Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello Strangers

I know, its been awhile hasn't it! So much has been happening here, and as Murphys Law dictate, its all gotta happen at once... Now, where were we a few weeks ago? Ah, show time!

Shortly after The Show, we donned our school colours, runners and hats, and went off to the Annual Small Schools Sports Day. They marched, they cheered, they ran, they jumped, they threw...

IMG_3351IMG_3378(Georgie is very pleased she can run faster than the little girl beside her, who is somewhat of a fish in the pool)



Some of them may have even come home with medallions at the end of a big day...



And our school may well have been victorious when it came down to the final tally. It was a LOOOONG day as sports day most often are, but they came home happy (even the middle girl with her clutch of red ribbons and no medallion - swimming time she has a fish to compete against, and sports day a gazelle :-) and extremely tired!

The next day commenced the flurry of packing for School Camp. To be reported soon!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Show Time

This year show time didn't have quite the lead up of anticipation, as we had to have our main entries in some two weeks before the show (and so I may have forgotten even what I had entered by the time show time actually arrived). We also had a big day out the day before - kids at a Sports Expo at another small school nearby, and husband and I going to the Towers to do some jobs/grocery shopping and to collect the much longed for (and a long time coming) new work ute.

So when show day actually rolled around there may have been not so idle threats that tired kids (and mum) may be just staying home if jobs weren't done and fighting desisted.

But go we did, not without the obligatory photo-before-we-leave.



(don't they look happy happy joy joy little cherubs?!) the photo on the right is the closest of me you will get for the day, my jacket and shirt hanging waiting to be ironed. I was feeling the happy happy joy joy too don't worry (not).

IMG_1929[1] Boyo scooped the pool in his section with his art works, taking home not only the Champion Exhibit for the Junior Art but also the aggregate for the Junior Section in the Pavilion.  Although, just quietly, it wouldn't have been hard to do, entries were rather poor.

I entered the canvas we gave Mum for Christmas. Of course it won ;-) A couple of my other portraits won or placed (that you've seen before).  I didn't put the flowers in, but there was a great selection of them and this one was just lovely (or would have been the day before when they hadn't wilted)


And of course side show ally and show bags and icecreams and other wallet draining exercises were undertaken. They must have caught me in a weak moment...although aunty sent big girl on a ride with little cousin that did NOT look in the least bit fun at all. I wasn't even ON the thing and I was wishing it was over. Little boys were dragged off to big slides with other bigger boys from school, and dodgems were enjoyed by all, with the assistance of other little school friends (Georgie did the pedal, Josie did the steering) Angus hung on for dear life. Big sister is a shite driver. (help me Rhonda.... dad needs to take on teaching them to drive!)

IMG_1956[1]IMG_1963[1]  IMG_1962[1]

We stayed for the fireworks, which were much later this year (grr) and while it could have been my grumpy-ness, but they didn't seem as good as usual. Kids and I were both ready to be home by the time they were over. Poured them into bed sans jeans and boots when we got home, where self shortly followed. And of course, in true show tradition, we all have the sniffles in differing strengths afterwards, although thank GOODNESS its not the usual tummy bug!

All over til next year!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spring weddings - and fashion dilemmas

I know, most of you visit this little bit of the www for the hard hitting, hot topics of the day. I'm sorry to say, today you've come to the wrong place.

We've been living a quiet old existence, school and the usual - although there was the local show which I have neglected to share and possibly something you are just DYING to see more about. I will remedy that soon I promise.

But, back to the matter in hand. We've been invited, the whole family, to a spring wedding. Very touched and surprised to get the invite, and quite excited that we might be able to attend. A spring garden wedding, by the waterfront! But ...but. My friends tell me they are ALREADY working on (or know) what they are wearing! Oh. My. Gerd. Its not even the end of June yet and they've worked it out for September. This has put me in a bit of a flap (well, mentally)...I need to get organised obviously!

So I went to my favourite shopping place (whilst mentally cataloguing my wardrobe which is of course, deadly boring and full of nothing-to-wears) seeking inspiration. Have then wasted good time making a little "mood board" of my inspired choices. Help needed. Cannot make up my mind.

wedding outfit dilemmaTOP: (the cardy's are a basic that will be included, as it could be cool) Classic more formal cocktail length black dress. Flat bling sandals (bride recommends flatties for the guests)  Bling earrings...OR a more casual but still smart black and white number. Both may require an event that has happened very rarely - a visit to a hairdresser for a 'do. (my husband should be so thankful for my low maintenance head, although I fear it possibly shows - the lack of hair maintenance!!)

BOTTOM: the basic cardy (in pink this time) - a spring like floral dress, teamed with cheerful pink wedges! Pearl earrings I think. OR (and I already own this) a long - floor length - black maxi teamed with the pink accessories. I put this in as an alternative as my friends are all going day-to-evening long dresses. And Bugger it, hair do required. Have long wanted to try an Adele style 'do (google it friends) but very much lacking in the skills which are required to carry out.

Am confused. Spring wedding experts please chime in. 3pm wedding with outdoor reception at the same venue. (on the lawns).

I await your considered advice!

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