Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello Strangers

I know, its been awhile hasn't it! So much has been happening here, and as Murphys Law dictate, its all gotta happen at once... Now, where were we a few weeks ago? Ah, show time!

Shortly after The Show, we donned our school colours, runners and hats, and went off to the Annual Small Schools Sports Day. They marched, they cheered, they ran, they jumped, they threw...

IMG_3351IMG_3378(Georgie is very pleased she can run faster than the little girl beside her, who is somewhat of a fish in the pool)



Some of them may have even come home with medallions at the end of a big day...



And our school may well have been victorious when it came down to the final tally. It was a LOOOONG day as sports day most often are, but they came home happy (even the middle girl with her clutch of red ribbons and no medallion - swimming time she has a fish to compete against, and sports day a gazelle :-) and extremely tired!

The next day commenced the flurry of packing for School Camp. To be reported soon!


  1. Been wondering how you are going glad to see you are still alive and well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Wow it sounds very busy. Well done to the kids on sports day. I remember how long and exhausting a day that is but it really shows the spirit of the school and the kids.

  3. Many congratulations! Looks like lots of effort which paid off ... And hope the preparations have gone well too.


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