Tuesday, April 2, 2013

waiting for a bus

That's what it feels like, a friend recently said, waiting for it to rain. But now its becoming increasingly apparent its a bus that's not going to turn up, that we aren't going to get what we call a "wet season". (along with the greater part of the north/west of the state, so don't think we are alone in this of course!)

On that note (and in all seriousness), for any of the readers out there on the land: seeking agistment for 300-400 hd of no2 & no3 heifers (yearlings you might call them) We'll consider all offers/areas.


Anyhow, other random, less weighty observations:

- I probably shouldn't ever wear white tights/leggings (whatever you call em) even though I do so love white and they are so comfy under a nice tunic. (I'm a late fan to tunics, but love them I do) hello sausage legs ;-)

- I wonder if its possible to have a chocolate/sugar hangover? (see above, may have something to do with legs mentioned above)

- my three calves, which have lived on the lawn and back paddock of little grass for the past three months, are trashing the joint. They should go...but to where?! In better news, they have finally taken to eaten the snacks of calf crumble and molasses I have laid out temptingly for them.

- again, related to the above comment, walking on the lawn barefoot can be somewhat hazardous...but hey, its great fertiliser. And when things get too, umm, thick, I just let the chooks out and they happily scratch about the spread the evidence out nicely.

- speaking of walking on the lawn, yesterday I was chatting at the front gate, and a snake wandered over my foot. Nerves are yet to recover fully, the back end of it was all that was sighted as it cheerfully continued on its way into the jungle like front garden. Only consolation, thanks to aforementioned calves, is that the lawn is being kept very short (despite mad watering sessions every day).

- we are really really enjoying the slow mornings that school holidays have allowed. Which means productivity is at a low...and The Husband plans on throwing spanner in the works with talk of needing help laying poly pipe.  (lets hope the boys and their toys part is over before we get there, as honestly its only exciting for the male contingent of this family.)

- in direct correlation with the need to 'tighten the belt' and be fiscally responsible in all non-essential purchases, comes all sorts of advertising and sighting of desirable items one might purchase. (yes, I know, stop being so materialistic! but...prrretty)

That's about all that's filling my silly little mind at this point in time, hopefully next post will return with adventure filled photographs. Or at the very least, some crossing off the list of projects long planned!



  1. Oh Sharon, you sound so much calmer than I would be, given current weather conditions in your area. I have passed the agistment message onto the big fella ... his ear's always close to the ground.
    Think I'm suffering a little sugar overload myself ... so much so that I've downloaded Sarah Wilson's ebook version of "I Quit Sugar".
    Enjoy poly pipe laying!

  2. If only the rain could be distributed over Australia evenly or to the people who need it the most... I too am enjoying the fact that we do not have to get up ands out of the house early also. Take care Kathy

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  4. Sharon, I think of you and your family when I do my morning ritual of checking weather websites...looking for that elusive rain band to head your way.
    And I too, have that after taste of too much cheap "bunny" chocolate! Not sure if I'm keen enough to Quit Sugar though!?

  5. Oh gosh, you must be desperate for rain and I cannot imagine being in a place where it does not fall ... Hoping that the negative consequences for you all are not too great :(. And so with you on the boys and toys front - argh! Your sailing quote spoke to me today - thank-you!

  6. Sharon, You have a tremendous ability to see the lighter side...although the wet season period has passed anything at this point would be a blessing I assume. I refrained from too much chocolate over the weekend although I cant say much for the passing one through my mouth every day since...not good, but then one must live life right?? And yes we love school holidays, totally out of routine but so productive on the home front, I will worry about getting back into the swing of it when I have to! Praying for rain for you and the rest of the north/west of the State.

  7. Sharon we had rain today...........where do you want me to send it to!!


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