Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions (apart from the constant ones nagging at the back of my mind - clean the house more -eat better food - loose weight....you get my drift!) but I have decided 2008 will HAVE to be the year that I become more organised. Mostly because Kate starts school in a week's time, and that in itself is going to make me keep on top of things so that she gets to school on time, wearing clean knickers and uniform and with a prepared lunch.

The other reason, apart from the fact that I am eternally behind in my bookwork, was that I discovered a what a huge amount of photos I had taken since May 2007 and NOT PRINTED! I won't tell you how many (its a bit like revealing one's weight, or age, or bra size!) but suffice to say, I will henceforth be downloading cameras, editing, culling and having photos printed religiously each month. I shall also be spending an inordinate amount of time sorting and putting away the last seven months worth of photos when they return from the photo printing place.

Anyhoo, in other scandalously exciting news, I thought I would share with you what my sister in law made me for my recent birthday (the one that the kids believe I turned 30 yet again.."your number is 30 isn't it Mum?" ...they are big on owning numbers at the moment, ie Kate's number is four, nearly five; Georgie's number is three). It doesn't look like this anymore after an overhaul, I wore it so much I wore the silver off the letters. I like the newer version better, its got more of those gorgeously yummy glass beads.
I also wanted to share one of the projects undertaken (well actually the only project really! couldn't convince him to bring home any more pavers) over the Christmas break - paving under the bauhinia tree. This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, and I am so pleased with the outcome. Trevor, the one who whinged and whined and told me how much effort and time it was going to take, now lays claim to the whole thing, as it didn't take much of either! I plan to plant some little daisy flowers around the tree.

I did have big plans to do some scrapbooking tonight, as the girls are visiting granma (marvellous how just a few hours without that NOISE has soothed my soul already!) but the insects are so bad I think I shall have to turn the lights out and watch some TV instead. More rain a'coming I do so believe.

Off to dream of a more organised life....with colour coded index tabs!

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