Friday, November 21, 2008

A quick post

I really must get back into posting, so as to maintain this "visual diary" and also as a place to chuck my random and more often than not quite ratty thoughts at...

A photo of the kids for you today, at the sort of recent Melbourne Cup Day/afternoon we had recently, at a friends place not far from home. The kids had a ball, as opposed their appearance in this photograph! It was STINKING hot and the cooling system at our friends place involved a sprinkler system on the roof of the patio, which ran off the roof like a mini shower...which the kids found great delight in running through. Time and time again. Luckily it was hot, as wet clothes took no time to dry. Angus however, did end the day running around in his little jocks.
Anyhow, I have some sick and miserable and crying children bellowing on the floor beside me, so I really must go and put them to bed or SOMETHING before I loose what little sanity I have left. I believe they are having a competition on who can cry the loudest.
Bye for now!

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