Saturday, December 21, 2013


As if the end of the school year wasn't exciting and exhausting enough, straight away we had a social engagement - my sister in law Chelsea's baby shower (how much has changed in a few short years - weren't any baby showers when I was having babies!).

Wore navy and white and orange. A favourite combination of mine you might have noticed.

IMG_6706   Day started well with the boy bawling over something in the car....

IMG_6707 And the view on the way to the venue at the other local small school in the district (where in fact I went to school) was pretty stark.


The decorations were of course pretty, and the food and drink plentiful...oh the food. One thing country ladies can do well is "bring a plate". yum yum yum.

IMG_6711 IMG_6713 IMG_6716        IMG_6727














The usual assortment of baby shower games were played, including the ever popular squished up chocolate inside a nappy game (the nappies were taken home and carefully placed for my hungover-from-the-night-before and poo-allergic brother to discover)

            IMG_6718   IMG_6721 IMG_6730It was a lovely day, with her mum and two sisters coming along as well as local friends. And like anyone who has been pregnant over summer, Chelsea is counting down the days - but isn't due until mid January!

We've predicted a baby boy called Heston ;-) (continuing with our H theme of course!)


  1. Love the outfit, the crying child in the car and OMG that dry dirt do live in the country luv. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Lovely images Sharon.
    That photo of Angus crying kills me, my own poor children crying rarely unsettles me ... but someone else's ... oh man.
    Great to see the "must-have" drink dispenser getting a work-out ... my poor thing comes out but once a year. Melbourne Cup. And we didn't have one this year.
    The navy, white and orange is a winner. Stick with it.


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