Sunday, April 27, 2014

Random snippets

Our days are still revolving around animal care mornings and evenings…. and cleaning up the evidence of their presence in between. IMG_9532

Visits to town to have small bumpy things removed and stitches applied were cause for deep breathing by this wuss. (three teeny tiny stitches – I am very much not brave, hence reluctance to visit dentist again)


Sunsets are still being enjoyed, with the change in seasons bringing different lighting to be enjoyed.


Smaller animals give great entertainment as well – the cat kept inching closer to the dog to touch him with his paw, the dog kept moving marginally away from the cat at each touch. HE’STOUCHING MEEEEEEE!


Long overdue visits to an ENT for the boy child were undertaken, with a resulting surgery date booked for adenoid and tonsil removal.


Trips to the city also included the collection of a second hand kitchen (donated by lovely people) for installation under our school for storage and lunch time use, and the newest addition to the work plant. Long discussed and pondered over, we finally chose a John Deere diesel Gator. (super low interest rates also helped in our decision).


Getting back to the animals – Georgie thought she could ride the quietest of the poddies, Hercules. He soon rid her of that misconception – dropped her on her guts on the dirt, luckily she wasn’t hurt in this endeavour as we were busy laughing at her to be of any use if she’d been hurt!


The new workhorse was pressed into service straight away, with a leisurely morning mustering. Kids were quite concerned about driving up the “big hill” but the view was great on a lovely clear day.


And at the end of the day, its all about the animals (again).



And the sunsets Smile


  1. I hate stitches and needles too.............only feeding 2 poddies here now...........the rest are out in the paddock being bug cows.............

  2. You need to change your blog name ... no such thing as 'The Quiet Life' up there!

  3. Ah sunsets and animals, you've got the life. I love the poddy riding shot, haha.

  4. Just love the image of Georgie V Hercules. It seems regardless of how quiet they are, the notion of having someone astride them holds little appeal. Pleased to hear the Gator is settling in well. How long until the tonsil/adenoid removal?


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