Friday, April 19, 2013

Aren't I the Lucky One

Schools back in. Lunch box torture commenced once again, however on the upside we go back to a 9am start at school (we do 830 in summer because of the heat)..amazing what a difference that extra half an hour makes in the mornings.











I was impressed, as you would be, to discover a burgeoning toothache the other evening, whilst watching TV. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you will know of my ambivalence towards dentistry (ie cold sweat inducing) - no hard feelings dentists, please don't take it personally - so this toothache didn't exactly fill me with joy, especially when it didn't really go away. Perhaps the gods were smiling on me, as I found out that the travelling dentist was in town, and they found me a space. I put on my pretty sandals and necklace to cheer me up for the exciting prospect of dental treatment, and off I went.

The young Asian, just left high school (god I feel old) dentist very cheerfully did an x-ray "hmm, wisdom tooth there causing the problem" and then "ohh" (which is NEVER a good sign is it) on receipt of x-ray. Joy joy, lucky lucky me, its impacted and will require firstly a nice BIG x-ray, and then surgical removal (in Townsville).

Magically, any ache has disappeared (mind over matter?! which didn't work when I required that root canal a while back)...

imageBreathe in, breathe out...

So, how's your week been?! Dentist free I hope!


  1. Don't ignore a compacted wisdom tooth .... I have heard some wicked tales from those who did!

  2. Bloody wisdom teeth!
    But far more importantly ... I have exactly the same sandals!

  3. Oh dear...I had mine out when I was about 14...I don't mind dentists, its the cost thats the problem! Have you ever wondered how one decides to become a dentist? Perplexing! And yes schools back in...can't believe it is Term 2 already!

  4. There is nothing worse than tooth ache and of course the cost that goes with the fixes. Started back at ww this week as I need to lose 10kgs and someone mentioned they were going to the dentist after the meeting and she said she hates dentists. One of the other members said her husband was a dentist and did we know dentists have one of the highest sucide rates because everyone walks in and says they hate dentists and are scared etc. you can understand why people say that as I don't think it's one of those things that anyone like's to go because it is uncomfortable and the costs hit you in the family's hip pocket. Good luck with it all it's all a pain. Kathy

  5. Commiserating with you - I have had lots of teeth trouble too. Lad there was a visiting dentist - good to be reminded that we are lucky enough to have several locally here. Do heed Amy.'s thought

  6. Sorry that posted before I was ready! I was just going to say that wisdom teeth pain can come and go intermittently until a final flare up but you really don't want to get to that point! Sympathising about lunch boxes - I hated doing them too!


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