Sunday, August 17, 2014

the tour

It came around again, the annual Tour de Prairie, whilst the real riders biked around the hills of France.  Costume deciding was weeks in the planning (as of course, our bike ride was FANCY DRESS). Mum layed down the rules: must be kept SIMPLE.


Georgie originally had other plans (of which I have forgotten) but embraced my Huck Finn suggestion with gusto (we did have to google some images though, as she hadn’t heard of him before!) Kate wanted to be a rock star, along with her little mate Grace, so they hatched plans to be matching rock stars. Angus, recycling his Where’s Wally glasses, was of course Harry Potter with the addition of a borrowed cape (and use of eyeliner pencil on his forehead).




The dress up theme was embraced by the school and community. Really the bike ride itself (a 14km round trip) is just an excuse.




This one is of Wally NOT TOUCHING THE BABY (if he doesn’t look at her and his butt touches her arm it doesn’t count) Baby is my niece Violet.



A sausage sizzle was enjoyed by all and recovery on the lawn. Then they had to ride back again….some deciding to catch a ride half way.

Kids slept well that night.


  1. I look forward to this post every year

  2. Doesn't this event come around all too quickly! The kids look great ... and love the banana in pyjamas!

  3. Love everything about this event! Lots of good costuming ideas between you and Fiona this week. Rob needed a costume for this Thursday night at Sports Camp. He saw Fiona's last blog with a Ned Kelly character and promptly cut a hole in one of my black buckets!!


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