Friday, July 5, 2013

Bit o' renovating

I have a truckload of blog posts half written (badly) in the back of my mind, but like all of the best procrastinators, thought of course I needed to do some renovating before I could possibly go forth with literary elegance.

Do let me know what you think, there's a little floaty sidebar thingy over there on the right, with a bit of tidying done in the blogroll too.

Back to normal transmission as soon as I get the laundry situation somewhat under control!


  1. oh, I wasn't sure if there was something the matter with my machine when your header didn't appear. Found the sidebar roll though (nearly missed it as it doesn't show on my screen unless I move far right). Looking forward to the rest of the renovations.

    1. Alexa, it should show a list of posts down the left, and the little sidebar thingy on the right can be minimised out the way (well on my screen anyhow)

      Am having trouble with picture sizes, figuring out what is optimal size for this new format (which doesn't work well with Live Writer apparently). Not sure I am loving it, but will trial for awhile....


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