Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I had the opportunity to photograph my brothers chubster new baby girl recently. She's a bit of a grumpy guts, but we were able to get a few quick shots of her (with some bum patting to get her in the mood).

I've decided that in looks she pretty much takes entirely after her mothers side of the family :) (lucky for Violet hey!)

violet 1

violet 3

violet 5For the first time ever I think I have used a skin softening action, to take away the mottled colour she had and tone down the little blemishes on her chubby cheeks.

And I used my big camera again, freshly back from the repair shop. Turns out it wasn't anything major...but I'm still thinking something's not quite right, and now turning my attention to my all time favourite lens. I suspect the USM may have been damaged when it was dropped. Images aren't quite as sharp and clear as I think they should be from this lens.

Anyhow, there's Violet, who is now 6 weeks of age and has hearty lungs and appetite, and is quite good at dispelling wind at both ends. And is pretty good at a power spew too, witnessed it the other day. Love a squishy baby, but wouldn't go back there for quids!

In other news...its trying to rain. Nearly 30mms here in the past 4 days in small falls, and 20mm 10 days earlier. Things are a bit greener looking, but of course, we are still waiting for The Big Fall(s) to run some water. There has been recorded some great falls around the region so hopefully the gaps are starting to fill.

Lots more adventures to share, lets hope I can get my act together soon and share them!


  1. She's beautiful Sharon, regards Kathy

  2. The photos are beautiful Sharon, made more so by the subject. I'm afraid this old chook still gets clucky at the sight of a little, fresh one.

  3. Today me and my mate got to nurse our Vietnamese friends little six week old daughter - now there's something you don't see everyday.
    Talking about the stinking weather (as you do ), couln't work out why I couldn't get connected with the internet until I checked my Wi Fi and found the USB thingo had melted and come apart!


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