Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dodgy Birthday Cakes, Edition 1, 2014

We have an eleven year old in the house. How did that happen? Second day of school, she set her alarm so that she had an extra 10 minutes of time in order to unwrap her pressies before making lunch and doing other chores. (father and I have placed bets on how long this new found efficiency and time keeping will last).

all stlye and class IMG_8148A new work hat being on the list of requested gifts and duly delivered, amongst girly things like earrings and flowery headbands. (hat is palm straw, brand is  Sunbody).IMG_8169She didn't request a cake style as such, kindly saying "whatever you can do mum!". Inspired by something I'd seen online with flowers (possibly real deal!) I ratted around in the craft drawer, and emerged triumphant with this pink beauties from the $2 shop. What their original purchase was for I do not know, but who knows when you might need a pink peony for something. Maybe not so dodgy this year (its the palette knife gifted to me last year, I swear its a game changer!)


And just like that, she is eleven. And we are not even thinking about the fact that this is her last year of schooling at home. Not even going there at all.


  1. Ah, many congratulations to her (and you!) and you certainly pulled out all the stops with that splendid cake!

  2. Oh wow 11, how grown up. I love that birthday cake so simple and pretty. That icing job is great, better than mine.

  3. Happy Birthday, can't believe in one year they are in high school....and I am sure they will be fine!


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