Thursday, November 20, 2014

Around here

We continue to feed horses, every afternoon, without fail.



Some times with some added Red for Daniel Day.



We continue to search the skies for signs of rain filled clouds. Some days are more hopeful than others.


We continue to have heavy hearts when we allow ourselves to really look at the pictures in front of us.


We work. Some days are sticker than others with molasses spills. Dust is a given. (lets not talk about cobwebs, OK!)


We play.


And we wait.

IMG_5797IMG_6399IMG_6673IMG_6053 IMG_5855

And we wait.


  1. its heart breaking waiting and waiting and waiting................this year we have just struggled from fall to fall once we got a bit of rain............but back to feeding.............selling off some more feed supplies......the waiting game is terrible..............

    race day looks fun in the previous post..............

  2. There really aren't words Sharon. I'm not sure that it helps in any way, but know that you're being thought of every day. At least this stinking heat makes it feel a little more like something could happen, plenty of thunder and light shows around here last night ... but no cigar.

  3. Waiting for something to happen at an unknown time is horrible but waiting for rain is worse. Hopefully it won't be too long until the waiting game is over. On a happy note, all that dryness does make for good photos. I hope some wetness and some green come into your lives soon.
    We are playing the wet season waiting game here as well. They are talking water restrictions. Water restrictions in the coastal tropics, who'd have thought.
    Just this week someone turned the temp up and the humidity way up so maybe it is coming soon.

  4. It's hard to see that in the beauty of your magic shots, there is the misery of lack of rain and the weariness of waiting. So wishing we could send you some! Thinking of you ...


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