Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bless his cotton socks

"Mum!" Two more sleeps 'til my surgery!"

He's excited about his surgery? I remind him that he'll probably not feel very well after it, that he'll have a very sore throat and need lots of medicine. He'll be in hospital for a day and a night.  That he'll be a bit sick for a few days.

"Yeah, that's all right. I've always got a sore throat." He pauses thoughtfully. "So.. When do I get to start eating lots of ice cream and jelly??!!!"


I hope it lives up to his expectations?!

If you're on FB or Instagram with me, you'll recall my questions recently about tonsil and adenoid removal. The date for surgery has come around very quickly for Angus. He's a pretty energetic little boy already, so cannot imagine what he's going to be like once he can breathe properly! (a clue was after he was under GA to have a broken arm set, and on oxygen. After he got through the god awful horribleness of the effects of GA, The Husband and both commented on how energetic he was, like he'd had THE BEST sleep ever. He obviously had!).

But in the meantime...I'm bracing myself for the few days that follow the surgery.  We've an enforced few days - A Holiday, The Husband calls it! -in the city post-operatively, but in that there are strings attached - no shopping centres or places where there are lots of germy people obviously! (I shall be taking advantage of Woolies Home Delivery I think!)

Kid's Panadol and Nurofen are on my shopping list. The Zoku iceblock maker is on the packing list.

I'm taking my laptop, and hoping to catch up on lots of blogging and photo editing - hopefully I will find that space of mind that has been seriously lacking of late.

Dr approves of fresh sea air as well (but no swimming) so I forsee some leisurely beach sitting in the afternoons or early evenings.

Mental note to self: pack picnic blanket.

In the meantime, please feel free to share any tips and hints of your experiences with tonsil and adenoid removal! I'm all ears.

I'll catch up with you after the storm ;-)


  1. Hope it all goes well....even though these are routine's still you kid under GA and it's still a big deal. Enjoy the forced holiday with your laptop and editing software. I've just checked the status of my Digital Project Life book that I ordered from Blurb and it arrived at Brisbane airport this morning and was on the truck at 9.27 am to be delivered to me today...can't wait, I'm so excited to have a year of photos off my HDD. Hopefully they won't come when I duck out to get the kids from school otherwise they might keep it on the truck until tomorrow. Take care. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Love kids' perspective on things ..... jelly & ice-cream being a key benefit of the discomfort!? Hope you've got that crochet hook packed.....

  3. I hope he doesn't get too disappointed to the post surgery fair ... I believe I had to eat a burger before they would let me leave. Theory being you need to eat something rougher and chunky to clear the mucous.

  4. Will be thinking of you over the next few days Sharon. It's very difficult seeing your child in a hospital bed, though gives you a great appreciation of their usual good health. Hope everything runs very smoothly and your 'holiday' is 'relaxing'. (can't see it)!

  5. Speaking from an older tonsil removal eating even though you hate it and regular pain relief is good. Good luck - looked after post tonsillectomy kids as a nurse and they seem to recover better than us poor adults!

  6. My daughter had her tonsils out a few years ago when she was about 19 years old. My one piece of advice would be to stay on top of the pain. If you wait too long to give meds it's hard to get it under control again. And if your son seems extremely uncomfortable insist they give him something stronger than regular pain relief. I hope your son makes a quick recovery!

  7. Sorry to say jelly & icecream is not ideal as it encourages bacterial growth on the raw tonsil bed. Like Country Mouse said rough things like toast are far better. And Coke. Its like a drain cleaner for the throat. Keep up the pain killers and he may 'hit the wall' after 1 week of improvements they sometimes take a little backward step but in the end they are far better off without rotten tonsils keeping them sub par all the time. Good luck! Jo

  8. 1 post in 3 weeks, you're a slacker like me. What's your excuse? Sick kids is fair enough i suppose. I'm doing my prac and i'm up to my eyeballs in assignments. horrible bloody stuff.
    I hope Augus' op went well xxxx

  9. Hoping all goes well and he recovers quickly - and all of you too! Over here in the UK, jelly and ice cream are no longer post operative choices. All that sugar ... Toast is given - apparently the scratchiness encourages the throat to heal faster. And here's to a little. 'You ' time with your photos :).


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