Saturday, September 15, 2012

tales of dodgy birthday cakes, volume 3, 2012 {Final Edition}

I was barely over the trauma of the last birthday cake, when it rolled around far too quickly, the birthday of my little baby boy. Who turned SIX on Thursday (but still has to stop, and count to himself, on his fingers, the number that comes after five, as he forgets his new number!). He woke up Thursday morning, and as soon as his eyes popped open rolled out of bed and came flying out "ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!"

I was already well and truly up, baking his cake before breakfast as our adventures the day before (nothing too exciting, just requiring us to be out far later than expected) meant no cake got baked.

We did presents before breakfast....

IMG_0213Lego and a grader being well received. And look at that gappy toothed smile. That tooth had been hanging on by the slimmest of threads for days, and he lost it, literally, on the lawn, eating a pear.

Again, I made an attempt to get all fancy like with my cake decorating. A small attempt.

IMG_0216100's and 1000's cover a multitude of sins, including no crumb layer of icing, however half an hour in the freezer tends to help sort the crumbs out. This time I went for a plain old chocolate cake, with a liberal application of chocolate butter cream, and heavy handed application of sprinkles, as you can tell. Floor is also looking very colourful, despite my best efforts to control the flow and direction.IMG_0222   IMG_0224IMG_0229IMG_0230Cake of course was inhaled by the school kids, with just enough to bring home for afternoon smoko. And I think my newly six year old boy had a pretty good day.  


  1. I love the title of your post Sharon and those photos at school are just fantastic!

  2. Happy Birthday young fella. What's happened to the cast? Is that adventure all finished now?
    Sorry if I haven't been paying attention.

  3. God, he's a gorgeous boy. I'd just like to scoop him up on my lap ... sure he'd love that!
    Great cake, and well done to you for continuing to feed the school. I gave up on that a while back. Lucky for Sal, another young lass at school shares her birthday, and that good mum always brings cake to share, so she always feels part of the action.
    Only one week to holidays, hallelujah!

  4. It is a great looking cake and a happy boy!

  5. Love the cake and all those sprinkles.....always remember to turn candle back the front so photographer can have it facing her.............looks like one happy little 6 year old....aren't they so cute.


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