Thursday, July 24, 2014


Just a technical, viewing question.

On my laptop, when I edit and publish photos on the blog, the colour seems pretty spot on. Nice and clear, bright colour but not too saturated.

However on my office computer, they appear over saturated. I think its just my office monitor, as on my smart phone the images appear as I would like them to as well.

I would love to know how they appear on YOUR screens. Feedback appreciated.


  1. Normally fine, went back and had a look. If you're referring to your last post they have more of an orange tinge but that is more the red dust.
    Recently I took photos indoors at night, it was an Ordination and many vestments were gold colours, they all looked sooo yellow. i tried to change the saturation but ended up publishing the post in black and white.
    Really though if it is that post I loved the red/orange colours

  2. I just had a look at your last post again on my computer in comparison to on the ipad, and yes, on the computer the photos are a little more yellowy and over saturated, but on the ipad the colours were more true to what I thought they should be. But the colours on the computer aren't bad enough to worry about. It was only when I did a direct comparison that I could see what you meant.

    For some of my photos, particularly sunsets & sunrises that have more yellow/orange/reds or are dark I change the file to a gif file as opposed to jpeg and the colours are much more realistic when uploaded. Not sure why. Someone with more technical knowhow might.

  3. Yeah, they're very saturated for me but my screen is a bit 'off' anyway - though, the ones taken from your IG shots aren't usually as much.
    Considering everything is dreary and dull down here the colour difference is noticable - a welcome respite actually! ;)

  4. I just had a quick scroll through your recent posts and it looks to me like it's just the last post where things are a bit over saturated. I suspect it could have something to do with the reflection off the red dust in the photos. Isn't it strange though how different things can look from one computer screen to the next?


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