Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday afternoon viewing

We, along with the greater part of the  north west of the state apparently, had a joyous little breeze spring up this afternoon. Given the velocity of the winds, and the dryness that surrounds us, it was inevitable that a great deal of dust would also come with the wind.

Unfortunately, a corresponding amount of rain did not follow however we did have fun flying a kite in the stiff breeze once the dust settled. (see IG feed tab at the top for the video itself)

That wretched leceana (spelling) sapling there that needs chopping down, causing more than one little bit of grief with our kite flying adventures, but being of a very bendy nature, was easily bent down to enable kite untangling from its very top.

Now I just have to clean up the aftermath - a great pile of pink and white papery bougainvillea leaves that have blown in (quietly hoping for another wind storm that might blow them out the other side). I might leave that until the morning ;-)

It is heartening to hear of rainfall in other parts to our south, the need for rain is great in all parts. Although our hearts sink and spirits falter when weather influences continue to slide past us. Some days its harder than others to keep faith that the season will break. We just need a little sign, just a little bit of "our turn",  to let us draw breath and keep on keeping on.

The day is not over yet. I detect a faint rumbling in the heavens. Onwards we shall go.


  1. Oh no :(. I read on another blog of rain falling in Queensland and was so hoping this post would be full of puddles and joyous rain soaked earth. Longing to hear of the arrival of the rain for you all there. Your dust storm is impressive!

  2. I suppose at leat it is raining in other areas is better then no one getting any rain......still desperately waiting for our turn too.........but yes the days are getting long will it continue...............

  3. A joyous little breeze indeed.
    When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
    When life sends you a dust storm, fly a kite.
    Love your spirit.
    Fingers crossed for the north and west this week.

  4. That is a very dusty breeze for sure.........hope there was no washing on the line at the time! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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