Friday, February 27, 2009

All things Green

This is another one of those posts where I share with you some images I have collected, because they are so lovely. Because we live waay out west, I love to look at catalogues, whether they be in my email inbox or in the real mail (I have to admite, its more fun looking at the paper catalogues!) and dream of what things I might go shopping for, given an unlimited budget and all that!!
You might remember, this is what our house looks like. Not at all trendy or white. VERY lived in!

But I keep finding myself drawn to these tropical, holiday type of home decor, that just begs for a lovely white backdrop...most of these things are in the lastest Target catalogue. I don't really like my local Target shop, but I DO love the catalogues!

These lovely bathroom accessories. I love that green leaf pattern.

This would look great on the wall behind our swimming pool!

So would this! They both would look great on a white wall inside the house too. (I like the top one better) Pity I don't have any white walls.

Oooh, these vases. Aren't they divine?

And courtesy of the all american Pottery Barn email, these gorgeous pool loungers. Now THIS would make supervising the kids afternoon swims a real pleasure. Drink included, of course!

I do have some exciting crafty sort of news...I have "aquired" an old science trolley, perfect for my scrapbooking storage. I currently use a not so old chest of drawers, that really could be put into use in our bedroom (I obviously have too many clothes!) - I can't wait to get this trolley home, scrub it and put away my stash! Its waist height, has wide, shallow draws, perfect for the storage of cardstock and paper. I might have to do a purge, because it is smaller than the chest of draws, but far more suitable.

I'll share some photos of my not-used-enough scrapping/craft area once the new table is intalled. And after I tidy up a bit.

So that's about it for me; we were hoping to brand those calves (remember from weeks and weeks ago) but instead are trucking cattle for sale instead over the weekend, perhaps the calves will be tended to next weekend. And seeing as the grass has been extra green, and their mama's haev been making lots of milk, those calves are going to be big, and strong, and fiesty, and full of green stinky stuff that no doubt I will be stepping in, or even have all over my hands and jeans.

Oh, I'll have some action photos to share with you then! I'll spare no detail - I'll share every little thing - you'll feel like you were there. Except for the noise. And the heat. And the flies. Hmm, oh, well, you'll just have to imagine all of that!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Still here

Hellooo out there..yes I'm still here, albeit struggling under the pile of office work (business and volunteer committee stuff) and laundry waiting to be folded...and I think there might be a couple of kids wandering around here somewhere too.

Mind you, the few late nights I've had lately haven't helped either, but I can't say I'm exactly helping myself, given the time on the clock as I am typing this - and yet to have a shower and get in my jarmies!

Apparently its coming around to Easter time again very soon, although I believe I saw easter eggs on sale in the supermarket in the early new year. I haven't been anywhere but our small country town in weeks, so I'm guessing that the easter promotion would be in full swing in the city...

Anyhow, I hope to be back soon with something more profound...or not, knowing how my brain works! soon, as soon as I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Then again - who am I kidding? I never get caught up, so I'll be back as soon as I have anything I just HAVE to share with the world!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ways to fill my day...

Like I need anything extra to do, but I recently, and reluctantly, resumed the role of secretary of our local campdraft committee. I've done this before, many years ago, before I had a husband, kids and other time draining committments.

This is what its all about...

I used to do this, before the kids and husband. Chasing a cow around an arena at high speed, and hoping for some degree of accuracy - that beast had to be steered around a figure-of-eight type course, with pegs for guidelines. But the beast may have other ideas, and so might one's trusty steed. I can't say that I was or am overly skilled at this sport, but still I enjoyed it. If I ever get the chance to ride a horse again for more than five minutes before I die of old age, I might again enjoy it. Somehow, I doubt the opportunity will arise!

But what I am doing at the moment, is the preparation to hold our local campdraft. Sourcing sponsors (although, thankfully, someone else did the bulk of THAT job!), the paperwork..oh the paperwork. I've spent the past two days drawing up the program, trying to get it all to fit, and finally - I'm finished. Well, finished to a state until the proof reader pick it to bits, but still!

So my house and kids have been a little neglected while I have been trying to get the program done...both are apparently cranky starving at the moment...youngest demading a CHOCOLATE FROG quite loudly! I've got news for him!!!...

Hoping to have some far prettier & craftier images to share with you next time!! (the one above being my brother and his mate Gilbert).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the same subject

I came across a post on Janelle Winds' blog, of a quilt she recently made for Homespun magazine. I just had to share with you, as I know a few of you sew and quilt.

I don't sew, or quilt these days, I just think about it, and occasionally hoarde a piece of unresistable fabric for that "one day" occasion where I might actually use my sewing machine. These days I am hard pressed to find needle and thread to sew on a button. Just ask my husband...apparently his work shorts need buttons, but I am working (unsucessfully) on the theory that:

1. he obviously needs to drink less beer (meaning less beer belly!) and then he wouldn't bust his buttons off his pants ! and

2. why can't he sew his own bl**dy buttons on? he did Home Ec at school!
By the way - Happy 38th Birthday Trevor! xoxox (he's in denial about his age. hee hee) The kids are worried that they won't be able to get enough candles on his cake. I have to agree with them - I don't think I have a cake tin big enough to make a cake to hold that amount of candles.
Can you tell I'm younger than him? :)
I digress. Here is the quilt that Janelle Wind made and designed.

I think I need to get a copy of the current Homespun, "just in case" for that one day when I decide to start sewing again.

Its gone suspiciously quiet here at the moment, so I need to go and investigate what devilment the terrible pair of mishief makers are into.

Inspiring Website

I love house and garden magazines (in fact, I love magazines in general!) and struggle not come home with armfulls of them each time I go to town (not often, luckily!). I recently discovered that my local library get two of my favourites - House and Garden, and Better Homes and Gardens, which , although meaning I might have to wait to read the latest issues, is far better on my hip pocket!
I even love catalogues such as Pillow Talk and Ezibuy Home, where they have delicious bedding all set up in gorgeous settings. So when I recently discovered the American Pottery Barn website (after reading about this great store in one of my home magazines!) I was ridiculously pleased. I've signed up for their email newsletters, even though I can't buy from them (US based and rather $$!)

I haven't a link to share (just search for Pottery Barn) but they have not one but THREE great sites ( "grown ups", "teens" and "kids") - full of wonderful bedding ideas and great colour schemes - not only for home decor but great for scrapbooking inspiration as well as patchwork and quilting - the combinations of colours and patterns are just divine.

Like these, from their recent PB Teen newsletter.

This one has two things I love - the simple quilt idea {gorgeous fabric selection} and the wall colour. This is THE colour I want on my office wall, in front of my desk. Whenever that wall gets built. Good things come to those who wait, apparently. Well, I'm STILL waiting....

Close up of the yummy patterns - inspiring anyone?

A bit different, but still girly...

And this one, love the colours, and how simple and effective is the quilt design? Modern quilting at its best!

Now, this - this is my favourite. I happen to have a couple of old 70's arm chairs from my grandmother, that I keep thinking about recovering. They aren't quite like this - they have timber arms and recline - seriously comfortable chairs! But they do need a little revamping to bring them into this century...I reckon a great fabric like this would be perfect.

Now, I had best go, because apparently today is the day that the two little gremlins here at home think they need to dog my every move and treat my office as a playroom, despite tempting them with Wiggles and Playschool, and demands to GO AWAY! So, rather than try and do any sort of productive work in the office with them annoying the living life out of me (playing with my scraping stuff, and by doing things just outside the door that they KNOW they aren't meant to do - like stand on the back of the sofa bed/couch!) and give myself a nervous breakdown in the process, I will quit while I am ahead.

Sigh. Now they have gone to harrass the budgies whilst simultaneously singing the ABC song over and over and over. I can see it's going to be a LOOOONG day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catch Up

Well, here I am back, putting my bit of fluff out and about on the internet! This is a bit of a catch up pictorially, as I have gone through my photos and realised what I hadn't shared here, just to remind me what has gone on lately!
Obviously, school started quite a few weeks ago, and we are slowly getting back into the routine of things, though that has been a little difficult given the rain and excess water we've had - no wearing joggers to school - only gumboots or the like - and no swimming lessons, as its either been too cold and rainy, or the road to town has been cut. But, more or less, the start of Kate's year one has gone well, even though, according to her, she hasn't learnt anything!
Here she is ready to go to school on the first day back, complete with escorts!

Two days after school started was Kate's 6th birthday. I mentioned in a previous post I had hoped to make her cake well ahead of time (or the day before!). Well, that didn't happen - thanks to being seconded to the paddock by my husband. So the day of her birthday found me whipping up a cake, to be ready in time for morning tea at school at 10:30am. Plenty of time says I...not taking into account the cooling time required!! The cake did cook beautifully, but then I had to ice it...looked sort of OK when I left home for the short walk to school, but with the lid on my trusty tupperware cake carrier, that little bit of residual heat made the icing slide, right down the sides! Not to fear though, the kids didn't care (nor did Kate!) and it was demolished in record time.

Here it is, I did warn you I am the worst cake decorator! I've given up even looking at those cookbooks that show these wonderful masterpieces that are supposedly easy to make. Load of codswallop!

And here's the big girl, with her SIX badge. She's missing one of those top teeth now too, it had been hanging by a thread for a few days, and she refused to let anyone remove it before time. It fell out at school, teacher thrilled by this and the blood that accompanied it (I think some force was accidentally applied in the playground!)

And in other news, we brought the horses back in, though after the "flood" they've been removed to higher ground, to the cricket pitch, so they aren't standing in mud and water all day. The kids did manage to get a couple of rides before it rained, so as soon as the water dries up, we'll be able to bring them back to the house again. Here's Floss tempting Mr T into the garden so she could ride him....he took some persuading, even though he adores carrots. You don't get this old without having learnt some tricks! Georgie was beside herself with excitment when she got him to follow her!

And just because he's a ratbag, here's the boy.

I would share with you my adventures of today - I took my camera..but turns out it is stone cold flat. We went to my parents-in-law's place, where Trevor had to put some fly control stuff out for a mob of cattle. This didn't happen - it was too boggy for him to get to the paddock, so instead we went and towed out his father's buggy (polaris thingy) from where he'd bogged it. The boys in our family (ie. Trevor and 'Gus) got haircuts from Trevor's mother, and so are looking a little bare at the moment, but much cooler!

So, from having most of the day out, not a lot of things got done at home, so tomorrow is catch up day, and getting back into the hopefully I will find time to call by here. I've a few other things to share!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What happened TODAY!

Instead of editing and organising photos like I planned (including making a "print" folder for each month, so I don't end up printing everything like I have previously :( !!) I did this instead. I'm finished for today - needing to get outside and get some fresh air, as it has stopped raining - for now. Murphy's Law states though, as soon as I step foot 100 metres up the road, it will start pouring again...

I don't mind this one above - waas wanting to get done, so didn't fuss around too much.

Don't like this one, but she won't care! I am not going to change it - embrace imperfection remember!

This last one shows why I rarely use: stamping, ink and my handwriting. Blurgh. Again, embracing imperfection! It actually looks better on the screen than in real life!

What happened Yesterday

I've just downloaded my camera, and realised that I will have to do a few catch up posts for the past two weeks, even if only for myself, rather than for you! So, all going well, I hope to do those today as I edit and purge the photos from the past couple of weeks.

Anyhow, here's what happened here yesterday, in pictures.

All of those experienced bloggers out there: what is the best size (file size) to save my images for posting?

And here is the page I did yesterday. I wasn't really in the mood, but I guess it came together not too badly. I am embracing imperfection! I used the Moma stickers from Nicole - if you are reading this - could you please post on your blog about how YOU get your alphas on nice and straight? I nearly had a nervous breakdown with those babies, they had a mind of their own!

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stark Contrast

Remember this, a couple of weeks ago?

In stark contrast to what is happening in the southern states, last night we had 130mms of rain (or 520 points in the old imperial measurement).

This rain is the heaviest fall we have measured in one hit since we moved here, 7 years and 11 days ago. (We moved here on the 29th January 2002 - about 4 months after we were married - and our oldest child was born exactly 12 months its an easy date to remember!)

So this morning, the northern side of our little town was again flooded, with the water well over the gutter and flowing strongly towards the creek. There is a levy bank that runs around this side of town, to divert water from the flood plain and into the creek, and away from the houses. Over the years it has been worn down, and this year, due to our earlier good falls of rain and the ground being soaked with water already, the levy has not been able to contain the water... but no real harm done! Kids were rather hoping that school would be called off due to "flooding", but considering that 99% of them only have to trot up the bitumen road, the teacher wasn't about to be conned! A mob of kids ended up playing in the water in front of my house this afternoon, so they had their water play. I am sure the novelty will wear off soon. I hope, for the laundry's sake.

And just to completely change the subject, I will leave you with this. I was actually looking for a photograph from seven years and 11 days ago to share with you, but instead found this one...MUCH longer ago - in the early 1980's I think!

This is of my brothers and I riding my uncle's stallion - who quite resembles our new mate Ben, in looks and temperment. I think they're related. Don't you reckon they look alike?

This is just depressing. Me and my brothers again. I still have that little purple outfit. I don't think I could get the skirt past my knees these days! I think I need a Freddo to make me feel better about it...sigh. This was taken pre-husband and kids...but only just. If I remember correctly, I think I was in the sights of my now husband, at the time!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more "flood" photos - and some scrapping! Now, I'm off to find where I put my spotty gumboots. I think it'll be a few days before I'll be going out the front gate without getting my feet wet. 'Til next time!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Mixed Bag

Yes, I know, I haven't posted as regulary as usual lately, but I have been busy with ordinary day to day stuff...and "community" activities. Today I had a meeting in town, where I along with another friend, was elected secretary of our local campdraft. No real change, as we have been doing the job for the past few months, but I am hoping that I will pass along the job at the end of June. I'm feeling like I need to focus more on MY own stuff (family and business) for awhile, instead of expending all of my enthusiasm elsewhere....
Anyhow, moving on - meet Ben. We found Ben last year, and he is such a pretty and well mannered fellow, the kids adore him. We've just brought Ben and his old mate Mr T back to town to chomp down the grass in the back paddock (where, incidentally, Trevor saw a huge snake just yesterday when shfting some of his "good cr#p" into a tidier my forays into the paddock will now include carrying a large stick and wearing gumboots not thongs!).

Isn't he so pretty and shiny?

Changing tack completely, I recently got this ad in my inbox, and it caught my eye...hmm, I thought - what a great layout plan/idea. So here it is for you to see if you like it...hopefully I will take up my own challenge tomorrow (that's if the mossies don't carry me away tonight, yikes they are bad!) and also get to use the great stickers that came in the mail from Nicole.

Let me know if you decide to use this for inspiration.

I am quite proud ofmyself as well - I've converted two of my long time friends to scrapbooking! (now if only they would both do a weekly blog! I'd help you set it up girls!) One of them has decided she'd like to try digital (less stuff to gather dust) and have the "pages" come up on a slide show on her computer screen she's found a cheap little program to expiriment with...then I might be able to talk her into Elements!

On the other hand, Jules has gone with the albums and divided page protectors I mentioned in a previous post - the d ring albums and WRMK 4x6 6 up page protectors. She's doing an album for each of her three boys, and there will be a little journalling block in the sixth pocket of each page. That's simple scrapbooking at its very finest, is it not?! I can't wait to see what she comes up with...and considering she hasn't had a mail run for at least 4 weeks due to the wet (no mail = no album or pages!) I think I'll be waiting awhile.

And finally, thoughts and prayers to those in Victoria and New South Wales battling bushfires, and to those who have lost homes, and even more tragically, loved ones.

Right now, as I listen to the rain falling on our corrogated iron roof, I am contemplating the fact that even though the flooding is devasting for those who have been affected in north Queensland, that flood waters seem a little more forgiving.

Hoping to be back tomorrow with some creative stuff to share. Right now I need my bed, as I am having trouble 1. remembering simple words! and 2. keeping my eyes open. See how dedicated I am to you, dear reader? Sacrificing my beauty sleep for your blog reading pleasure...zzzzzz. Sorry, that wasn't me sleeping, that was the hoarde of mosquitos trying to carry me away!


Friday, February 6, 2009

More random images

I just had to share these photos, from our friends place, about 200 odd km's north of the flooded bridge photos shown in a previous post.
This photo is BEFORE the water got up to the houseyard fence, which is about level with the swimming pool you can see there in front of the house.

This one is a bit later when the water got higher, at roughly the peak.

There's the pool fence and the houseyard fence. The water has dropped significantly now, but keep in mind that its still raining in the north and any other big falls will make the river rise again.

I will share one more, not quite so pleasant photo with you, from Queenslands Gulf Country, which has NOT made the news, and is not faring so well. This is what faces many, many, many properties as the water slowly recedes. The owners of this property hired a big chopper (no government assistance being provided here) to drop hay to what cattle survived. I won't show the more graphic shots of the dead cattle washed into a corner of a paddock. There's enough dead ones in the photo below.

Look closely at the water all around - I believe these ones took refuge on the bank of a dam.

I don't know these people at all, but thought their plight should be shared. A certainly is a case of drought and flooding rains from one end of the country to the other at the moment, isn't it!

And just to lighten the mood a little...

What a great table - I actually see it in the bathroom (I have a HUGE bathroom) storing all toiletries and bits that accumulate. But this handsome thing would look great anywhere!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caution - bad photography ahead!

As you know, I have been immersed in my never ending pile of papers, getting my BAS done well ahead of its due date, just for a change. Come the end of the month, I won't be knowing what to do with myself! Gee, I wonder just what I could do with the spare time I will have?! :)

I took a break to find those layouts I mentioned, but their photos have dissapeared into the ether... so I took some others.... really, really bad ones. I'll forgive you if you want to click on that little X up there right now.

Anyhow, HEEERE we go!

This one is a favourite. I used a laser cut title that I swished some paint over. I liked the way it turned out. Super quick page!

And another favourite...and an oldie, of Georgie's Christening Day. I don't often use enlargements because I am too lazy to order them, but I did this time,

I nearly always base my pages around another layout that I have bookmarked for inspiration. They don't always turn out exactly the same, but I am HOPELESS at inspiring myself.

And another poorly photographed one...but still a favourite. Most of these are from Georgie's 12x 12album ...I'd better find some of Kate's another day!

PS. Not sure about water and brown snakes Di (read her post here!), but heat surely does. And springtime. me a twitch just thinking about it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MORE Buttons

I am going through a button phase at the moment...look what other button goodness I have found! I was actually looking for the button rings that I had seen in real life, somewhat like the one below, but in red and white - so trendy! I guess I could make one myself, but by the time I find the right supplies on the 'net and it gets here in the mail, my enthusiasm would have waned...

If you know where I might get something like this in Australia on the internet, please leave a comment with the details.

I found this one in the US on etsy, but it would be nearly worth the price of a gemstone by the time I got it here...and the colours are a bit TOO pink and green. Cute though!

And found this more modern style of necklace.... again with the pink and the green! I want black and white - or red and white! I'm a classic kind a girl, with an edge. Well, that's what I keep telling myself, and I'm sticking to my story!

I realise that none of the above items have anything to do with our quiet life - I've been slightly distracted wrassling with invoices and blo*dy Quickbooks and BAS's. ... I promise that I will return to regular posting again soon, now that I have pretty much found all of the cool button jewellery images out there. I actually found some pages lurking on my camera's memory card, so as soon as I delve into that, I'll share.

Until then, check THIS out!

Taken from aircraft sometime yesterday afternoon, this is the Burdekin River at the Macrossan Bridge near Charters Towers. I believe it was about 6 point something metres over the bridge at this stage, only 60cm below its highest recording in 1942. Reports are that its holding more or less at this level - it is possibly that even more water could arrive here with the heavy rain falling in the upper catchment. It doesn't look much - but look closer at the cars in the bottom right hand corner, that should give you an indication of the scale of this.

By the way, Trevor arrived home safe and sound, with the groceries, this morning. Back of car (4wd wagon) lovely and wet not from driving through swollen creeks, but from the heavy rain he'd driven through and a miniscule, unlocatable but persisant leak somewhere around the back door. Yay. I just love the smell of wet carpet!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


More bits and pieces of flotsam today... my husband decided to do a quick (8 hour round trip!) trip to the city yesterday to get urgent parts for his work toyota. If you live in Queensland, you would be aware of the flooding that is occuring in the north at the moment.... well, he nearly made it home! He got to one creek on the western highway last night and it was 0.6, and decided not to cross (duh); this morning it was 1.4 metres!
So he headed back to the Towers, and is staying with friends. They decided to go and look at the Burdekin Bridge on the road to Townsville. Its a bit damp there!

There is a bridge about 5 metres under that water (where the trees end), and there's about 30 metres of river below that. A-maz-ing.

Anyhow, with luck he "might" get home tomorrow, providing it doesn't rain too much again - lucky he doesn't have to cross the river above!

While he's been away, I've been doing some bookwork....and much procrastinating and having quick forays into the internet. Look at what I found!

This tall cube bookcase on sale at Target! Its exactly what I want for the girls room to round up their stuff, but it won't fit in the allocated space. I checked. I need one that is only two rows wide. Mind you, it would also be wonderful in the office, or the lounge room...or for my scrapping space. Which is in the office, but then that would mean I would need two! Someone enable me please?!

And then there was this little bit of whimsy...

I reckon that even I could make this, even with my limited sewing skills and enthusiam. I think its meant to be valentines decor, but would be a great baby's mobile or for a girls room.

And then there's this clever button necklace. I've also seen wonderful, more modern, button rings (some with hat elastic as the ring, others fancier, glued onto a one-size-fits-all silver ring) Oh, the fun one could have with this! If only I lived close to Spotlight and could duck in and pick up some supplies!

Anyhow, I hope I might have something of my own crafting to share with you one day soon, but until then, back to the bookwork. Its proving a little tricky, seeing as Trevor has the cheque book - lucky I am sooo efficient and keep good records. Ahem.

Oh, and by the way, YVONNE, you are allowed to comment (so are the rest of you!) Its nice to know that I am not talking to myself... you don't have to ALL of the time, but occasionally, that would be really wonderful, and would make me feel and warm and fuzzy.

Awaiting your considered and thought provoking comments with bated breath!

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