Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Alive and Kicking

Well, I am BACK! just for a little bit anyhow. A fair dint in my creative and literary processes happened way back in early Feb, not long after my last post actually, when my computer and modem had a simultaneos but unconnected meltdown. Don't know how I coped...regular visits to a friend's house to empty my email in box and to pay essential bills... more stressingly I had not even started on my BAS but luckily I managed to get an extension!

Kate still loving school, not that she seems to do much school work. She is such a social child and loves the interaction with the other kids. Georgie and Angus into the routine now, and Georgie knows that if she hasn't got her shoes on she WILL get left behind when its time to go. Not that it has stopped her from following me up the road barefooted and bellowing. Lucky we only live about 100 metres from school!

Here's a quick photo of my friend Yvonne and I heading off to the recent Matrons Ball, husbandless. I feel that it is poetic justice that Trevor was left at home with SEVEN children (including three of our own) seeing as he refused to come with me to the ball. He claims that he had everything under control, but evidence suggests that things were not as "controlled" as he suggests:

1. boy apparently did not have a bath and be put to bed until 9:30PM. Hmm.

2. Georgie went to bed without a nappy/pull on pants. Hmm.

3. Georgie went to bed wearing a track suit pants AND top. In the height of summer. Hmm.

We arrived home at 2am, finding Georgie wandering about. She did not wet the bed luckily (I think the fact that she had two extra girls sleeping in her room may have made her sleep more lightly). I also need to point out the fact that despite being the one arriving home at 2am, I was still the one getting up to assist in the three toilet stops for Georgie, and the two boy-settling calls between 2am and 7am. Apparently Trevor did not "hear a thing". Hmmm indeed!
I got all excited about Georgie not wetting the bed that night, and let her go without again the next night. It was a once off. Depsite being such a light sleeper (mostly when I need the most sleep) Georgie can sleep through weeing about 10 gallons of wee into her bed before realising it. Georgie has never been one to do something when we want her to (including chores!) so I guess we will just have to wait....
Apologies, the photo is not wanting to load. I will try it again another time. Until then, yes we are still all here and in one peice....just doing the same old, everyday stuff!

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