Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tired amd Digital don't mix!

I am a bit tired today, spent the night on the floor (on a mattress!) of my boys room - the high fever bug that my girls had has made its way to him...unfortunatley, the boy's reaction to the severe headaches and roaring fevers is to vomit. And lots. (always has been!)

He was so hot, and couldn't keep down any medication for quite a while, that I decided that I best sleep in there with him and keep an eye on him.  Fortunatley he stopped throwing up enough to get some Panadol into him, which in turn brought the fever down...

But of course a sound and uninterrupted sleep wasn't happening for me, so I confess to being a bit steady today!

That alone should have told me I was too fuzzy to really do any justice to any DYL pages, but I did some anyhow.  I am not happy with them, but they are done, so moving on!

Making thinking even harder, the layout above was a funny shape that didn't convert well to printing (though I could have printed in bits in CZ style, but I want to do it all at once) so I changed the template a fair bit. (I will end up printing just the photo/journalling block, and doing the rest with real supplies).

And this one below: nothing like the original template. The journalling comes from this blog post HERE with some slight editing to make it fit.

Again, not happy, but its a story I wanted to tell (the first few words of this blog post the journalling comes from still bring tears to my eyes) but it is done.  This is the original template:

As you can see I went WAY away from the original design, so I think I might go back and do another page without changing it so much! But not today though.

So there you have it...I think I need to go and get some fresh air, and perhaps I might try again tomorrow when my head is feeling a little clearer (and brain engaged!)


  1. Sharon I hope things are on the improve for you all very soon.
    I simply cannot comprehend what you have been through with Kate's experience - dog got bitten by a tiger snake and that was bad enough for me! Would be interesting to journal her perspective as well - if she has a clear enough recollection I suppose.
    Good luck with you young man today - I hope you all manage some rest :-)

  2. You are amazing to scrap this much, and this well amidst sick children. Sorry the little lad is so sick - ugh - it always makes you appreciate them more when they're healthy, after they have been that sick. Your pages are awesome. I intend to return to blog world today...I hope!

  3. yikes, thats a scary snake story :/ absolutely gorgeous pages too. it makes me appreciate how lucky i am to have four major hospitals within 30 mins of me (2 within 10 mins). The biggest thing that struck me when I drove through Queensland was the immense distance between anything...on the map something that looks like a major town is just a small dwelling, and it can be an hour before you see another one. Glad your girly is OK. hope the other kiddies get well !

  4. that page sharron...what a horrible few days for you...i cryed again when I read it.
    and the vomits...ew...same here...over the bed hopping :(
    hang in there

  5. Just popping in to let you know I still can't seem to email you or Di, I'm getting yours but emails to optusnet are being spat back at me - obviously hotmail and optus are not friends at the moment! Feel free to delete this .... didn't know how else to contact you guys, can you let di know next time you are chatting please? Hope all is ok :-)


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