Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So, you may have noticed, I take a lot of photos. A lot. Especially in this digital age, and especially since an iphone arrived in my hot little hands (it takes great photos!)

But. But. I'm not so good at getting those photos off my computer and out there for my family and friends to enjoy. Pretty woeful at it actually. I've recently printed off my blog in yearly chunks using blog2print. Love love love the result (despite its layout issues, which I can forgive).The family love them too. But this hardly touches the side of the wealth of great family photos that a year of snapping can bring.

I have, in the past, printed off a great wedge of photos, and slipped them into the generic slip in albums, or more recently, scrapbook type albums with divided page protectors (same thing as the former, just fits more and sturdier). But that all takes up SO MUCH SPACE on my limited shelf space.

After seeing how lovely and compact the blog books are, I've made a resolution. Photo books are my answer.

I might be around 3 odd years behind in my printing. But I've made a start. And its been a great trip down memory lane as I do so, keeping it simple. Not thinking too hard, making my selections quickly from my folders, by month. (and realise this: not every photo, especially of the same event/thing/time, needs to be shared).

TITLE PAGEUsing a template (kindy shared by a friend) and loosely following the Project Life template (why mess with something that works) I am dropping photos into a 12x12 template using Photoshop Elements. I am sure the same thing can be achieved in Picasa and the like as well.

jan 1 lh JAN1 RH


And a sample of one a bit closer up...

JAN 2 LH I roughly envision four pages per month, but if there's more, so be it. Or less, the same. I probably should have added dates on the second lot of pages, but will leave it be and remember for the next month. Doing these couple of pages probably took me an hour, less if I didn't stop to read emails and faff about!

I'll save the pages, and then wait for a nice sale to come along at Snapfish or Blurb or the like and print. And these will sit on the shelf in order beside my blog books (which I will share soon!).

I'm feeling organised (if not thinking I need to be dedicated in doing at least a month a day!) What about you?


  1. They all look really, really good!
    You won't look back with the photobooks - best things ever!

  2. You've inspired me to do this Sharon..... I shudder to think about the clutter of photos hiding in my computer.
    If I start now, surely I'll be organised for Christmas. Those will be famous last words!

  3. Just love the photo of your little ones on the bonnet of the old truck. Simply gorgeous!

  4. Brilliant idea, I've heard of them but just replied "oh yes, lovely"....and left it at that. But seeing yours, i'm inspired, problem is I've got 6 years of digitals to catch up on!
    are they reasonably priced?
    liv x

    1. Hi Olivia - normally they allow for 20 pages but one can buy extra - I plan on waiting until they've got a 50% sale or the like - have a look at snapfish or big w photos, they are the ones I usually use. Its going to cost a little bit, but when you compare to printing them out as 4x6 photos and then buying the albums etc etc, its probably about the same or less. And it takes up LESS SPACE.
      Maybe start with last year and work back.
      And the photo book places have lots of great templates that you can use, its pretty simple. I would say upload your selected photos a month at a time and plug away!

  5. I'm with you Sharon....so many photos that we take such care in documenting, getting good lenses and composition only for them to end up sitting on a hard drive that hopefully has been backed up regularly.

    I started out with the Project Life book and bits and pieces but as I don't get the photos printed regularly enough and it was an effort because you had to put them in and pick them up another time so two trips to a place that was not a regular on our list of things to do. I opted to go the digital project myself and have done many weeks but need to get back to do it. The thing is you don't feel too stressed getting a bit behind because you can't print your book until January 2014 so the pressure is off unless the albums and bits and pieces in real life.

    What fonts have you used I do love them. Also what size font have you used. Would love to know. Regards Kathy

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  7. Brilliant young lady. I am going digi PL next year :)

  8. I have not yet made a photobook or am so tempted because it answers all the difficulties you have encountered. Just need to decide on a simple template and commit to doing it! Your pages are so full of energy and life - it seems a shame for them to be forever locked into a computer.

  9. These look so simple and easy. You're doing a great job. Would you mind sharing the template you have been using PLEASE....

    1. hi Teressa, its just a modified digital project life template!


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