Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Races

Lets pretend I haven't been AWOL, and pick right up were I left off. Just that funny thing called life, and can't-be-bothered-itis getting in the way of a good old bloggy chinwag.

Anyhow. Races. Annual. Dusty. Dirty. Catering. Frocks. Long day. Fun times.

As I wasn't the principal organiser this year, I had time to do some faffing. The Thursday before the races, scratching about looking for a big sheet of card to make the price list, I was inspired. Went to the shed, found the perfect sized bit of fibro (ply would have been better, but beggars can't be choosers). Found the small time of blackboard paint purchased eons ago and never used, went to work. Dried instantly, so that afternoon armed with chalk got busy. Made a zillion spelling mistakes in my concentration on letter formation, which IG people very helpfully, and loudly ;-) pointed out. Rest assured, I repaired the errors the next morning.


IMG_3770 IMG_3779

Girly fashion choices were made. For the little girls in the family at least.

IMG_3799  Food shed. Decorated gaily with bunting and green masking tape to stop our plastic tablecloth blowing away.IMG_5289 Little ladies having a day out.

IMG_3807 IMG_5275 IMG_5277

Fashion at its finest, The Husband finding himself wearing a pink cupcake apron whether he liked it or not (matched the rest of the canteen staff! and protected his new shirt from fat splatters). The school staff scrubbed up all right - teacher aides in the middle and Miss Mach on the right.

IMG_5304 IMG_5307 IMG_5309

The Husband was supported ably by our local chopper pilot/campdraft president/ratbag, who wore a floral apron with flare (he thought florals suited him more than stripes).... Loving that orange/coral with navy!! And so nice to see YELLOW!!! (the girl on the outside taking home the Fashions on The Fields for the day).

IMG_5404And we even saw some horses run past.

IMG_3795  IMG_5416 IMG_5421 

And there endeth the annual race meeting for another year. Sandwhiches made, wrapped and sold. Pies heated, roast-beef-and-gravy-rolls served up, kebabs cooked with love (and quiet swearing).

All over til next year!


  1. Loving your black get up ... you know you want to come and be a Melbournite really!;)

  2. Lots of fun had by all Sharon...I love a good community get together, all be it a bit dusty.

  3. country races days are lots of fun...........

  4. Loving the blackboard set up you made, very crafty and all the fashions on the field. Regards Kathy

  5. Splendid photos - the four young maids all in a row is delightful. I always enjoy the sense of lively community you bring to us ...


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