Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

The same photo, repeated on a Christmas greeting I emailled around...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, and that the kids don't get you all up at some unreasonable hour to see what Santa brought!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lots of good things today...

I came across this yummy colour scheme in the latest Pillow Talk catalogue (one of my favourite shops to visit on my infrequent trips to the city!)... the bottom half of the page is where I am looking at! I've long been a fan of the green, and in fact one day, whenever that wall in our bedroom gets sheeted, plan to paint it green. Perhaps not quite THAT green, but cetainly a paler version of it...
I had in my head to pair the green with brown, but now I have been introduced to orange and white with fresh and bright! Yum yum!

only four more sleeps

The couting of the days til Christmas has been a hot topic around here, especially now that Kate has some grasp of numbers. The girls have been making grand announcements several times a day, as well as first thing in the morning. I have made it a little trickier for them though, as my birthday falls on the 27th, they have also had to work out how many days til Mum's birthday (another 30th! Fancy that!) :)

Here's something that I wanted to share...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

changing tack

This is the cover of a little album I started this year, and remarkably, have kept going (I think I may have mentioned the concept in a post in January). I've been a bit slack on the journalling side, well I do keep a diary, so have to go back and refer to that, and the business diary, and the kitchen calendar, to put it all together!

Its A5 in size, and the photos are printed at 6x8 (its so fun to see the photos blown up larger than normal!) and you know what else is great? That I have made a year-in-review as the year has gone along, and its nearly finished already. Unlike the 2007 review album I decided to make, and I haven't finished yet!

Here's one more thing I discovered on my daily foray into the internet...

It's actually a scrapbooking stamp, I wish I could have it automatically filled and put on the back of each photo as its printed. I got a HEAP of photos back from the printers (Mar - June! how far behind am I?!) and they never put them in the packets in order, or anything remotely sensible like that.... saving sorting and filing them away for the next rainy day!

As another footnote, I have decided to file any the the excess photos away in photo boxes for giving away or scrapbooking, in an attempt to get my everyday photo albums a little more "streamlined"! So that's on my shopping list, some photo boxes from Crazy Clarkes or some similar cheap shop!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bush Kids

I love this photo...its a few months old (taken when it was a wee bit cooler, as evidenced by the coats they are wearing!). We were branding a few head of calves and the kids (and Granma, who was in charge of them while I was occupied branding calves and getting stinky calf poo all over me) came down the yards to "help".

I use the term "help" loosely, because 1. they can't reach over the rails to poke the calves and 2. they get bored quickly and go and find more interesting things to do, like climbing to the top of the rails and then finding that they can't go any higher, but then can't possibly get down by themselves. (insert adjectives, as I have to leave the branding cradle to rescue aforementioned BOY climber)... But its still fun for them, and great for us, because they are finally getting old enough that they can join in and learn how to help us!!
We've also got a new horse, "Ben", for the kids, so I'm looking forward to being able to take them for short stints bring cattle down the lane or turning them out. Kate's been once on her old horse, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Here's to more of that!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've been quilting! (ahem)

Some more festive inspiration. I'm going to whip one of these quilts up over the holidays. Truly, I am. In my head its already done! (and by the way, don't you just WISH we had Pottery Barn in Australia?)

In all seriousness, how easy would that be? Strips of yummy fabrics, sew 'em together, and some quilting to hold it together...the possibilities are endless... Like this gorgeous raggy boy's cot quilt. By the time I get around to making this for my boy, he'll be in high school.Or there's this one. I think this one would be for any future neices that might come along. Mind you, I think I'll be in a walking frame before my brothers decide to produce any offspring (ones we know about!)
Now THIS one...this one thrills my inner girl... My girls are still the right age for this gorgeous concoction of yumminess. I could eat it....I wonder what my husband would think about sleeping under this?! I particulary love the scalloped edge.I was going to post something else as well, completly unrelated, but I will save that for another day. This post completley grew and spread at random, once I delved into the depths of my computor's picture files...who new I had saved so many things that inspired me!

when santa came to town

We had our school breakup last night. It was great fun - Santa came by horseback. He did fall off, with a fair bit of help from his assistant Melvin.

It has to be said that Melvin had a bit of a devlish streak in him yesterday and was bent on causing some havoc. Good news though, Santa remounted and left Melvin running up the road behind him. Sadly, none of this most exciting action was captured on film for three reasons 1. I was busy blocking the horse 2. I was busy giving Santa (who, it has to be said, was heavier than expected) a leg up, and 3. I was busy laughing hysterically.

Reports from the North Pole this morning indicate that Melvin has received harsh warning and may not be in the same important position of chief offsider next year, and that 2IC Elf Herman may be a candidate for the job.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Aren't these so darned CUTE? I'm going to make some. Seriously. Bit of felt, bit of hand stitching and voila. I AM planning on making some. When I get somewhere near a place that sells felt.

Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Buy a raffle ticket

You're lucky! Two posts in one day...

I've been working (and I can hear my husband chime in here, with a raised eyebrow and very querious tone as to my definition of "working") on our annual Christmas newsletter - some people love 'em, some people hate 'em. Personally, I love getting more than just a perfunctory "to/from" Christmas card - I like something MORE! Even if I am only just sending a card, I try to write inside the cover something more personal for the recipient.

I digress - I haven't got far on the letter - I'm stuck on the design of the pretty bits, let alone the content! This is what I've come up with so far, which I probably will use as I will run out of time to get the thing posted if I dilly-dally any longer ("don't sweat on the small stuff"! I can hear you saying!)

So be prepared to see this in your email inbox, or in your mail one day soon, family and friends! I did have plans for a cute little Christmas card, but my plans usually stay just that - plans - due to the overwhelming nature of my everyday - laundry, cleaning (or thinking about it!) bookwork and garden. Oh, and of course - CHILDREN ! (good lord, how could I forget them!) I so need a maid. Or to organise my life!

A quick post

I really must get back into posting, so as to maintain this "visual diary" and also as a place to chuck my random and more often than not quite ratty thoughts at...

A photo of the kids for you today, at the sort of recent Melbourne Cup Day/afternoon we had recently, at a friends place not far from home. The kids had a ball, as opposed their appearance in this photograph! It was STINKING hot and the cooling system at our friends place involved a sprinkler system on the roof of the patio, which ran off the roof like a mini shower...which the kids found great delight in running through. Time and time again. Luckily it was hot, as wet clothes took no time to dry. Angus however, did end the day running around in his little jocks.
Anyhow, I have some sick and miserable and crying children bellowing on the floor beside me, so I really must go and put them to bed or SOMETHING before I loose what little sanity I have left. I believe they are having a competition on who can cry the loudest.
Bye for now!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just to share

I was just cleaning up my picture files on my computer, when I came across this, which I did ages ago. But I still adore this photo - we have it blown up on the wall. She's now 5 1/2 (going on 15 some days!) and even though she's grown up a lot, she's still our sunny, more-or-less even tempered, big girl.

Hope you can read the printing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

they broke my clothesline

To say I was not best pleased when I discovered my less-than-new (possibly antique?!) clothesline tilted at an alarming angle far removed its normal level state, would be an understatment!

It seems that the little dears decided to swing on the line, which wouldn't be the first time, but this time the combine weight of the two little co-conspirators together on the same arm, was too much.
But never fear! The clothes line has been restored to more or less a level state, though I fear that it will never be quite the same again...and on those heavy washing days, with a load of work jeans on one side, and a house full of sheets on the other, well it just may well have a relapse!

In other news, birthdays abounding in this household, with Georgie turning 4, followed shortly thereafter by the boy's 2nd birthday. And Kate has lost her first tooth...and all have grown quite rudely over winter, as evidenced by how tight some of their summer clothes are, now the cold weather has gone!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recent Happenings

Again, I have been a slacker, and not posted forever. Don't do enough interesting things, or feel inspired enough to wax lyrical about them anyhow!

This will be heavy on photographs once again, or my summary pages, or two completely unrelated events.

I keep compressing my files so they come up too small...sorry. I'll get the hang of it sooner or later!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

At The Beacg

Last weekend we went to a wedding, held at Mission Beach. My husband's two brothers and their famlies were there as well, so we took all of the kids down to the beach - which was gorgeous (if not a little chilly first up!!) The kids couldn't help themselves and all ended up in the drink, and all had the best time. Here is a little pictorial review of their morning at the beach...and I will do one from the wedding itself soon when I am doing some more procrastinating about doing other "real" work!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miranda's christening

Spent a ridiculously long time mucking about doing this little summary of Miranda's christening. See the little cakes I mentioned before?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Because I am On A Roll!

I just quickly wanted to share, because I am in the sharing mood, these photos that my brother's girlfriend Chelsea took when she got to play with my new-ish camera recently. I was occupied trying not to fall off my so-called quiet horse whilst also leading daughter #1 on her pony. Anyhow, I had some fun editing the photos Chelsea took in PSE, even though my skills are far from great or expert.
This is a before and after of Georgie and Bruce, granma's poddy. Bruce started out in life with a far different and far less "delicate" name, courtesy of my aforementioned brother. The poddy's name was hastily changed to Bruce when he had a little holiday with us; his previous name was NOT one that should be repeated at volume by little girls!!

And here's another one, taken on the same day. Not sure WHAT was going on with Kate, but anyhow, the photo didn't start out looking old and westerny. Ran a cool little action on it, which I think would work great on most brightly lit photos, especially outdoorsy working-in-yards type.

Anyhow, I have a heap of photos to download and sort from our neice's recent christening, so best be getting started. Gotta love my sister in law's attention to detail - the balloons, the napkins, the plates, cups and even the plastic cutlery, all matched. And the little cupcakes, celebrating the same neice's birthday at the same time, perfect. Sigh. Stay tuned, I'll share some of the details.

Haven't Been Here For Awhile

Yes, I know I have been absent without leave for quite awhile, but really have had nothing to share or waste your time with! Just the same old round of dirty dishes, dirty washing, dirty bottoms and snotty noses. Well, not ALL of the time, but you get my drift. Bit of gardening, an odd day of mustering or three, a school sports day, and QUITE a bit of bookwork. And not enough sleep!
This post will be heavy on photos. Recently took the photos at my cousins wedding, which was a daunting experience, as well as my first visit to Airlie Beach (I know, I've never been anywhere!). Hope you like this little sample of Selesti and Gordon's big day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Before and After

I am so proud of myself for finally working out how to do something really useful with my photographs in Photoshop Elements, like make a cute but just a tad ordinary photo, just that little bit "better".

I stumbled accross the greatest blog/website of a woman living in rural USA, who takes the most gorgeous photos, and took note of her tips on how to improve your photos after the fact (check it out, she's pretty funny and quite addictive , you could spend hours checking out her "confessions" there's some nice cowboy photos as well. They seem to do an awful lot of calf catching by hand, but then they are yanks...) Anyhow, I digress, as usual.

Here's my before and after shot, before 'straight out of the camera' and after some twiddling, and don't ask me HOW as I honestly could not tell you (something to do with "unsharp mask!). Actually, I've made the image here for posting a bit small, but I think you can notice that the after is a bit crisper, the eyes a little brighter, and that big smear of denkavit on his face and all over his shirt, QUITE NOTICEABLE. (but that's a whole other post, regarding the extordinate cost of a bag of denkavit and joy my two youngest children get out of playing in it, after spreading a good deal of it over the laundry floor....not once, but TWICE..... blood pressure has receeded to normal levels, thanks good people for wondering. I think it was only one or two cups, but its like diesel, one little spill can spread a looong way!
Anyhow, tell me what you think of my efforts.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 13: 23-29 March 2008

Life just going along as usual... Easter Bunny found our house, then shortly following the kids (and parents) consumed a great amount of chocolate in a very short period of time. Nick called in on his way through north bound, on Easter Sunday.

My car still out of action with its strange electrical problem, which is causing some logistical problems. Luckily there was no swimming lessons for Kate on Tuesday arvo, but I still had to go to town. So the girls got to have an afternoon at the Rankines, and I took the grey toyota to town (Trevor was in his fathers, took their motorbike in)...the number of people that waved to me! Angus went to Dr, got his 18 months (I didn't think he was that old!) chickenpox needle..the locum was good at needles as he didn't flinch, cry or anything! Bit different to our last needle experience!

Got the kids new saddle in the mail so we had to try it out. Took more time getting ready to go than riding, but they loved it! Walked over to Rankines, pushing the pram and leading. David trimmed the horses feet, and made Whiskers two stone lighter (Whiskers did not seem impressed with his surgery, but walked home with little side effect!) No-one fell off, though Cloud did sneeze and have a shake, which gave Georgie a bit of excitement. She also kicked up at Georgie when we let them go (Georgie was doing something she was told not to...typical!)

Georgie has the most natural seat on her pony, and will have good hands. Kate has much better balance than Georgie now, can bounce along quite well without going off the side.

Swimming carnival on Friday; got the car running with instructions on how to remove the battery terminal connection whenever I stop the car; and armed with little spanner we went to town. Kate had three "races" assisted by the bigger kids. Perhaps swimming may be her forte, as she really loves it. Quite proud of her ribbons and certificate of particpation.

Having a deal of trouble with the chickens not staying in the run..little stinkers. Kids and I ran around madly Saturday arvo trying to get a couple in; eventually gave up in disgust as the offsiders wouldn't "GO BACK" when instructed. Evidentlly the myall chickens weren't impressed either; they went and sat in the highest branch of the she-oak tree for a good while afterwards! Their turn will come....perhaps they need to be reminded of where their father went (into Joyce's cooking pot!)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Alive and Kicking

Well, I am BACK! just for a little bit anyhow. A fair dint in my creative and literary processes happened way back in early Feb, not long after my last post actually, when my computer and modem had a simultaneos but unconnected meltdown. Don't know how I coped...regular visits to a friend's house to empty my email in box and to pay essential bills... more stressingly I had not even started on my BAS but luckily I managed to get an extension!

Kate still loving school, not that she seems to do much school work. She is such a social child and loves the interaction with the other kids. Georgie and Angus into the routine now, and Georgie knows that if she hasn't got her shoes on she WILL get left behind when its time to go. Not that it has stopped her from following me up the road barefooted and bellowing. Lucky we only live about 100 metres from school!

Here's a quick photo of my friend Yvonne and I heading off to the recent Matrons Ball, husbandless. I feel that it is poetic justice that Trevor was left at home with SEVEN children (including three of our own) seeing as he refused to come with me to the ball. He claims that he had everything under control, but evidence suggests that things were not as "controlled" as he suggests:

1. boy apparently did not have a bath and be put to bed until 9:30PM. Hmm.

2. Georgie went to bed without a nappy/pull on pants. Hmm.

3. Georgie went to bed wearing a track suit pants AND top. In the height of summer. Hmm.

We arrived home at 2am, finding Georgie wandering about. She did not wet the bed luckily (I think the fact that she had two extra girls sleeping in her room may have made her sleep more lightly). I also need to point out the fact that despite being the one arriving home at 2am, I was still the one getting up to assist in the three toilet stops for Georgie, and the two boy-settling calls between 2am and 7am. Apparently Trevor did not "hear a thing". Hmmm indeed!
I got all excited about Georgie not wetting the bed that night, and let her go without again the next night. It was a once off. Depsite being such a light sleeper (mostly when I need the most sleep) Georgie can sleep through weeing about 10 gallons of wee into her bed before realising it. Georgie has never been one to do something when we want her to (including chores!) so I guess we will just have to wait....
Apologies, the photo is not wanting to load. I will try it again another time. Until then, yes we are still all here and in one peice....just doing the same old, everyday stuff!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Project #5698

I came across this when looking at one of my favourite sites for scrapbooking inspiration, (gallery). Basically, select one photo per week (or make sure you take a photo - not normally I something I have a problem with!), and write about your thoughts or happenings for that week. What a quick way to keep track of the year! This example (NOT MINE! credit to Nicole Southworth) is in 6 x 8 format. I love the large photo on one page, thought of course you could fill the space with a couple of smaller ones.

I am doing something a little similar, though in monthly format, retrospectivley, for 2007. Except I am using 5 photographs, and am having a whole lot of trouble remembering the "little moments" behind some of the photos. I think that by selecting a weekly photo, and making notes(even just making a point of doing a one page summary in a diary) and assembling it all later, those little things that seem rather important at the time, will be remembered. Anyhow, in the spirit of my new "Be Organised" resolution (see one of those posts below!) I am going to give it a red hot go. New problem: now just which photo will feature...

In other news, Kate started school on Tuesday and is loving it! (didn't have any doubts that she wouldn't actually!) Only problem she has is with the running (her "legs hurt") which may be related to a problem that we think she's had since she started walking, or else its just that she's inherited her mother's speed of foot (ie none)! I have downloaded the photos, just not edited them (see, at least I am TRYING to stay organised!)
I am having some trouble when I insert images, so my apologies for the poorly constructed page. I don't mean to insert 50 double lines inbetween paragraphs, that's just the way it happens. They say white space is soothing....
Got back the humungous pile of photographs, very happy. Try this company - 10c prints! Colour not quite as bright as the good ole Extrafilm, but at half the price for everyday shots I am not complaining!

Til next week, or earlier if I get really excited...!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Exhibit A

I present to you, Exhibit A (below) as evidentary proof that my secondary school Home Economics teacher (Mrs Rob.) should have spent less time teaching us about Generation Y (whose significance on society I have long fogotten) and much, MUCH more time on showing us how to ice a birthday cake for our five year old daughters. Perhaps I was sick that day?

It is, as Kate requested, heart shaped, but it is there that the similarity to the imagined concotion of delight that I envisioned and reality ended. I endevoured to make a rainbow cake, with delightful swirls of colour banded throughout the cake (I have to say I followed no instructions!) but instead it seems to resemble the ice cream pies that we used to make as kids (stirred and semi melted icecream with hundreds and thousands; no wonder our mother used to walk away!). Baked fine, definatley edible (if you close your eyes).....husband brought home the requested marshmallows so that I could decorate with delightful flowers as depicted in the ever misleading Australian Women's Weekly Book of Impossibly to Replicate Birthday Cakes. However he melted them on the way home (a whole other post!) So, me thought, I can do something ELSE creative.....which has lead to the frighteningly pink and rather poorly crafted cake as seen above. I know that she won't care, as long as it has five candles on it, but I rather wanted to have made a cake that was fitting to grace the pages of Donna Hay or feature as part of our life in the bush in Australian Country Style.

Anyhow, it shall be consumed in fine style tomorrow as we spend our Australia Day morning on the banks of the hopefully still running river, dipping our toes in its crystal waters and slapping away the odd five thousand mossies and sandflies.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions (apart from the constant ones nagging at the back of my mind - clean the house more -eat better food - loose get my drift!) but I have decided 2008 will HAVE to be the year that I become more organised. Mostly because Kate starts school in a week's time, and that in itself is going to make me keep on top of things so that she gets to school on time, wearing clean knickers and uniform and with a prepared lunch.

The other reason, apart from the fact that I am eternally behind in my bookwork, was that I discovered a what a huge amount of photos I had taken since May 2007 and NOT PRINTED! I won't tell you how many (its a bit like revealing one's weight, or age, or bra size!) but suffice to say, I will henceforth be downloading cameras, editing, culling and having photos printed religiously each month. I shall also be spending an inordinate amount of time sorting and putting away the last seven months worth of photos when they return from the photo printing place.

Anyhoo, in other scandalously exciting news, I thought I would share with you what my sister in law made me for my recent birthday (the one that the kids believe I turned 30 yet again.."your number is 30 isn't it Mum?" ...they are big on owning numbers at the moment, ie Kate's number is four, nearly five; Georgie's number is three). It doesn't look like this anymore after an overhaul, I wore it so much I wore the silver off the letters. I like the newer version better, its got more of those gorgeously yummy glass beads.
I also wanted to share one of the projects undertaken (well actually the only project really! couldn't convince him to bring home any more pavers) over the Christmas break - paving under the bauhinia tree. This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, and I am so pleased with the outcome. Trevor, the one who whinged and whined and told me how much effort and time it was going to take, now lays claim to the whole thing, as it didn't take much of either! I plan to plant some little daisy flowers around the tree.

I did have big plans to do some scrapbooking tonight, as the girls are visiting granma (marvellous how just a few hours without that NOISE has soothed my soul already!) but the insects are so bad I think I shall have to turn the lights out and watch some TV instead. More rain a'coming I do so believe.

Off to dream of a more organised life....with colour coded index tabs!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello There!

Its been awhile, hasn't it! Obviously, if you are reading this, you know that I have moved over from to here. Not quite the same address, but hopefully you will find this quicker to load.

Just a quick post, will be back with what we have been up to later, and of course more insight into the world of madness that is when you have three kids under five years of age.
Been doing some scrapbooking over the "holidays" whilst Trevor has been about and I have been feeling relaxed (none of the usual bookwork or laundry went away, but like I said it has been a HOLIDAY!) I thought I would share these with you. That's real hair on the haircut one, have had that tucked away for quite a while wondering what I was going to do with it!

Also, go and check out this for pretty and affordable beaded bracelets - one for each outfit! The website is still a work in progress, but still you can see her work and details.

And not to blow my own trumpet (ahem!) I created the simple little header for her. Pretty basic but I think it turned out allright!

Best go and remove my snoring husband from the couch (perhaps I should leave him there considering the snoring?!) He's back to work tomorrow after over a week of wet weather having him at home....not nearly as many odd jobs completed as I would have thought!

See you again soon!

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