Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas 2014

So we found ourselves back on the coast again, for Christmas this year. Dr decreed that Mum wasn’t allowed home yet, so we and the family took ourselves to her (not Dad, he thought some one might steal the place  - eyeroll – so he stayed home to ensure everything was secured). Initially I tried to book a nice big air-conditioned holiday house with a pool but none wanted us for  short stay. So instead I booked into Seagulls “resort” which did have aircon, a very nice pool and didn’t care how many nights we stayed.I suppose if we are going to have a coastal holiday it should look proper tropical.


And yes, I did take a (skinny drought ridden but sparkly!)  tree with us.




Noisy toys were given with glee to small nieces that like to press buttons. Kids were spoilt and got lots of lovely things. Much food was eaten. The aircon was set at artic and full blast. A Pommie friend of my sister in law was part of the family, and a cousin dropped in for lunch as well. Full house.

After lunch had subsided it was decreed that we needed to retire to the fancy pool that we were paying a bomb for. Water guns were dragged to the pool. Uncles that thought they were going to blast small nephews away were sadly disappointed when it appeared his newly purchased water canon had some plumbing issues.


After swims and more food, super tired kids were sent to bed and the rest wandered off to their own accommodation slowly. Mum was taken home (albeit reluctantly, even though she was drooping) and The Husband and I were left clutching our overfed selves, and wondering how doing very little for a day can be so exhausting.

And so that was Christmas.


  1. Gosh, I can't imagine Christmas in the heat like this! Glad to read what a lot of fun and enjoyment there was for you all - and I smiled at your sign!

  2. Sounds like an amazing Christmas and that pool fun looks like so much fun. A great get away.

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend Christmas by the pool with food, family and friends. Kathy

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  5. Hi, hope you guys are getting as much rain as we are.

  6. Hey...........missing you................

  7. me again....still missing you..........


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