Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what day is it?

its been a bit like that around here lately, nothing greatly exciting but enough happenings to throw daily routines out, and have my little boy say this morning "can we stay at home today please mum?" (and then promptly hared off down the shed all bright eyed when he realised one of his grown up mates was in the shed doing boy stuff).

Still, its been crazy enough, with more crazy to come, so much so The Husband told me to be like Sam Jam Bulu (I'm A-1 efficient, I know what to do!!) anyone familiar with that Lynley Dodd story will realise that Sam Jam Bulu did not get too far despite his running about being all very efficient. Hmm, maybe I am already like Sam Jam Bulu. Sigh.

So, a recap, it has been noted by eagle eyed readers that the boy seems to be now castless. YES HE IS! We slipped into town one afternoon and with a buzz of the plaster saw and a few snips, it was off. He spent the weekend reluctantly bandaged for support and hasn't looked back. He then went and lost a very wobbly tooth, properly lost on the lawn whilst eating a crunchy pear. A letter had to be written to the tooth fairy so we could tell her it was his tooth if she happened to find it.

We went for a drive to Richmond to collect a stray steer and a horse (long story), which loaded backwards. A first for everything. The road was that rough he came off that truck with far more excitement than he went on!

We had the boy's 6th birthday, which I posted about last week. Still can't believe he is six. Good thing he still likes to sneak in and give his mum a cuddle in bed.

Then, after all of that running about and cake making, we were busy packing bags, writing names on everything, finding togs and sneakers, the girls were off on school camp to North Keppell Island! They left at 10am on Saturday.

IMG_0255 IMG_0262

IMG_0265One lonely truck driver dad with 5 women and 15 kids...I texted wondering how he was going the next morning. His reply, just fine thanks, but gee, I think I need to get my nails done. ;-)

They were all just a wee bit excited...ten minutes after the bus departed, Angus asked me how many sleeps before they got back.

Since then, we have taken the horse from Richmond and delivered it to The Oasis, some 250kms to our north, swapping it for a lovely sweet natured little KIDS HORSE! That took care of another day, the best part of it over by the time we got home. The next day, I took the new pony down to my parents place to go in the paddock with the rest of the kids horses, and then back to the inlaws place to help bag meat and make sausages. Was a bit weary come bed time last night.

and if that isn't enough action and excitement, we are off to the Gold Coast next week! Only away for four days, plus two for travel, but we plan to fill in our four days with theme parks, swimming and wee bit of shopping. We are meeting up with friends down there. Kids are excited about the plane rides, mum is a bit twitchy about the short time between plane landing and catching trains, all late at night, and all with a spare kid in tow. (yes, the same spare kid as usual).

We leave here on Sunday, so madly watering the garden and organising care-takers and the like. Counting socks and undies...

So comes the packing of suitable clothing into small carry-on bags (not seasoned travellers here in the slightest, so that could be interesting) charging of cameras and wondering is it worth taking the dSLR or just the light and portable point and shoot. Tips and hints on theme park dos don'ts and ettiquitte would also be appreciated. Deep breath....I'm A1 efficient, I know what to do.....


  1. I always stay at Club Surfers right on the Gold Coast Highway. Special deal $196 for double for five nights. Been doing it for years. Includes full all you can eat breakfast. Been doing it for years. Let me know next time, I'll give you the booking details.

  2. Have a fun trip! I used to work at Australia's Wonderland while I was at Uni- all I can advise is DO NOT queue jump! also don't take photos of other people's kids, even though yours are in the shot, try not to get anyone else in. Not etiquette related, but take some snacks, not sambos and the like, but meusli bars and apples and bottles of water- if they ask you as you go in- sometimes they bag search- just say you are diabetic and wasn't sure what was available to buy!

  3. Oooh, I love Jodie's sneaky way to get food in there!

    Are you packed yet?

  4. Well your life looks pretty busy as usual....a trip to the Gold Coast sounds great. Sometimes you would rather just be there than the preparation of getting everything ready for the trip and when you are away...husbands just grab their keys and wallet and are ready!!!

    You mentioned Richmond,.... did you pop over to Nikko's farm to see him....totally think Rachel is so not for him and clearly she would want her shopping and cafe latte set even though she wants a man...personally too full of herself in a nasty sort of way, not a confident sort of way

  5. Hope you have a splendid time and it sounds like a glorious opportunity for a few days away doing very different things. I love that truck drivers comment! Such gorgeous photos of your girls!


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