Tuesday, May 28, 2013

weekly roundup

Geez didn't that fly quickly, the week since the last weekly roundup brought to you by Instagram.

Looking back, although it didn't feel like very much out of the ordinary happened, there was lots of every day extraordinary going on.

imageimage image

1. someone lost his first top front tooth after it had been wobbling most annoying for quite some time. It did not leave his mouth without some assistance, and bled a bit...which didn't go down that well with a little boy that has a bit of a blood phobia. Ice did the trick and calm was restored. And the tooth fairy even remembered to visit that night!

2. Strange child #2 decided to make a rock family one afternoon and took herself off down the flat to find rocks with the right personality. Child busy + quiet = win in my books.

3. Finally gave my new sewing machine a test run and made myself (among some others) a fancy key fob thingy. Unsure if it will help me find my keys in my handbag or not. Time will tell.

image image image

4. Made lemon butter/curd using a super duper easy microwave recipe and the result was verrrry yummy. Have successfully given some away to reduce my own consumption.

5. In a fit of Georgie-like behaviour I stuck a peg on this cats tail as he lounged here in a spot that wasn't built for cat lounging (although does that ever stop them!) He wasn't best pleased with me...heh heh heh (don't worry, I took the peg off!)

6. New favourite Snickers ad featuring Alf. "don't dude me you long haired yahoo". Love it.

image image image

7. We had some strange, rain like weather!( fancy) not a lot, but enough to water the lawn for a few days and make it cold enough to have us scurrying for fire wood.

8. Went to a dressage masterclass (to watch, not participate). Great stuff. Am so not skilled or patient enough to even consider. Can admire though.

9. Wore favourite floral shirt, pretty beads and new bright blue vest. Blue vest insufficient to keep me warm at dressage as holy snapping cat fish it got a bit fresh. Luckily warmer woollen coats were taken along.

image image image

10. Strange child #2 came galloping in with excitement one afternoon, and had the whole family come inspect the sweet potato plant she managed to strike. Cleaning out the vegetable drawer awhile ago, we found a very withered sweet potato with shoots so she went off and buried it near the chook run. Lo and behold it did strike and seems to be growing very well. And yes, we water with our rain gauge! certainly hasn't been much use for anything else lately!! :-)

11. Freezer very rattly and hollow sounding, found some pork spare ribs, and made up my own thing and dumped them in the oven. Turned out very yummy for 2/3 kids, bloody bewdiful from the husband so not a bad score.

12. First ever printed blog book has arrived in the mail. Exciting times people, exciting times. Although as I had spent some time editing and reading text as I put it together, it doesn't feel so exciting reading it again, but am enjoying flicking through and seeing how it came together. I'll post more on this topic soon.

That's it for now, more of a week and a bit roundup, but who's counting!



  1. The Book!!! I'm busy for a couple of days and miss that it has arrived ... wow, very impressive! I need the deets now ....

  2. Seeing as numbering seems to be the system in use I'll give it a go:

    1. Love the keyring. Very crafty and clever.
    2. By the look of the pile of lemons still in the background of the lemon curd, you've a little more cooking ahead of you.
    3. Haven't seen the Snickers ad. Being on digital satellite, most of our adverts are Alice Springs based ... funny to hear our kids getting around the house singing the Alice Centre Plaza jingle!
    4. Am very envious of your big turquoise beads. And you know you've started a trend, Ainsley was sporting turquoise today as well.
    5. Pleased to see your rain guage with something watery in it.
    6. Loved the look of your pork casserole.
    7. I've had the blog books printed the past three years from blog2print also. Though the format isn't exactly what I'd like (would like larger, better quality photos, but not prepared to go back and re-upload), we love them. The kids are often reading them, even take them to bed at night for their nightly read.

    PS. Were your ears burning today? All good I might add.

  3. Glad to hear some rain has arrived, and TSO clearly has imagination and green fingers :). Homemade recipes are always great - we regularly have a Desperation Dinner here!

  4. Love the Instagram pics...apparently my iphone 3 no longer can use Instagram because they have updated their app..........so sad and contemplating upgrading my phone which I have been trying to avoid for some time now. Love to hear about your blog book. I need to print out 2012 year however all my photo links have gone missing for all my posts so I don't know what to do. Any suggestions anyone? The thing is if I had to reload all the photos it could be done if I really had to but there is no link to the image number so with just a ! I have no idea what photo it was. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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