Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easter Holiday mini adventure

thThe Easter Holidays weren’t terribly exciting, with work to be done and all parties relishing in the lack of school and no lunches to be made (mum in particular enjoying that one). But when the cattle work was finally done and the weaners finally delivered to Yaraka, we made time for a day off.

We thought, that, with some of the storms about, that the Secret Special Fishin’ Hole might have a decent amount of water. So armed with smoko and lunch delicacies, and fishing lines (I always pack food as my faith in fisher persons is not high) and accompanied by friends, we set off.


The kids were excited to be heading in the wild yonder.


We did find water, far less than we had hoped for. Obviously rains upstream was short and sweet and it was no longer running, other than the tiniest of trickles through the sand. Casualty of the drought that does continue.

Lines were thrown in with great enthusiasm.


But the water was murky looking and whilst we could see the little tiny fish swimming around the edges, there was no big fish sighted no any nibbles received.


Rachel and I decided that fishing was not for us, and retired for smoko. Could have been far worser ways to be spending the day. We wore off the excesses of smoko with a stroll down river exploring….


Kids may have tried to catch little tiny fish with their hands in the rockpools, but those fish were too fast for them Smile

IMG_0142The biggest fishing expedition of the day happened when we discovered that Pete’s shoe,knocked off a rock by one of the kids (or a bird) had to be found….fortunately shoes float, and aided by a northerly breeze was found nestled into the bank some 200 metres downstream .IMG_0147

The lack of fish did not deter us; we found some shade and greeness, the kids explored and we may have lazed away a few good hours talking and eating and righting the wrongs of the world…



(The Husband was wishing the chair had one of those foot rest thingys so he could have a quiet 40 winks)

Despite the lack of fish,the day was still declared a success by the kids and they weren’t the only ones who was a wee bit weary from doing very little that evening.

Nothing like a bit of fresh air and zero electronic entertainment for the day!


  1. Looks like a pretty perfect way to spend a day to me ... fish or no fish!

  2. Wow that sounds like the perfect day and very relaxing. I love the look of you secret fishing hole.

  3. looks like a beautiful spot to spend the day...........nothing like that around here..............wished we could all say the drought was over.............looking for more rain here now...............

  4. What a perfect spot.
    I love the shot of you and Rachel. It still looks like you're both at home with your pantry cupboards wide open behind you!

    1. Was quite like that actually, it was like - ooh you have coffee sachets (mocha no less!) - and you have brought a flask! awesome!! We shall have to repeat, there's another creek near us with more water which may produce more fish.


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