Thursday, October 3, 2013

highlights of September school holidays

Its been a ripper of a school holidays, let me tell you. We had some grand plans for the second week, but the first week was a take-it-as-it-comes sort of plan, which suddenly included during the first week, the mustering (far easier as only one water left in the paddock) of steers, and sale of two decks of them.IMG_5034

It was while we were doing this muster that we first noticed a little rash appearing on Georgie's face, and put it down to contact with something a bit nasty.  By the time we finished with the cattle, and kid sleepovers at Granma's it was Wednesday.  After she got out of bed that morning, I rang the doctors for an urgent appointment. Posted a pic on Instagram and some good people there diagnosed it before I reached the helpful and effervescent final year med student doing prac at the surgery. SHINGLES. She googled it for me, and we both agreed on the defined location of the rash. Off armed with a script for anti viral medication and some googling of my own to gauge the contagiousness of it to other people.

IMG_5062 IMG_5075 IMG_5078

IMG_5115 IMG_5165 IMG_5228

She was very stoic, and apart from some panadol for headache/fever, she got by with just a cool damp washer on her face and swoollen eye.The tablets she were given were thankfully dissolvable (still not very pleasant) but of all the kids to get this, and not send mother crazy, this was the right one!!

IMG_5190 IMG_5208   IMG_5203

Husband squeezed another day of cattle work out of us when Georgie was recovered (just some dry flaky skin remaining of the rash) so I set of most optimistically in my crisp stripy shirt.  Wasn't so crisp by the end of the day. But still, one can still take time to enjoy the rather show off sunset, there have been a few of those the past week.

IMG_5127     IMG_5141

There's been time to enjoy the new pool (although its still not quite warm enough for mum to consider!) and some flowering around the garden, despite its dryness.

IMG_5116 IMG_5157 IMG_5129

Classiness entered an all new high here, running out of tissues. Enter new invention: putting toilet roll inside the empty tissue box. Whilst flossy was dealing with shingles I was dealing with germs passed on by my brother, with an annoying cold I am yet to fully shake. However, on the bright side, my YELLOW bike was finally assembled and it is indeed very comfortable to treddle about on. Pity about the compromised lung capacity as I cough up a lung every morning. Tis a fun way to start the day.

IMG_5148 We had grand plans of an outing tomorrow, movie and maccas and grocery shopping, just so there was some excitement for the kids during the holidays. Unfortunately....

IMG_5233That is indeed the spotty back of an immunised-but-never-had-chicken-pox boyo. Yes, you can catch chicken pox from shingles, but you can't catch shingles.

Someone hand me the wine bottle, I think I need to take up drinking.


  1. How you can parent effectively, and contend with your current drought situation without drinking is simply beyond me Sharon! I take my hat off to you ;-)
    Gee, I feel for Georgie, that rash looks dreadful, pleased to hear she's recovering well. What are your thoughts on her little brother? Still thinking Chicken Pox?
    Love the yellow bike, some images necessary of the owner onboard, perhaps some daffodils styled just so in the basket.
    Enjoy what's left of these holidays.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you definitely have earned a glass or two of 'patience' (as Julia Roberts apparently calls it). Love the photos, especially the one of the bike. I have got one just like it but in sky blue - and have been enjoying riding to work and around the place - I can feel my carbon footprint decreasing (hopefully my backside will be soon too)! I love your your blog - makes me feel like I'm still 'in the loop' and I hope the illnesses are on the wane. Love Megan

  3. Wow it Is looking so dry, I know should be no surprise but still. I hope you get some much needed rain soon. Poor kids, what a way to spend part of the holidays, sick. Tell them to time it better, school time is much more productive for being sick. I love the windmill photo and the first very dry cattle shot too.

  4. Also just so you are feeling very well read and important (as you should) I love reading your blog, makes me feel closer to the life I had not too far from there.

  5. great pics except fro the spots and rashes.........that sure was a dampener for the holidays.........hope it rains soon.............

  6. Oh, poor Georgie :(. And then your son too, with the dreaded 'pox ... I think at least one drink a day is in order! And despite all that you can still take the most stunning photo of that windmill? I take my (metaphorical) hat off to you!


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