Sunday, November 30, 2008

when santa came to town

We had our school breakup last night. It was great fun - Santa came by horseback. He did fall off, with a fair bit of help from his assistant Melvin.

It has to be said that Melvin had a bit of a devlish streak in him yesterday and was bent on causing some havoc. Good news though, Santa remounted and left Melvin running up the road behind him. Sadly, none of this most exciting action was captured on film for three reasons 1. I was busy blocking the horse 2. I was busy giving Santa (who, it has to be said, was heavier than expected) a leg up, and 3. I was busy laughing hysterically.

Reports from the North Pole this morning indicate that Melvin has received harsh warning and may not be in the same important position of chief offsider next year, and that 2IC Elf Herman may be a candidate for the job.

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