Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Holidays - the first week

The Easter Bunny did visit, despite many threats to the contrary! It was touch and go, as on the eve of Easter Sunday, as The Husband lay snoring on the floor "watching tv" in his jocks, a phone call came. A train had lit up along the road, and as all of the district bar us party poopers and one or two others, were at a big 18th party, Husband had to go lend a hand. (he put his work pants back on!). Luckily the bunny did not get caught in the flames and the fire was brought under control quickly.

IMG_2301Smoko and an Easter Egg hunt at Granny's place was then enjoyed, with of course the consumption of MORE chocolate....

IMG_2329(more stellar shots for the family photo album!)

We spent a quiet week at home, catching up and doing stuff (like in my case, tidying up my, ahem, shoe collection!)  and making last minute decisions on what to do in the following week of the school holidays. Before that however, was our niece Mackenzie's christening.


IMG_2409With extended family photos (my husbands side of the family, combined with sister in laws family)

IMG_2432  IMG_2439

And photos of boys with grandad, and the stance of brothers made me smile.

And I forgot, somehow, even though we were SO EARLY out the door, to take a little family photo of our own.

Next up: what last minute decision led to for Week Two of the holidays.


  1. Gosh, one brother is the spitting image and then the other looks quite different, despite the genetic stance tendancy!

    Your hair is looking good at the moment :)

  2. Love the photo of the girls and the eggs, so natural...and the photo of the men with the same seems that is all through our country men! Gorgeous to have one of your little boy and his grandad, precious indeed!


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