Monday, March 8, 2010

More on Monday

Slowly catching up on some DYL layouts (although not necessarily following exactly!)

For example, this one had black lines/borders around most of the elements. Just didn't feel right, so I made them go away and resized most of the boxes so everything was even. And again, I forgot to put a border around this 8.5x11 page to show on my blog, but you get the idea.  I think when printed I will mount this on some 12x12 blue cardstock, and maybe add some scallops somewhere.  Its just a wee bit plain. And I've just noticed, the borders between the main photos and the rest of the page are narrower...hmm, what's the go there CZ?!!!
And the other:

I don't normally use patterned paper in a background, but in this case, I don't mind it at all! Thinking that I will print this out and then put on white 8.5x11 card and call it done. (the corners are rounded just for web, I won't in real life).

I'm looking forward to getting these layouts done and printed - they won't go into a DYL album like Cathy suggests, but in the album belonging to the respective subject/person (above, for example, the layout about Kate will go into her album, and the breakfast one will just slot into our family album, or even into the "2010" snapshots album...I haven't decided! Or perhaps 2010 will go into the family album!  Hmm, decisions, decisions....

And now, I better go and fold some of this washing I have been putting off.  And tomorrow, finishing off tax (yes - LAST years!)


  1. I love the spotty background Sharon! The top page would look great on some blue card - I see wheat you mean about the margins .... hmm CZ? What's up there? ;-)

  2. Am liking the pp on Kate's birthday LO, lovely to see some pages.


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