Friday, February 21, 2014

When the Wet Finally Arrived

I won't get pre-emptive and say the drought has broken, but we FINALLY got a lovely heavy wet fall of rain last night. Proper stuff, not just piddly drizzle and showers. There's been rain and storms about for a couple of weeks now but we've been feeling like always the bridesmaid. 

Last night 60mm fell here at home in two wonderfully heavy exiting falls, starting around 930pm. In between  - when I should have been in bed - I went out wandering outside with a torch. Checked the rain gauge, checked on the animals. Found some very loud frogs with puffed out chests on the lawn in my torch light. Sat in the lounge chair with a wet cat on my lap and listened to the rain fall again, then into bed when another wave of heavy rain and lightning came over.

Even more excitingly, although can't tell how wide spread its been, the Prickle Farm's remote monitor has recorded 120mm over the past two nights.

Mum and Dad's place only registed 27mm (having been the 4th bridesmaid for the past few rain influences, and still wearing that apricot taffeta number, along with my brother in law's place). But the inlaws picked up at least 47mm - the gauge being somewhat sheltered by the house, they think they had a lot more. The dam - which had just 5 feet of water left in the excavation, has filled back up the level where it will last at least 12 months (has room for plenty more water).

So we are a bit excited. We might have a bit of a wet season after all.

Some images from the rain....

House dam 21 Feb 14 (2)
Imagine above - there was only just a little puddle on the far left of the screen. This is the House Dam at the in laws place. Whilst they have now a bore at the house, as soon as the water settles, they'll be using this to water livestock and the garden again.
IMG_8760A very flukey shot of lightning induced daylight in the middle of the night, as I peered out my window at the pouring rain. Husband wasn't quite so excited about my enthusiasm (snore, snore, snore) 
IMG_8766Its been a fair while since water laid on the vacant block next door.  The poddies and the horse went to school today, locked into the area that was the old tennis court - as its the highest bit of ground that isn't water logged at the moment (and is covered with fresh urocloa and button grass, which they were very excited about).

With the showers earlier in the week, and last nights big fall, we have now totalled around 110mm for the week. Not nearly as much as friends just to our east and friends just to our west but we are not arguing about that. More rain that we received in all of 2013 I think!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I had the opportunity to photograph my brothers chubster new baby girl recently. She's a bit of a grumpy guts, but we were able to get a few quick shots of her (with some bum patting to get her in the mood).

I've decided that in looks she pretty much takes entirely after her mothers side of the family :) (lucky for Violet hey!)

violet 1

violet 3

violet 5For the first time ever I think I have used a skin softening action, to take away the mottled colour she had and tone down the little blemishes on her chubby cheeks.

And I used my big camera again, freshly back from the repair shop. Turns out it wasn't anything major...but I'm still thinking something's not quite right, and now turning my attention to my all time favourite lens. I suspect the USM may have been damaged when it was dropped. Images aren't quite as sharp and clear as I think they should be from this lens.

Anyhow, there's Violet, who is now 6 weeks of age and has hearty lungs and appetite, and is quite good at dispelling wind at both ends. And is pretty good at a power spew too, witnessed it the other day. Love a squishy baby, but wouldn't go back there for quids!

In other news...its trying to rain. Nearly 30mms here in the past 4 days in small falls, and 20mm 10 days earlier. Things are a bit greener looking, but of course, we are still waiting for The Big Fall(s) to run some water. There has been recorded some great falls around the region so hopefully the gaps are starting to fill.

Lots more adventures to share, lets hope I can get my act together soon and share them!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Living on Hope

I know I've been sharing a bit of stuff, quite a bit, about the drought of late, as I think this one will go down as significant turning point in our industry. Anyhow, one thing I have really noticed lately, is that bush people are starting to get a voice. Are starting to tell their stories. And I love this, if nothing else comes from this fairly horrible situation, the fact that are starting to speak clearly, with thought and consideration.

This wonderful video, shot by ABC Open, on a property nearby us, is just spot on. Encapsulates everything that we are and do. There might be some others doing a lot worse, but they are poking along, not given up. The spirit of hope lives on in them.

I'm afraid I can't work out how to imbed the video into my blog post, but please do visit HERE - Hope in the time of drought.

Regular programming to resume ;-)

Monday, February 3, 2014

A collection of Words and Images

put together by my mates at Farmers 4 Animal Welfare, a collection of images they have gathered up. Great work.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dodgy Birthday Cakes, Edition 1, 2014

We have an eleven year old in the house. How did that happen? Second day of school, she set her alarm so that she had an extra 10 minutes of time in order to unwrap her pressies before making lunch and doing other chores. (father and I have placed bets on how long this new found efficiency and time keeping will last).

all stlye and class IMG_8148A new work hat being on the list of requested gifts and duly delivered, amongst girly things like earrings and flowery headbands. (hat is palm straw, brand is  Sunbody).IMG_8169She didn't request a cake style as such, kindly saying "whatever you can do mum!". Inspired by something I'd seen online with flowers (possibly real deal!) I ratted around in the craft drawer, and emerged triumphant with this pink beauties from the $2 shop. What their original purchase was for I do not know, but who knows when you might need a pink peony for something. Maybe not so dodgy this year (its the palette knife gifted to me last year, I swear its a game changer!)


And just like that, she is eleven. And we are not even thinking about the fact that this is her last year of schooling at home. Not even going there at all.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

First day of school

and the annual first day of school photo.

IMG_8091Totally photo-bombed by horse looking for his morning treat of a bread crust.

Is it just me, or does it feel like we only just finished school the other day, and this SO does not feel like a whole new year?!!!

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