Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spring weddings - and fashion dilemmas

I know, most of you visit this little bit of the www for the hard hitting, hot topics of the day. I'm sorry to say, today you've come to the wrong place.

We've been living a quiet old existence, school and the usual - although there was the local show which I have neglected to share and possibly something you are just DYING to see more about. I will remedy that soon I promise.

But, back to the matter in hand. We've been invited, the whole family, to a spring wedding. Very touched and surprised to get the invite, and quite excited that we might be able to attend. A spring garden wedding, by the waterfront! But ...but. My friends tell me they are ALREADY working on (or know) what they are wearing! Oh. My. Gerd. Its not even the end of June yet and they've worked it out for September. This has put me in a bit of a flap (well, mentally)...I need to get organised obviously!

So I went to my favourite shopping place (whilst mentally cataloguing my wardrobe which is of course, deadly boring and full of nothing-to-wears) seeking inspiration. Have then wasted good time making a little "mood board" of my inspired choices. Help needed. Cannot make up my mind.

wedding outfit dilemmaTOP: (the cardy's are a basic that will be included, as it could be cool) Classic more formal cocktail length black dress. Flat bling sandals (bride recommends flatties for the guests)  Bling earrings...OR a more casual but still smart black and white number. Both may require an event that has happened very rarely - a visit to a hairdresser for a 'do. (my husband should be so thankful for my low maintenance head, although I fear it possibly shows - the lack of hair maintenance!!)

BOTTOM: the basic cardy (in pink this time) - a spring like floral dress, teamed with cheerful pink wedges! Pearl earrings I think. OR (and I already own this) a long - floor length - black maxi teamed with the pink accessories. I put this in as an alternative as my friends are all going day-to-evening long dresses. And Bugger it, hair do required. Have long wanted to try an Adele style 'do (google it friends) but very much lacking in the skills which are required to carry out.

Am confused. Spring wedding experts please chime in. 3pm wedding with outdoor reception at the same venue. (on the lawns).

I await your considered advice!


  1. Now I'm certainly no fashion stylist and I too, have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet on special occasions have nothing to wear but will offer my considered vote anyhow!
    Pink "Spring Like" Floral Dress with wedges ....and Tess has voted over my shoulder so that is 2 for the pink ;)
    I'm impressed that you're so organised....I am normally buying an outfit the morning of the occasion....

  2. Would just love to offer an opinion Sharon, being as knowledgeable on such matters as I am. My favourite item in your collection is without doubt the pink sandal wedges. Love, love, love them. So they would have to be my starting point, and I think I'm leaning towards the long black maxi dress. And go for the 'hair-do', nice to treat yourself occasionally. Are these all ebay finds?

  3. Pink option looks awesome. The brighter the better for spring... and lots of florals.

    BTW - LOVE those shoes - where can I get a pair?

  4. Karen, ebay - pink wedge will probably find them for you!

  5. I am impressed by your forward thinking! I am afraid I will always tend to go for the visually simple, so my choice would be the cocktail dress and those very pretty black sandals, and add some jewellery or a bright scarf or shawl :).


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