Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 13: 23-29 March 2008

Life just going along as usual... Easter Bunny found our house, then shortly following the kids (and parents) consumed a great amount of chocolate in a very short period of time. Nick called in on his way through north bound, on Easter Sunday.

My car still out of action with its strange electrical problem, which is causing some logistical problems. Luckily there was no swimming lessons for Kate on Tuesday arvo, but I still had to go to town. So the girls got to have an afternoon at the Rankines, and I took the grey toyota to town (Trevor was in his fathers, took their motorbike in)...the number of people that waved to me! Angus went to Dr, got his 18 months (I didn't think he was that old!) chickenpox needle..the locum was good at needles as he didn't flinch, cry or anything! Bit different to our last needle experience!

Got the kids new saddle in the mail so we had to try it out. Took more time getting ready to go than riding, but they loved it! Walked over to Rankines, pushing the pram and leading. David trimmed the horses feet, and made Whiskers two stone lighter (Whiskers did not seem impressed with his surgery, but walked home with little side effect!) No-one fell off, though Cloud did sneeze and have a shake, which gave Georgie a bit of excitement. She also kicked up at Georgie when we let them go (Georgie was doing something she was told not to...typical!)

Georgie has the most natural seat on her pony, and will have good hands. Kate has much better balance than Georgie now, can bounce along quite well without going off the side.

Swimming carnival on Friday; got the car running with instructions on how to remove the battery terminal connection whenever I stop the car; and armed with little spanner we went to town. Kate had three "races" assisted by the bigger kids. Perhaps swimming may be her forte, as she really loves it. Quite proud of her ribbons and certificate of particpation.

Having a deal of trouble with the chickens not staying in the run..little stinkers. Kids and I ran around madly Saturday arvo trying to get a couple in; eventually gave up in disgust as the offsiders wouldn't "GO BACK" when instructed. Evidentlly the myall chickens weren't impressed either; they went and sat in the highest branch of the she-oak tree for a good while afterwards! Their turn will come....perhaps they need to be reminded of where their father went (into Joyce's cooking pot!)

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