Friday, December 20, 2013

now, where was I?

A random assortment of images from the past few weeks

 IMG_6266 We put up the Christmas Tree (the new giant Christmas tree!) . I tried to take a decent photo. Quite unsuccessful.


Tried to take another photo, with the SLR. I've barely used it since I dropped it back in August, and this is why. I have been pretending it hasn't been broken but I think the time has come to face the music (and the repair bill)...

B img 6233After some editing work, it came up not so bad, but the focus on the camera is so not well.

IMG_6413IT RAINED!! 2 lovely inches (feels so long ago now!) Kids were very excited.

IMG_6508School breakup concert was held, Santa visited and a musical/dance performance was presented by the kids. Was so good. They've all done music lessons one day a week at school and from kids that could not play ANY instruments to date, they have really learnt so much. A four player rendition of Heart and Soul was just brilliant.

IMG_6528   IMG_6657The last week of school saw me in the cattle yards with the husband, pulling off weaners and bringing home a wedge of poddies in an assortment of Dad and Dave style enclosures in the back of the ute....

IMG_6662 IMG_6663

We adopted an H theme for the Class of 2014.This was the little settling-in pen we set up under the mango tree for them.

IMG_6686Second last day of school was celebrated with a fun swimming day in town, and photo bombing boy child.

Phew....and that's only til the end of the school year. I am not terribly good at summarising am I!


  1. Gosh, you do a better job than what I do!

  2. Love the "blurry" broken camera photos. They are so soft. I think you have done a great job of summarizing. Our past week has been sent trying to find grass for cattle....

  3. Love the attitude in those first James is into photo bombing at the moment and whilst it is funny when you are focusing on one child (seriously) and the other one does the same photo bombing over and over again........I say it aint funny!!!! Have a Safe and Happy Christmas with your family and look forward to reading about your adventures in 2014. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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