Friday, November 8, 2013

Knee Deep

I've got something a bit special to share with you.

Created by a wonderfully talented friend (and featuring a couple of kids you might be familiar with). A little initiative a group of us have started - to share our stories. To bring them closer to those that aren't familiar with where we live, what we do. Lookout for more coming soon.

I hope you like it. We would love some feedback too.


  1. That's truly wonderful. It must be so hard to stay optimistic in drought but this is full of optimism. I hope you'll soon get rain and have that wonderful long green grass growing there again.

  2. Oh Sharon, that was just beautiful. I cried (as I tend to do).
    A great positive message.

  3. I really like that you have shown how people on the land have a great sense of humour - with some of those 'cheeky' kids shots ... because when it comes down to it, life on the land, being weather dependent is a tough business.
    Where else are you planning to show this?

  4. Loved it a great video. Gave me goosebumps. We are just watching a storm brewing north of us.

  5. Makes me homesick for the country!!

  6. Sharon, how have I never found you over here before!? Your blog is so gorgeous. I love it!
    Bessie at Burragan

    1. oh welcome Bessie, I feel very honoured that you have stopped by! thank you for the lovely comments. I confess I've been lacking in inspiration to write lately, but am sure it will come again.

  7. Sharon, that was beautiful. I loved each and every frame.
    A tough life but a rich one. I've said it before, your kids are blessed. x

  8. Yeh, how good was that! We actually had to get a load of water for our tank delivered for our tank this morning - first timr in twenty years. Great Blog.

  9. PS. Saw it all again on our Channel Seven News on Wednesday night. How inspiring and inovative you ladies are. Good on you.

  10. Beautifully done and inspiring precisely because of the difficult conditions it portrays. You have my admiration for your courage and get up and go :).


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