Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All quiet on the northern front

No rain to report, but lovely cooler mornings, but I guess it is Autumn now we are in March.

Nothing of great excitement to report, just buckling down in the school and working year.

imageimage image

I got a new Heavy Duty sewing machine to take the old one which seems to induce the use of much bad language when using it. Its unpacked, but to date, not threaded or used. I started pinning together a doily bunting to make as photography prop, and that's as far as I got. I made plans to make a simple baby quilt for one of our lovely teacher aide's who is has only a few weeks to go.

image image image

We had Crazy Hair Day at school (much hair product was used, apart from hairspray, of which I own none). I did a quick drive into the national park (the one that burnt recently) to drop off a neighbour working on a fence, and had to stop to admire these beautiful blackboys. Tealeaf got himself into a spot of bother, has there ever been such a sad face on a calf?

imageimage image 

A week of heavy colds and school and big swimming lesson took its toll. We branded a few "small" calves to tidy up a mob of cows and weaners. The kids proved to as useful as mad blue dog puppies in the yards, spending a great deal of time up that tree squawking like parrots and baulking any beast we wanted to go in that direction. Their usefulness did not improve as the day progressed, their attention span short and confidence in handling the big fat calves low. (although I've found it useful to never look back when the kids are penning up behind us!).

We have more cattle work to do, and move about, and in the meantime waters keep breaking down (not my department to repair, I am more of the Reporting department) and of course, plans keep changing and developing and changing as it continues to not rain. But we are thankful, we are not in as dire situation as others and so have, at this stage, options.

I hope I manage to find the desire to play with my new machine this week, although possibly not as my husband would wish, mending shirts and pants (devils work in my opinion!!)

Wish me luck ;-)

PS and is it me, or is Easter sneaking up on us rather fast this year?!


  1. Can I ask, what do you classify as a cooler morning? At the risk of sounding like a whining southern princess .... it's been 25C at nighttime down here and I have decided I would not make a very good Queenslander! ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing some results out of that new machine!

  2. Sounds like everyday life has been keeping you busy and I hope you get to use that machine for something other than mending.

  3. Now that's a splendid looking machine, raring to go! Hope it whips through the boring stuff and has time to enjoy itself playing with those pretty fabrics :). Lovely to see that fresh green peeking out of the charred remains ...

  4. Plenty of action in the north! Lovely to see those doilies, I've a collection assembled on the dining room table, not sewn together but looking lovely all the same. Such an effort required to extract machine from cupboard, find scissors, find pins etc etc.
    Don't worry ... our children aren't the amazing little helpers I sometimes depict them as. I had to laugh recently at the yards, the kids were doing all the yarding up and filling the crush. Everytime they attempted to point some old dears at the crush, Matthew would jump about at the vet crush making ridiculous noises, then call out to the kids "See, how do you like it"!?! And then to me "I've been waiting ten years to do that".
    Here's to resolved water issues and even perhaps some rain. Matthew's heading to CT Monday, might bring some with him.

  5. love the photo of the kids asleep in the back of the car...that's a keeper!


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