shots.

_MG_6967With enthusiasm,  as you can tell. Another stellar shot for the album, kids are sitting on the back of our truck - and peering over to the right at the dodgem cars that I refused to spend good money on (again).

This one decided she could do a stint of modelling:

_MG_6966In its groovy sunglasses.

To appease the lack of being allowed to go on any rides, or purchase any crap showbags (which we didn't buy at our own show a few weeks ago either) I told them they could choose one item from a lovely stall that was selling Penny Scallan items (and 25% off! bonus!) so at least they would be taking home something of quality.

The younger two rascals choose these (with a small amount of prompting)

_MG_6969Meet Sydney and Charlie, who provided great entertainment all afternoon, all of the way home, and all day yesterday. The box that each came in has also been put to good use, becoming a car for each. Great value I say! (and no over consumption of sugar, apart from that icecream we had after lunch! ;-)

The big girl, being older and far more sophisticated, chose a stainless steel water bottle with a cute bird print on it,  that she could carry in her handbag, and take to school.

_MG_6981As we left, the kids begged and pleaded and moaned and groaned to be allowed to have a play at the playground beside the township's lake. Mindful of the 150km trip in front of me, I let them scamper about for 10 minutes, and then loaded them back in. We had fish n chips in town on the way through, and got home well in time for a hot bath and bedtime.

Now all I have to do is contend with that darned washing pile that seems to have expanded with that just one day away from home.....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

making stuff

other than scrapbooking. Been on a bit of a creative rampage, I have been. I suspect it has a fair bit to do with the weather outside and how toasty my office (aka creative central!) can be, with a little time with the oil heater on.

Anyhow, the other day I made what I thought, was a terribly cute mobile, using felt balls and green bakers twine (of which I have approximately 500 metres!). But you know what? I was in such a hurry to parcel it up and get it to the gift recipient (a new little "Amelia Betty" baby girl) that I didn't take a photo. Shame on me. Amelia's mum, who loves the mobile and its boppy little colourful balls, promises me she will take a photo, one day.

So, that little success led me to order some more little felt balls, and this time, needing a gift for a baby shower (never been to one before) I decided to try a "garland", as I was lacking brain power and anything mobile like to string the balls from.

And then I got all creative and made pretty packaging AND a card to match.

_MG_6958 out of an empty olives jar (which was soaked and then dried in the oven to get rid of the pickled smell!) The colours of the balls I was sent this time aren't as bright, but still cute...(however should there be a next time I will be specific in my colour choice as I was when I got them for the mobile). The mum to be can drape this over curtains or on the wall or wherever she wants.

_MG_6960I thought I would try a pin wheel...which when small in size are fiddly to make. Just tellin' ya ;-)

Then I dived into my stash of recycled gift bags, and as it so happened I had the perfect green bag to match. A sheet of pink tissue paper, and I think it is presentable.

_MG_6962Is this the sort of thing that one gives at a baby shower? Given this is her third child, and the baby is due next week, and I had planned a different, small gift for when the baby is born. 

Is a baby shower just an excuse to have a girly get together? I am really unsure of its purpose! Anyhow I hope its suitable, and am looking forward to the girly get together and yummy afternoon tea! ;-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

live export - the other side of the story.

I can't sit quietly any longer.  This hasn't ever really been a forum for current affairs or controversial matters, but the ban on live export effects our livelihood in so many different ways and on so many different levels....and whilst I in no way support the practises that were shown on the 4Corners show, there are ways and means around this problem (cynically, we have high suspicions that quite a lot of it was set up) without causing such damage to our industry.

In case you didn't know: we own a cattle property. And whilst we don't cater for the live export market, the flow on affect from this ban has a hugely significant impact on our own markets AND our other business, which is supported by the beef industry.

I can't put it any better than this post from a fellow blogger and rural living mother like myself. I've borrowed some of her words, however PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO HER BLOG and read the full story.

"As most of you will be aware Angie and I live on cattle properties in Central Western Queensland. Like many others we were shocked with the 4 corners report on the slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesia. Shocking images of animal cruelty but we wonder why 'the other side of the story' was not shown. It is very easy to sit back on the couch and watch stories such as the 4 corners broadcast but do you really know ALL the facts? 

The other side of the story is the hardworking Australian families who will suffer from this decision to suspend live export.  As a friend of ours, Kylie,  put in her story -  "There will be stories of despair, heartbreak, death, bankruptcy and loss. They will be stories of people who have been forsaken by their nation."

Please do go to Kirsty's blog, there is much much more to read and to digest.

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and please, please, follow the links. We are all everyday families, living the same lives as you - kids, family life, just in a different part of the country.Paying bills - which all of a sudden, we very well not be able to pay in a short period of time. We look after our animals, we look after the land that we guard for our children, and theirs after. And we are feeling very scared, and very forgotten.

I hope you can help support us by spreading "the other side of the story".

simple pages

Welcome, if you've popped over from Simple Aussie Girls. And of course to my regular readers (especially those friends who read all of the time and don't comment! ;-) you know who you are!)

I know there are a few of you out there who hesitate to get into "scrapbooking" because of the "stuff" and the "fuss". These divided page protectors - of which there are many different configurations - with or without some pretty paper, are a great solution to your memory keeping problems.

The example I've used below have 4x4 pockets requiring the photo's I've used to be cropped, but there are many that take 4x6 photos in different orientations, and they are just as simple and effective to use as these.





I love divided these page protectors for those times I have a heap of photos I want to include in my child's album (heaven knows I have plenty) but don't have an awful lot to say. Really, the longest bit was selecting the photos! Using 4x6 pockets makes the process even quicker - simply slot in the photos and then - if you are feeling clever - cut some 4x6 card, run through your printer with your journaling and done. In my case, feeling fancy, I prettied things up a bit, and the pages (back to back) slot into my daughter's album seamlessly. You could however, just use standard index cards (most of which are 4x6) from the newsagents and handwrite any notes or story about the photos you've used.

Truly, memory keeping at its simplest, and as time gets more precious, there will be more pages through my albums using this format.  There are no limitations - need more space for the story you have to tell? Use TWO of the pockets. I can see a whole album done using these page protectors (well actually, its been done! google Becky Higgins and Project Life, as I am too lazy to find the link!)

Its all about memory keeping. Simple.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

look who dropped in!


A flock? A herd? A mob? of Ibis. Or is that Ibises. or Ibi?

Whatever, we'd not seen that many together before. Quietly poking about, getting bugs or worms or something out of the lawn.

Until the children tried to 'neak up on them. Or rather, child. Guess which one.


They make a sort of honking noise, like a goose, when disturbed. And fly away.

So nice of them to drop in!

Thanks for the great response to the Simple Aussie Girls blog. I promise it won't be all scrapping here, but there might be a fair bit for the next little while.

Gotta fly, running to town to collect my boy from kindy! thanks for dropping by

Monday, June 13, 2011

So: the big surprise

If you're not into scrapping or rather "memory keeping", dear readers, then this probably won't excite you like it does us. But us, it does.

Us being the new collective: Simple Aussie Girls - memory keeping simply.

Today is unveiling day. Head on over - you can see more of this over there, and a whole lot more.

_MG_6938Story + photos + paper.

And if you're not a "scrapper" per se, still pop by and have a sticky beak. We are all about memory keeping, in whatever form it takes. If you are sticking some photos in a 4x6 album and writing a story beside each, that is memory keeping.

See you over there. Simple Aussie Girls.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

what won what

So, a couple of my bloggy peeps and fellow photography lovers have asked to see what won what at our local show, seeing as said show sets such a benchmark in the photography world. Not. That being said, our district does boast some mighty fine talent (some of which didn't exhibit, which is a pity) and we all love looking at what is on display.

Here is what the judge liked. I did pull some of the photos I had chosen to put in, after they had been printed - I didn't think they were good enough, or I already had better images in a particular section. Its always fascinating as to what a judge thinks is worthy (particularly in the sections that I placed 1st 2nd and 3rd - why did he like one over the other?)

show results

(and to clarify the "two or more people" section, 1st starts with the three kids in a pile, 2nd the reflections shot and 3rd the bride and groom;  the family shot on the old truck: I had enlarged  - with plans to frame for the wall).

The number of people that commented on the husband and kids shot - and laughed at the expression on Trevor's face. They know him well. ;-)

I guess this means I am good at people shots.

OH I've forgotten to show you my lovely orange rosette! For "senior encouragement award" in the photography. I promise to wear it tonight with my flannelette pj's and have the kids take a photo. Its sure to be a stunner.

I didn't keep you waiting very long...

if you think this embraces what you do

with thanks to Rebecca Cooper Then I think you will LOVE this

5x7announcement copyFind out more HERE and over HERE.

Its going to be fun.

Stay tuned for more,very very soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Show

There's been a bit happening this week, and a fair bit o' blog posting, so I hadn't gotten around to telling you about the local agricultural show. As you might recall, the kids and I put some effort in by putting entries into the pavilion, and were rewarded for those efforts. I can now truthfully claim to be an award winning photographer! (we don't need to say WHAT award  - or where - I won, do we? hee hee) Although it is most gratifying to note that other people also think one's favourite shots are also pretty good.

The kids were excited to get dressed up for a day out, and consented to the standard daggy we-are-going-somewhere-dressed-up photo. (taken with point and shoot, which explains the lesser quality of the image)

P1020326 A friend of ours was lurking around the dodgems when the kids had their solitary ride, and took this charming shot:

DSC_0205(in the red hat, if you couldn't pick me out) I am not sure that I really like the dodgems.

She also took this one.

DSC_0041  Which is of my 6 foot something tall husband having to take our boy on the big slide when the boy bailed at the top and wouldn't come down. As you can see, he didn't really enjoy the experience. As for his mother, standing at the bottom? Enjoyed every moment of it, nearly peed herself laughing at the sight of her husband on the slide. Best two bucks ever spent!

We stayed for the fireworks, even though it meant enduring the constant we want this and we want that and can I have some more sugar in a bucket fairy floss and we are hungry and we are thirsty and can I have another icecream's.

And let me tell you: the sugar let down the next day (after they snuck into the left over fairy floss during the day) was.not.pretty.

We live and learn. Still, it was a good show. I have my rosette on the fridge to prove it. (I'm an award winning photographer, don't forget! snort)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Simple Scrapping

Do you love to record little snippets of your life and your children, the big and little things in life?

Do you take LOTS of photos?

I will tell you something: I do.

Are you a simple scrapper? No frills, no fuss, a little bit of lovely paper, some cardstock and maybe a touch of pretty and a brad or two. A digitally created page, printed and done.


I'll put my hand up to those as well.

Really, though, I think the term "simple scrapbooking" probably has evolved a bit.  What we really want to do is preserve memories - some words and some photos. Capturing  a moment in time. Blogging, scrapbooking, photo books, all goes towards the one aim: memory keeping.

The demise of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine left a hole for the "simple scrappers" out there. There's been a little bit of talk over HERE and some over THERE about this very topic.  How we "simple scrappers" had nowhere to turn to for some simple inspiration (apart from THIS super simple scrapper, but how much pressure can one woman take?! ) I think finally, there might be a place to find that inspiration coming our way....


So, memory keepers/simple scrappers. Watch this space for a special announcement - in between posts about cow poop and wild children - coming soon.

I'll give you a hint: it will be fun, it will be inspiring, it will be simple, it will be about memory keeping. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Activity for Tuesday:

P1020362Chasing cows and getting very dusty.

P1020363Take photos of said cows and realise they aren't meant to be heading out there to the right AT ALL, put camera away post haste, grit my teeth and negotiate my way through and over those logs to put the cows back on the straight and narrow. And wish I were at home painting my toenails fuschia.

On Wednesday, I watched my brother in law do this:

P1020377 Preg testing time. I wondered whether to post this photo, but in the interest of full disclosure, there you go. The cow feels about the same as you might after any of those exciting bi-annual visits to the dr, if you catch my drift. No harm done, not very exciting, but he can tell very quickly if the cow is pregnant or not.

We throw around a lot of terms like "wet"and "dry" and "empty" or "pregnant" (can you guess what we are referring to when we use these terms?) Anything that is Empty, gets particular attention, as a good breeder ideally needs to produce a calf every twelve months. Obviously things like nutrition and environmental conditions play a part in conception rates, and this factors into our considerations.

Anything fat, dry AND empty gets a one way ticket on a truck and onto the shelf in Woolies or Coles.

My role is to record, open gates, shut gates, take photos and avoid poop. Not entirely successful at the latter. 

P1020380 The boy child, he entertains himself. Climbing gates and races, wielding green sticks, asking for food and drink (all carted along in a little insulated cooler bag) poking uncles and dads and grandads in the bum with green sticks, trying to sit on mothers lap, getting in the way, and generally keeping himself otherwise occupied.

And when we are done, I come home, and consider the laundry pile that appears to have bred itself while I have been occupied elsewhere. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good mail

Look what came:

_MG_6932a belated Mother's Day Gift. The Husband is very impressed with his gift picking ability ;-)

I agonised for ages over my selection of necklace.  I was torn between a circle/ring type of pendant, or a heart style. Shannon has a circlet style one, Fiona the heart (possibly from different companies, but the basic style of each). But when I worked out the number of letters in the kids names, and the space available on each, I realised that having kids with fairly short names meant that the circlet was going to look pretty empty. And I wanted a pearl, and that nice font. So when I weighed it all up, the heart it was.

Its not very big, and its light to wear. I wore it all day when it first arrived, and have now put it away for whenever I go out. I love it.

Have a look at the vintage pearl  - they have some lovely stuff.

(ps photo taken from my very rustic as in falling-down fence near the clothes line)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The bane of my existence. I don't often do the baking thing, mostly for the sake of the size of my backside, as I am unable to resist any sort of home baked good. The kids do like get VERY excited it when I bake (poor souls), but the reason for this domestic fling is that it is a pre-requisite to provide a decent smoko for any workers.

Today being such a day that workers will need to be catered for, I made some scones for smoko. Ideally scones are best made the same morning they are to be served, but seeing as I cannot be in two places at once (ie I will be out in the paddock during the morning!) I've whipped these up yesterday afternoon.

This recipe has been around for awhile, but I thought I would share my version of it.

"Miracle Scones"

4 cups SR Flour
300ml Cream
300ml lemonade *
Mix altogether in a bowl until combined, then knead gently on floured surface. Roll out to around 3cm in thickness and then cut with scone cutters. Place touching on a greased (and floured if feeling excited) tray and bake for around 15 minutes at 250 Celsius

* my recipe says a whole can, but I always end up having to add more flour, so I cut back on the lemonade this time.

I had a small bit of dough left over, so made a sort of jam turnover thing for the kids to have at school.

_MG_6896And after a short time in my oven, they came out like this:

_MG_6924Jam turnover: not sure how this one will go, but we shall see when we cut it in the morning for school.

_MG_6922I cooled them under a tea towel and then put them in a sealed container ready for smoko.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

overheard conversations

I'm driving home, kids are in the back seat. I pick up the tail end of a conversation, something about fish breeding (I think, as we had just bought a fighting fish and I had been discussing with the stall holder about how could they breed when they kill each other!)

Georgie, in a final, no questions need to be asked, don't you know this ALREADY?,  tone of voice to her older sister:  "well, they fall in love and then they have babies!"

_MG_6843I am REALLY not looking forward to having "that" conversation with either of them. But it sure was funny to listen to at the time!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A little story to tell

As I was reading Amy's story telling Sunday post today, I recalled a recent conversation between my boy and his dad.

It was bed time, and as usual The Husband was reading a story in bed to Angus (every night he fluffs around finding a "long book" for his dad to read - please note mum reading is not acceptable) which was about farms or tractors or something. They talked a bit about tractors and loaders, and The Husband mentioned driving our own very large wheeled loader, which has been parked beside the shed for quite some time. Like a long time.

Angus paused, looked at his dad with shining eyes, and said in amazement, "Dad, does it GO?"

To put in context, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree with this kid. Wheels and engines and motors: love, just like his dad.

The Husband replied to Angus, that indeed, the loader did go.

"Dad, do you think you could show me how it goes?!" in a hopeful little voice. His dad told him that, yes, he would give him a ride in the loader and show him how it goes, and that it was time to go to sleep.

Tucked in and snuggled into his pillow, there was a little boy with eyes squeezed shut, with a happy little smile on his face.

I dare say he dreamed of loaders that night.


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