Friday, January 25, 2008

Exhibit A

I present to you, Exhibit A (below) as evidentary proof that my secondary school Home Economics teacher (Mrs Rob.) should have spent less time teaching us about Generation Y (whose significance on society I have long fogotten) and much, MUCH more time on showing us how to ice a birthday cake for our five year old daughters. Perhaps I was sick that day?

It is, as Kate requested, heart shaped, but it is there that the similarity to the imagined concotion of delight that I envisioned and reality ended. I endevoured to make a rainbow cake, with delightful swirls of colour banded throughout the cake (I have to say I followed no instructions!) but instead it seems to resemble the ice cream pies that we used to make as kids (stirred and semi melted icecream with hundreds and thousands; no wonder our mother used to walk away!). Baked fine, definatley edible (if you close your eyes).....husband brought home the requested marshmallows so that I could decorate with delightful flowers as depicted in the ever misleading Australian Women's Weekly Book of Impossibly to Replicate Birthday Cakes. However he melted them on the way home (a whole other post!) So, me thought, I can do something ELSE creative.....which has lead to the frighteningly pink and rather poorly crafted cake as seen above. I know that she won't care, as long as it has five candles on it, but I rather wanted to have made a cake that was fitting to grace the pages of Donna Hay or feature as part of our life in the bush in Australian Country Style.

Anyhow, it shall be consumed in fine style tomorrow as we spend our Australia Day morning on the banks of the hopefully still running river, dipping our toes in its crystal waters and slapping away the odd five thousand mossies and sandflies.

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