Monday, March 1, 2010

More for Monday?

so, you would have noticed that I've been quiet...drowing under a pile of paperwork and deadlines.  Compounded by the fact that I always, without fail, leave things to the last would think I would learn.  So there hasn't been anything happening to report on, although I do have a couple of little gems on my camera to share, if only I could find where I put it..(just kidding, it just seems like a huge job to download it right now!)

But I do have some crafty finds to share with you, if you care at all, from my favourite online crafty shop, .  Some of the stuff there can be a little bit like its from nanna's house, but then there are some really wonderful things.  Its all subjective isn't it?

Love the graphics on this and how COOL it is! Wouldn't it be just so fun to get one of these in the mail?

Couple of girls around here would think themselves just it indeed with this cute headband (and the clips, which they would think they would have to wear at the same time as the headband!)
The same girls would think these great as well - little denim bags that come with a little purse made from the matching spotty fabric. Birthday gift anyone?
And love this simple but oh so effective applique on plain t shirts.  I think I could even handle this - will put in the file for things to do one day when not blogging. :-)
ADORE this cute library bag, and again with simple, simple applique with fabric and felt.  This one for the boy....and this one for the girls! And even cuter, the bag is made from cordoroy (the bumpy, corded winter fabric) for added texture, and durability. Great idea.
And now for some things that are UTTERLY, absolutely useless, but their cute factor is way high. If you can find a reason to justify the need to own these items, let me know. I have not yet worked out one!

So there you have it!  Much light and fluff today, but never fear, I am thinking about a post I want to do at puddin and pie about my choice of photo developers - online and mail order. Til then!


  1. Light and fluffy was really lovely to read just now. And it is so nice to hear from you. Sigh love all the stuff - if only .....

  2. just found you from Amy's blog! Hi there! I've been to Queensland (I'm from the UK) and LOVED it! Lucky you living there all the time! :)

    That invite is super cute! So many fab wedding ideas out there, makes me want to get married five times...all to the same groom of course! :)

  3. Light and fluffy is some of your best work Sharon!
    I'm decluttering, otherwise to be now known as purging, so there is absolutely no need for such cute items at my place. The library bags on the otherhand serve a useful purpose .... hmmmm ;-)

  4. all too cute BUT shouldnt you be working :)

  5. Look at those adorable owls!
    Your blog is filled with cuteness! :)

    Lamb's Most Recent Post: Who Are These People?!


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