Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Off and Racing

Way back in August we were meant to hold our annual race meeting. We had a teeny tiny amount of rain the day before, and on this dry parched ground, it was deemed enough to make the surface somewhat dangerous, and so the races were postponed. We all breathed a sigh of relief and went on doing the myriad of other things clamouring for attention.

Roll around the new race date – which so fell the weekend after the Melbourne Cup.  That’s one way to get the spring racing mood happening I suppose, although Spring Racing in Western Qld poses far different wardrobe challenges than spring racing in Melbourne (not to mention the need to kick off ones thongs TWICE in one week!). Cardigan less of an issue opposed to keeping cool!

Melbourne Cup day I was very tempted to stay at home and wallow in the air-conditioning and not stray far from the televised coverage. However, with the combined nagging of my mum and sister in law, the kids (given a day off school as they didn’t have a show holiday) and I frocked up and went to the Melbourne Cup function hosted by the other small school in the shire.




(violet clearly finding the situation concerning).  I favoured a blue and yellow ensemble for the day, with the head piece being borrowed, but matching my new yellow clutch which I just LUFF.

We had a lovely day out, Angus relishing in some boy play and not arriving home as tidy as he left (in fact saturated from balloon fights with a “boy” with children of his own).

Roll on our own race meeting, at which our tiny p and c run the canteen. There was little time for photos I have to say, the crowd was big, and we were kept on the hop all day.


The Husband had to shower and dress the kids – thank goodness they are somewhat self sufficient these days. I arrived home for a shower after setting up, in time to take a few shots before they got dirty. (side note here. Boys bloody skinny legged slacks. How awful are they?! where does one buy normal legged slacks?)


And I managed to snap this on my way between the coldroom and the food shed. The fashion was every bit as colourful and glamorous as Melbourne. Except a bit dustier around the edges.


Someone else took these photos of the kids fashions (awesome photo isn’t it!) Our rough and tumble spare kid dressed up beautifully  (remember, she won at the last race meeting and obviously inspired her!); Gracie in the middle in the white navy and yellow (she was so clean looking!) won the girls. Angus, sporting an ice cream mustache and SO NOT neat and tidy, won the boys. (good thing they could see what he’d been like on arrival!). Thankfully a lady sitting near him whisked his ice cream out of his hand before he accepted his prize.


We sold all bar two sandwiches, which we gave to someone in need of food in his belly. Packed up and put all away that day.  It was exhausting.


















Snapped these in the car park – these two girls – so grown up looking! – head off to boarding school next year.

And that, is the end of our racing season for the year. Thank goodness. My aching feet.


  1. Just love the fashions, both grown ups and kids. Both of your outfits are sensational too. You, my friend, are a country racing 'style' icon!

  2. Gee Angus is looking smooth in that first photo, genetic trait I guess. I know what you mean about the skinny-legged pants, in fact that was a running joke on our recent Melbourne trip, that I was going to procure a pair for the big fella. Can you imagine?
    The P&C canteen looks great, for instant flair just add bunting, though I'm not bringing that up at a meeting here.
    Love your navy shirt-dress. Think I might need myself one of those!
    Those kids are growing like weeds, Kate's navy spot/stripe combo is beautiful. Is it a dress or skirt and top?

  3. It might have been dusty around the edges and the kids might have been very bedraggled by the end but you all looked lovely and I bet it was a lot of fun for all involved.

  4. Wow, there's a lot of smart people! You look wonderful - and I am a tad envious of that gorgeously bright bag of yours ...


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