Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lists and letters

IMG_5951IMG_5912Mum would very much like to see a copy of the other letter, hoping that it might contain less expensive electronic gadgets***. And the second child has been told that under no circumstances will Santa be bringing her a sewing machine at the age of 9.

Boy child seems to be letter-less, taking advantage of the fact that he "carnt write mum" (lets say its more of the fact that he is far to lazy to write? and it makes his little brain work very hard, dealing with those pesky letters and sounds that we are so struggling with this year. He'd much rather dictate, and to be honest I think he does that a fair bit, in both letter writing AND life!)

Last year I struggled to get into the Christmas Spirit, this year I am contemplating putting up the tree this weekend as well as the lights. Maybe if nothing else, to give us some cheer.

Like the kids over at Fiona's place , our eyes are firmly on the horizon and fingers tapping on the radar and weather apps on our phones with frequent regularity. When the ants start moving into the kitchen (its a sign, its going to rain!) and the storm bird arrives (its a sign! its going to rain!)...we live in hope.

There's always hope. Especially for those kids with iPods on their Christmas lists.


*** tell me, do other 11 year olds have ipods? what version? I am aware of boarding school looming on the horizons, and half of me thinks one should get one to last the distance, and the other thinks geez that's an expensive gadget, what if she breaks/looses it? Go outside and play?! and then another thinks, maybe its time she learnt about looking after ones things (even if it is the hard one, and pains her parents pocket should the worst happen?) Discuss.


  1. Many 11 yr olds down here would have an ipod. The resident 10 yr old has an ipod touch with some serious rules and consequences for infractions ... ie, not allowed in the bedroom and everything is set up with passwords that mum controls, limited use etc. It can bee a great tool of positive reinforcement and responsibility.

    25/12 still seems like it is about 4 months away ... I know, I think I am in lala land!

  2. I think a few 11yr old have ipods. I think it was around this age I got a cd Walkman or was it just a Walkman, hmmm maybe the latter. I hope that rain come soon especially if all the signs are lining up. Look out for black cockatoos and kookaburras laughing in the middle of the day and you might have them all. Re Christmas knowing it is getting closer and that I won't be with the family is making me get less and less enthusiastic about it. I plan on putting up the Christmas tree, after we get one, on about the 1st of Dec. I hope some Christmas cheer helps raise spirits although I know behind the smiles and presents and fun are the thoughts of rain and drought and hardship. Keep battling on it'll rain one day. It has to, the laws of weather say so.

  3. I am glad that mine were of the pre i-anything generation - I think there are some tough decisions for parents these days. I guess if its just for music, there is little harm? Hoping for lots of wet for you soon ..

  4. I've just posted Sienna's letter to Santa after reading your post. I took a photo of it today but hadn't uploaded it to the computer yet. All my friends kids have DS' but mine do not. They are over $200 for a good one and that's before you have a birthday party. James birthday is mid next week so we are taking 2 boys and him to Ramp Attack with their scooters and I've got some lolly bags ready to go for the boys plus their siblings back at home who are also our very good friends. Kids these days definitely live in a different world to when we did and it appears it's the same whether you live in the city or the bush. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. What about an "ipod shuffle", they are only $55 and there is no internet access. Solves all problems! x

  6. ps: i LOVE those letters, priceless x

  7. Letters have just started appearing on fridges in these parts too Sharon.
    I always enjoy the little introductory banter. "How are the reindeers?" "Bet you've been busy", "Any rain or just snow in your parts?"
    I would be going with the ipod touch, which should see her through high school. Because we don't have Wi-Fi, there's never been any issue with unacceptable internet downloads, plus I think if you explain the limitations of what she can use it for that she will understand the trust and responsibility issues that go with it.
    Jess has a lesser ranked ipod, which I think I'll replace this Xmas (and I'll have her oldie), as they seem to be a big part of boarding school. Sarah uses hers as a camera as much as anything else, the quality of photos is quite incredible.
    Wallace wants a bow and arrow, bless him, nothing starting with i on his list, though Harry Potter is still featuring strongly. Wish JK Rowling would roll out another series of something!


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