Monday, October 14, 2013

Bunkering down in the north

Creativity of both photographic and literary genre seem to have take leave of absence up here, as you may have noted by the sporadic posting of late. Really, there isn't a lot to talk about that you haven't heard before.  I haven't picked my camera up in weeks (although not helped by the fact I think I may have buggered my favourite lens when I dropped it, or at the very least broken the USM part of it).

There is much watching of the skies and horizons, another day leads us a day closer to that elusive "scattered storms" or even the holy grain, The Wet Season. (we hope).  We have, finally, seen a slight change with some small fronts coming through and dropping an odd shower here and there. 20mm measured by remote monitor at one tank at the prickle farm, however we have our thoughts it was a very tiny narrow strip of 20mm. (I'd certainly take 20mm here at home, if nothing else to settle the waves of dust that blow in with any gusty wind from the wrong direction!).

So, whilst we bunker down waiting for rain, pumping and monitoring water 24/7, ordering molasses and lick (and not opening bills til end-of-month) and finding two decks here and there that meet sale requirements just to lighten off (certainly not bringing exceptional dollars), we go on doing our day to day stuff...

IMG_5243  IMG_5271 IMG_5251

The new bike is lovely and comfy to ride, and who couldn't not be cheefull riding a sunny yellow bike with wicker basket on the front?! 

The kids wanted to have a family BBQ (being denied public outings because of the POX) and so we did the last evening of the school holidays. Complete with ambiance.

I made a big calendar for my mum for Christmas, which features some FULL PAGE A3 photos of the kids (overlayed by the calendar part at the bottom). Hoping it turns up in the mail soon, ordered (on sale) from Big W. Was great fun to put together, and surely she can't complain about no pics of the kids after that. I'll share when it arrives, I'm excited to see how it turned out!

IMG_5263 IMG_5266

Pool has been fairly constantly used. Mum and Dad even taking the odd dip, however its been a bit breezy and holy cow a wee bit fresh even after a hot day. Swimming tog tan line bottoms are starting to appear on the kids.

Its taken me how long but finally got hooks attached to board and hung. Husband did the hooks (didn't trust my measuring) and I did the hanging. Kids have been instructed to hang togs with care ;-) Finally no more dumping of wet togs on the floor. Well it still happens but frowny mum ensures they eventually land where they are meant to.

IMG_5275 IMG_5301

The long awaited sanding of the kitchen table commenced. And ground to a halt when sanding belts disintegrated. Table is back inside and covered with plastic table cloth until new belts and water based sealant procured (and a time frame that allows sealer to be applied and allowed to harden. I'm thinking I need to dig out a plastic table for the duration!)

Many concrete troughs being dispatched, and its starting to get very quiet at the yard. To be expected, as the rest of the state also bunkers down, and spending is restricted to essential items such as feed.

  IMG_5401 IMG_5344

Kittens Hamish and Andy are still providing great amounts of entertainment for children and adults alike - Hamish having a liking for small boxes (most relaxed cat ever, Georgie carted him around in this little opened ended box for ages, he purred the whole time). However her attempt at cat walking with rigged up rope harness was unsuccessful, albeit hilarious to watch! 


Life is still great, even with the extra added challenges!


  1. I use to live in the north west of WA and use to love the arrival of the wet season. I spent hours watching storms and the back yard turn from a dust bowl to a lake with total fascination.

  2. You've plenty going on Sharon, will look forward to seeing an 'after' shot of the table. The coloured hooks look very summery, though don't know if that would be enough to encourage this crowd to hang anything up! I'm still deciding if we 'need' a pool, budget taking a hammering this quarter, something to do with those windowed envelopes that keep turning up! Stay cool.

  3. That final photo is a stunner ... and I like the new header too. At least I think it is new, or have I just been incredibly blind? Hoping that rain arrives soon for you. The table is going to look super after the sanding and revamping... Your young ones look full of beans!

  4. PS I am coveting that yellow bicycle ...


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